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We Are All Different

We Are All Different and The SameBy: Karen Hartsfield

We are all different. No two people act or talk just alike, not even twins. We all have things that make us special.

This child has a disability called down syndrome. She may act a little differently than you do, or talk differently, but she is still a little girl. Down Syndrome is just what makes her special.

This little boy is in wheelchair. Hes still just a little boy, but instead of walking he rides in his wheelchair. His chair is just like your legs. Hes different than you but hes the same too.

This little girl is blind. Her dog helps her by leading her where she wants to go and keeps her safe. She can still run and play like you, just in a different way.

This little boy is deaf. He cant hear like you and I can. He has a special helper called an implant that he wears behind his hear so he can hear.

This little boy has autism. Like the little girl with Down Syndrome, he was born this way. He does things his own special way, but he is still just a kid like you.

This girl is mute. She doesnt speak but she communicates in other ways. She uses sign language to tell people what she wants to say.

Even though someone may look different than you, they are still a person. They have feelings and can get upset if someone says ugly things to them. We should always respect each other and say nice things.

You are special no matter who you are or what you look like. Always be unique.

GlossaryTwins- two people born at the same time that can look exactly alikeDown Syndrome- disability someone is born with that makes them differentBlind- someone who cant see anything at allDeaf- someone who cant hear without helpImplant- device used to help deaf people hearMute- someone who doesnt talkSign language- talking with your fingers. Used by people who are deaf and muteCommunicate- talking without words, like writing or pointingRespect- being kind and thinking about others feelingsUnique- different and special

Myths and FactsMyth about Down Syndrome: Down Syndrome kids are always happy.Fact: They can be sad, angry, or any other emotion.Myth about Autism: Autistic kids dont want to have friends.Fact: They want to make friends just like everyone else.Myth about Deafness: Shouting at someone who is deaf makes them hear better.Fact: Shouting only hurts their ears, you should just speak normally. Resources for KidsMy Friend Has AutismSome Kids Use WheelchairsHelen Keller: Courage in the DarkResources for ParentsNational Center for Learning Disabilities381 Park Avenue South, Suite 1401New York, NY 10016Ph: 212.545.7510 Fax: 212.545.9665Toll-free: 888.575.7373Ncld.orgFamily Resource Center on Disabilities11 E. Adams St. Suite 1002Chicago, IL 60603Phone: 312-939-3513Fax: 312-854-8980Email: info@frcd.orgFrcd.orgww.pbs.org/parents/disabilitieswww.napcse.org


BibliographyI used the websites listed on the resources for parents page and google images for the pictures.