we are dominant we are champions we are cheerleaders


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We are DOMINANT We are CHAMPIONS We are CHEERLEADERS. Photos by: Me (Michelle Taylor) Kevin Riley Tumblr (CheerleadingWorlds2014). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

We are DOMINANTWe are CHAMPIONSWe are CHEERLEADERSTime stops and the world hones in on her: mouths drop, eyes turn, and girls scramble. Risking their own safety, someone dives under the fall. The smack of bones echoes through each ear. 1

The nervous shakes are spread, tears are shed, and teeth cringe. Eventually they rise from the floor with a bump and bruise: battle scars to laugh off the pain. 2

Built on constructive criticism of others, the girls wrap their brains around conversation and ensure their trust between team members to achieve perfection.3

Despite stereotyping of movies and television shows, cheerleading is a sport and a force to be reckoned with. With the will power and strength of each combined athlete on the team cheerleaders dominate academically and physically. 4

These fit young women defy gravity, perform at high scholastic levels, reach physical goals daily, and manage to do so with beauty and poise. 5

Despite the perfectly curled hair, the flawless makeup techniques, and the need to be perfectly tanned, cheerleaders break limits and blow minds. 6

With no fear each girl makes an entrance, performs at their hardest, sells their spirit, and dreams big to succeed in a lifestyle of choice.


Cheerleading is what we love to do. We form our lives through trust in one another. 8

Together cheerleaders make a team, rely on a team, sacrifice for that team, and strive with that team through hard work and sweat. 9

We are elastic and flexible. We are tough and strong. We are filled with pride and sass. We pump the crowd and trade doubt for belief. We live for the thrill. 10

With the mind of an athlete we race against time while lifting and throwing bodies into the air, 11

rocking out in perfect dance motions, whipping our bodies across the mat while flipping and twisting, and sweeping the crowd off their feet. 12

We all say we hate it, but we are nothing without it: it's what we live for. 13

We may not score touchdowns, shoot baskets, or get homeruns, but with two minutes and thirty seconds, we can show the world how a star really shines. 14

Don't let the bow fool you, we are dominant. We are champions. We are cheerleaders.


Photos by:Me (Michelle Taylor)Kevin RileyTumblr (CheerleadingWorlds2014)