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  1. 1. I/ /I I l I II j/T I.A I .. I T.. .5 I fCI.7L~ "ll A A customer:SERVICE I Imm IT RIGHT.IIII II-ll, 'I| I:2
  2. 2. At Wilkonstruct,we value your project.We ensure quality worksmanship,excellent customer service and value for your money. wrlkonslrlrol,lrom its lncorpnrallon several years ago,has grown and developed under the dlrecllon of Founder and Presldent,William L.colsorr,to become an establlshed and recognlzed company in all sectors of the building industry we have completed several projects for over a hundred companles arro individuals lor their Vallous building requirementsWllkorlslruct has a breadth ot experience encompassing all sectors of the lndustry from educallorlal and lelsure lacllltes,heallhcare,lndustrlal and commercial structures,building returblshmerll,food production and dlstrlbutron tacllltles,to varlous reslderltlal developments corldomlnlurn lrlterlor lltout works and other resldrltlal projectsFrom our corrrpsnys humble r. -reglrrrrlngs a lew years back,we have built our lauslness on a strong,cuerurrremrrenlecr inundation.Our team of conslructlorl Drolesslorlals,many of whom have been with us from the osglnnlng.have helped our larrllly-owned and operates buslness grow mm a reliable,last and cost earlclerrl company hat ll ls today sneclallzrng rn all areas of construction servlcesWilkonstruct meets with you to discuss your design brief. A preliminary space plan layout concept is prepared. Wilkonstruct talk through the prelimenary space plan with you. A budget estimate for the cost of fixing out your space is prepared,including design fees,construction,furniture and joinery. We meet to discuss costs.Once desig fees are approved we move to the next step,other costs are finalized once detailed pricing completed. Wilkonstruct develops design concept including feature elements,joinery and fixture/ fittings specification , lurniture.colors and fi lshes. 101112Wilkonstruct completes the hand fit-out construction/ working drawings and reviews with you so you know all the detail before we start building. Wilkonstruct lodges the building permit with the city/ municipal engineer and work with them until all conditions and requirements are satisfied. We seek fixed quotes on both the construction and fixtures/ fittings for your approval,before bulding work begins. Wilkonstruct starts building work.Wilkonstruct acts as project manages and oversee the project. Wilkonstmct coordinates new furniture,fixtures and fittings installation. Moving day!Wlkonstruct helps coordinate your move in order to mi ' downtime.
  3. 3. William L.GuisonPl'tESIl1Ell'l 5. l: E0Willy ls wrlkonstructs Fresldem /cso.He has worked as an Area Manager and constructlon Ertglneer lor Eouygues Co. , l= ranc-es best and biggest constructron company He also had tralnrng as a control engrneer,and plannrng and prlotage execulllle for Feat constructlon co ,a slster company 0! Flat cars rn Turlrl,Italywrlly has experrence rn laulldrnd over 5,000 Anrerlcan homes under the Ballast Hedam oroep N, V, ot the Netherlands He closely worked wlth Arch Dave cross lrom Bakersrleld,calllornla who was vresrdent or the unlted Amerlcan Archltects durlrtg that tlmeAside lrom actual conetructlon work,wrly also worked as a senlor deslgnerlor FelCheng Archrtects,one or the olggest archlteotural lrrms rn ralpel,ralwan. He was also a consultant for lrttemcs incorporated (lnrernatronal Agrl Buslness corpl and Ltrlgayen coastal Management commlssron Bryant William cuisonGENERAL MANAGERAs WIlkorts1rucls General Manager,Bryant oversees the company:day to day operatlons.aryant was a lormer senlor Manager at sM supennalls,the Philippine;rnall and retall grant Bryant also served as Head or Corpomte,sMln and lnternatlonal sales at Avrda land corp,an Ayala Land compenyAoan lrorrr hrs stlht rn sales and nrarketrng,he was also a Project Development Area Head lor Avldal nlannlrrsl and managlhg Drolecls such as Avlda Towels Allure,Aylda settlngs Balangas and south Park olstrlet.Avrdas llrst townshro prdlect,and other protects rn the south, eryant earned hls Masters rn Emreprenevrshlp rrom the Asran lnstltule or Management He completed his Bachelor or solence in Euslness Management at De La salle unlversrty and his dlplorna in Marketrng lrom the Ateneo de Manlla llnlverelty. Patrick William cuisonOPERATIONS & PRoGllRaIIEN1Patrick re wllkenstrucrs Procurement Head and sarety cnllcel He's been With the company for over 5 years and has DVDUEM lrr trash rdeas lrr rerrrrs of our constructlon operarrons. Aslde lrom hrs work lh wrlkonstruct,Palrlck rs also the Presldem or Eroplano Soles,a company wtllch manulacturee and sells ruotrer soles for longooarders and skaleooardere.He now shlps to several covntnes ln south East Asla,Talwan and the Mlddle East. Patrick holds a degree ln Marketrng lrorn De La salle llnlverslty Patrlck ls also a cenllled constructron salety and Health ollrcer
  4. 4. Wilkonstruct is a full service general contractor specializing in commercial,residential and institutional construction.We offer general contracting services as well as pre construction,construction management and design/ build services. General Construction Electrical WorksInterior Design Structural WorksProject Management Fainting Works Architectural Works Design Estimate /Planning Interior Fit-Out Works Maintenance Services Civil Works Industrial and CommercialWent ag 7 Q Cow? bE'Tl 3RlA5H SF>'C'Shnessst @m"c". ':'r': 'e> i GIODC IKOIKINSONSI. /Nt) C t I I Amnmucz (Zt)| (l0l(r'| 'l()V.~l 4 .. ., Lat ,1 fr ls_-39 ~7 (V ' O dlglprlnl O%W5l; 'l'll7.Ro