We will start soon. Feel free to ask (chat window) anything you want before we start. www.KatieAndEmil.com

Download We will start soon. Feel free to ask (chat window) anything you want before we start. www.KatieAndEmil.com

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<p>Introducing Power View with Excel 2013</p> <p>We will start soon.</p> <p>Feel free to ask (chat window) anything you want before we start.www.KatieAndEmil.com</p> <p>Getting started with SQL Serverwww.KatieAndEmil.com</p> <p>Start recordingTHANK YOUfor joiningPollsStart the pollsProvide you an overview of SQL Server, and how to get started.Webinar GoalWebinar agenda:Introduction / Polls10 minWhat is SQL Server 5 minWhat is a SQL Server Instance?5 minVersions &amp; Editions10 minPrerequisites&amp; Installation5 minSamples Databases5 minWhere to learn more / Demo10 minDIY Tasks 5 minSummary5 minQuestions and Answers (optional)5+ minWhat is SQL Server?Microsoft software (package) that manages database (RDBMS) and is used to implement BI Systems (BI Stack)</p> <p>Components:Database EngineSSMS (GUI)BI StackSSIS, SSRS, SSAS, MDS, DQSSSDT BI (formerly BIDS)</p> <p>SQL Server VersionsVersions:200520082008 R220122014SQL Server EditionsEditions:Express with Tools (Free)Express with Advanced Services (Free)WebStandardBI (2012/14)DeveloperEnterprise (180 Days Trial)What is SQL Server Instance?Each component is installed as an instanceMultiple Instances (multiple installs)With different namesOne default instance (local host)Shared features do not have instanceSSMS / SSDT BIInstallationPersonal PC/Laptop, Virtual Machine, Work PC/Server.SQL Server pre-requisitesWindows Update + Optional + Restart + UpdatePermissionsInstall. Database Engine, SSMSOptional: BIDS or SSDT BISince 2012 separate downloadSamples DatabasesAdventureWorks (OLTP)AdventureWorksDW (Databases)Our sample databases (SQL Azure)Coming soon.SSMSDemoWhere to learn more?Show websiteCoursesMini CoursesSQL Beginner TestPast WebinarsDIY ProjectsNewsletterDo It Yourself (DIY) Tasks:</p> <p>Decide on SQL Server Version and EditionInstall SQL ServerInstall AdventureWorksDW2012 (Sample DB)Try it out.Run a querySQL Server overviewVersions, Editions and InstallationGave you DIY TasksOverview of our SQL Server courses SummaryQuestions &amp; Answers</p> <p>Membership: 6USD / 4GBP / 150 INR60 days money back guaranteeInstant Activation</p> <p>Discount Code: LiveWebinarDiscount: 20% OffValid only today and tomorrowKatieAndEmil.com/join</p>