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Special supplement on Water Heaters industry in the UAE


  • Wednesday, december 12, 2012 khaleej times


    For more thanadecade,DANAhas remainedcommitted to

    producing top-quality electric wa-ter heaters. The DANA brand issynonymouswith high qualitywa-ter heaters made from superiorquality raw material under strictquality control. The company hasthe most modern manufacturingfacilities and highly skilled moti-vated professional team to cater tothe needs of its valuable clients.The water heaters are manufac-tured in an ISo 9001:2008 certi-fied quality environment and aremade from thehighest qualityma-terials and components in accor-dance with the highest interna-

    tional standards and utilisemodern technology.Keeping abreast of the latest

    technological developments in theindustry this year, DANA has in-stalled fully automatic online drypowder porcelain enameling (withtitaniumplus) plant,whichutilisesstate-of-the-art Italian technologyto manufacture world-class boil-ers. With the installation of thisultra-modern conveyorised plantthe companywill be able tomanu-facture up to 500,000 boilers peryear making it among the larg-est manufacturers in the MiddleEast. The companys facilities arefully integrated to manufacturethe finished product from the ba-

    sic raw materials i.e. steel coils.The process starts with fully auto-matic coil processing centre andends with online powder coatingand packaging line.Dry powder porcelain enamel-

    ing (with titanium plus) is the lat-est technology from Europe andbought to the UAE for the firsttime by DANA. Porcelain enamelis a glasslike coating, which isfused at 830C to create a me-chanical bond with themetal sub-strate. This makes the vitreousenamel layer robust and inert, pro-tecting the underlying steel fromrust and corrosion. The titaniumplus technology provides an addi-tional protective coating that en-sures that the glass lined tank thencan work for many years withoutproblems irrespective of the qual-ity of water. Porcelain enameltanks arewidely used internation-ally and are approved for use inwater heaters by BIS, IEC, DIN(German), UL (US) standards.All our water heaters comply

    w i t h I E C 6 0 3 3 5 - 2 -21:2002+A1:2004+A2:2008,which deals with the safety ofelectric storagewater heaters andhave an extra-thickCFC-freePUF

    insulation. This helps in heat re-tention and hence 30 per centmore energy savings over thenorms. Safety and quality are atthe forefront of the companysmanufacturing process.Besides water heaters, DANA

    group is also consistently addingnewvalue-added steel products toits vast product portfolio. TodayDANA group has more than500,000 square feet of manufac-turing facilities in the UAE withplants in Dubai, Ajman andUAQ ,which are manufacturing waterheaters, water coolers, water chill-ers, heat pumps, cable manage-ment systems, cladding profiles,sandwich panels, metal profiles,pipes and tubes just to namea few.over the years, DANA has trulylivedup to itsmotto AddingValueTo Steel. GroupChairmanDr B SDana quotes, In todays competi-tive world, we are continuouslystriving to innovate and bring outthe best solutions for our valuedclients. By adopting leanmanage-ment manufacturing techniquesand technological up-gradations,it is our endeavour to serve our cli-entswith superior quality productsat most competitive prices.

    Latha Krishnan

    ArISToN water heaters, knownfor its quality, reliability and lon-gevity, have been serving MiddleEasthomesandcommercial estab-lishments for fourdecades.AristonThermo Group, the manufacturerof these iconic water heaters hasbeen working in conjunction withrepresentatives in the UAE andother countries in the region forabout two years now when itopened a dedicated regionalbranchoffice inDubaiAirportFreeZone (DAFZ).From this office, we directly

    manage the entire Middle East,Central and Southern Africa andCentral Asia with another area of-fice in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Andbeing closer to our customers herehelps us to support our distributorsbetter and thereby serve our cus-tomers better, says AlbertoTorner,regionalManager forMid-dle East, Central and Southern Af-rica and Central Asia.Customers of Ariston water

    heating systems now have thechoice of three different energy ef-ficient solutions consisting of elec-tric and gas, solar thermal, andheat pumpwater heaters. The newtechnically advanced electric and

    gas water heaters can deliver up to20 per cent energy savings. Theintegration of heat pump technol-ogy to conventional water heatersallows for energy efficient solu-tions that extractheatdirectly fromthe air and use it as a renewablesource to produce hot water, thusachieving energy savings up to 75per cent. Solar thermal systemscapture renewable energy fromthesunanddeliver up to70per cent ofhot water needs and up to 20 percent of heating needs.Along with our high quality

    electric andgaswater heaters, cur-rently we are also promoting oursolar thermal and heat pumps,whichwill give us the extra edge togrow our business in the region.With governments in the regionpushing for green energy solutionsand projects like Masdar in theUAEandsimilar ones comingup inSaudi Arabia and Qatar, we knowour environment friendly productswill give further impetus to ourbusiness here, comments Torner.According to Torner, the de-

    mand forAristonwater heaters haspicked up tremendously in the lastcoupleof years andwill continue togrow. In the UAE, their re-exportbusiness, too, has grown enor-mously with Ariston water heaterscoming here from 19 factoriesspread all over the world to be re-exported to all the areas theDAFZbranchcovers. Theyear2012willbe a record for us in terms of salesof units, turnover andmarket pen-etration. We expect to grow evenmore in 2013, he concluded.

    khaleej times / aDVeRtisiNG sUPPlemeNt

    The new technicallyadvanced electric andgas water heaters candeliver up to 20 per centenergy savings

    Ona continuing growth curve

    ALHUrAIZGrouphasbeenman-ufacturing water heaters for fourdecades. Its flagship brands Ever-hot and Excel are sold in morethan 50 countries across Asia, Af-rica and Europe. The company isnowestablishingEverhot brand inthe Glasslined segment.The Glasslined Italian technol-

    ogy is used to manufacture waterheaters with high-grade steel of1.8mm thickness. The inner sur-face is treated with titanium ce-ramic to prevent corrosion andrust, ensuring hygienic water toevery user. Keeping the safety

    measures in mind, these heatersare equippedwith an Italian-madedouble safety thermostat to ensureautomatic cut-off. In case heat es-capes the first cut-off safety, thesecond one operates automatical-ly. Everhot water heaters are en-ergy efficient because of its cop-per-heating element and

    high-density foam insulation,which maintains heat for longerhours. Everhot water heaters areenvironment friendly, says Abdul-lahHamad,ChairmanofAlHuraizGroup of Companies.The Everhot Glasslined plant is

    situated in Al Quasis, Dubai. Theplant has the latest machinerybrought in from renowned Euro-pean manufacturers, high-preci-sion fully automatic equipment forcutting, bending, slitting, abrasiveplating, and enamel powder coat-ing. The company is on par withEuropean standards of testing fa-cilities in its laboratories and has adedicated quality and r&D teamto take careof the future consumerneeds and safety.Everhot Glasslined is manufac-

    tured in all sizes starting from sixlitres to 1,500 litres. The water

    heaters have earned a reputationfor its quality, safety and efficien-cy. The company strives to main-tain its after-sales service to meeteach and every commitment to itscustomer.Al Huraiz establishment for in-

    dustry obtained the prestigiousinternational certificates ISo9001quality and ISo14001envi-ronmental management systemfor its manufacturing operations.Chairman Abdullah Hamad

    says theywere the first to get theseinternational certificates for a wa-ter heater company in the GCC.

    Thehot choice

    Products that speak for itself

    The company hasthemost modernmanufacturing facilitiesand a highly skilledmotivated professionalteam to cater to the needsof its valuable clients

    Al Huraiz Group isextending its rangeof water heaters withthe all-new Everhotglasslined heaters




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