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  • A Publication of First Christian Church of North Hollywood A Congregation of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Robert M. Bock, Senior Pastor Louise Sloan Goben, Associate Pastor Christi Anderson, Director of Children’s Ministries Jeremy Gillett, Director of Youth Ministries Alfredo Gomez & Loydi Rivas Gomez, Pastor, Spanish Speaking Congregation Young Lan Kim & Young Jun Yang, Korean Pastors

    Volume LXI No. 80 February 8, 2017

  • Page � February 8, �017 First Christian news

    I was always told, as I was growing up, that as you got older time goes more slowly. I remember specifi- cally my Grandfather telling me that as we worked in his garden. He had retired and spent his days working the plot of land that produced food for our family and half the neighborhood. “Sometimes the days seem to go forever,” he once said.

    I don’t think he was lying to me. His statement was probably true for him. But it has never been true for me and as I get older the time seems to go even faster. Part of that might be living in Los Angeles, one of the fastest paced cities in the world. And part might be that I am in charge of the program on this Incredible Corner, an extremely busy place where amazing ministry happens 24x7x365. Another part, which is probably the major contributing factor, is that I love what I do and when you love what you do you don’t think about time….and it just goes by too quickly.

    For example, yesterday someone said, “Sunday is the Valentine’s Day bake sale for the youth schol- arship fund”… and my jaw dropped and I replied… “Valentine’s Day, mid-February already, you’ve got to be kidding,” I said with a big smile. But she wasn’t kid- ding. “And what will you be bringing for the bake sale, Pastor Bob?”

    Now that is a very interesting question. We need lots and lots of freshly baked cookies, brownies, cup- cakes, pies, cakes (Angel food please), scones, etc. etc. I love to cook but frankly I’ve never been very good at it and baking is way beyond my ability. So I was tempt-

    ed to tell my questioner that I’d bring gluten free Girl Scout cookies. Don’t laugh. They have them this year, but it takes some of the enjoyment out of eating them if you look at the calories.

    So, in answer to her question, Peggy and I will be whipping something up in the kitchen Saturday after- noon to sell at the bake sale. Sunday School families and all supporters of our children and youth ministry are welcome to join us and bake some goodies for the big bake sale during the Meet and Greet on Sunday.

    Here are just a couple of thoughts to share with you: You may not realize that the Sunday morning ser-

    mon is posted on the church website (www.fccnh.org) every week. Greg Kirkland, our Director of Media, tells me that they are usually up and ready for people to listen to by Monday. Greg is also working on record- ing the special music and making it available as well as recording and making the homily at the SpiritSong service available on line.

    I got a call last week from an old colleague from seminary days who is retired and lives in Rhode Island. He said he used to listen every week and was disap- pointed when we stopped posting them. But now he is delighted that they are back up and he can listen. So for my friend Hoppy, a retired Disciple minister, I thank Greg, Diane (our web master) and the entire Media Crew.

    Our Lenten observance begins on Ash Wednesday, the 1st of March, with our traditional soup, salad, bread and dessert meal in the Social Hall. Worship will follow in the Sanctuary. We invite you to bring various kinds of salads, desserts and bread to the meal. If you would like to contribute soup for twelve or more please con- tact Rev. Louise at louise@fccnh.org.

  • First Christian news February 8, �017 Page �

    For those of you who know someone serving in the armed forces, as well as people serving in other capacities, we want to lift them up in prayer... please let us know when they come home!

    Brian Johnson Joshua Bigbee

    Christopher A. Bernstein 1st Battalion at Pendleton Chris Diaz

    We also want to continue to pray for peace, for wisdom for the world’s leaders, and for the people of all war-torn areas of our world.

    Our Lenten theme this year is “By the Grace of God” and the Elder’s Meditation Booklets will be avail- able on February 26th, the Sunday before the Holy Season of Lent begins. The Pastor’s Church Membership Class will begin on the first Sunday of Lent, March 5th and run through the Sunday after Easter. And please remember that on Maundy Thursday we will have a “pitch-in-dinner” in the Social Hall followed by wor- ship and communion around the dinner tables. Food assignments will be forthcoming as we get closer to Holy Week.

    I look forward to seeing you in church Sunday. I will be bringing the second part of last week’s homily on “Making a U-turn”. I hope you will be there to share in worship.

    And remember that we have four services of wor- ship every Sunday. 10:00 AM morning worship in the Sanctuary with our marvelous choir, 4:00 PM Spanish service in the Sanctuary with Rev. Alfredo, 5:30 PM SpiritSong contemporary worship in the Social Hall with Praise Band and Singers, and 7:00 PM Evenlight service of meditation and prayer in the Chapel. If you cannot make one of those then try to join us on Wednesday evening for quiet meditation and prayer in the Chapel at 7:00 PM.

    I would also remind you that the music at both morning and SpiritSong is outstanding with some of the Region’s best musicians leading us in praise and worship.

    This week I will be preaching at the morning service and Rev. Louise will be preaching at the SpiritSong service.

    So – I’ll see you in church. Pergé!

    Pastor Bob

    to Meet in the Chapel

    sunday 7pM

    Our contemplative, meditative Evenlight gathering will move to the Chapel beginning March 5th. The Chapel will be a wonderful, sa- cred space for this intimate gathering for those wishing to experience the Spirit in this particular way as we close out the day and prepare for the week ahead.

    By March 5th the Lenten Season will be upon us and it will be an apt time to switch to our new location. Until then the Evenlight Service will continue to meet in the Sanctuary.

  • Page � February 8, �017 First Christian news

    …Jesus told them many things in parables, saying “Listen!’ —Matthew 12:3

    Last Sunday evening at the SpiritSong service I mentioned that my grandmother used to read aloud to me every day. I would sit on her lap as we waited for the school bus to pick me up in the mornings. My fa- vorite book was Heidi, and as she read I could picture in my minds-eye the Alps and the old-alm-uncle, the forests that surrounded their home and the smell of the pine trees and fresh milk. There is something wonderful about using one’s imagination, and of becoming part of the story itself!

    Jesus taught using stories. They are called parables —stories with open ends so that the listener can put themselves into the storyline and resolve the questions asked for themselves. There is a great difference between parables and other kinds of story-telling. Aesop was a master story-teller, and many of the fables end with a pulling together for the hearer what the message of the story is for us to receive. “The moral of the story is…” Not so with parables. The endings are largely left up to those who are listening.

    Am I the stranger left beaten and half-dead by the side of the road?

    Or could I be the nice Samaritan who chooses to do the right thing and help one who is in need?

    I could even be the one who passes by on the other side of the road, because it is the safest thing to do—after all, the guy is a stranger! Maybe it is all a set- up and I could get mugged.

    The parables invite us to hear, and to ask ourselves not, “What would Jesus do?”

    They challenge us to ask, “What will I do? How will I respond? How do I hear God’s challenge for my living and acting in the world as a disciple of Christ?”

    And the listening, the hearing of the questions is not a one-time thing. It is an ongoing characteristic of being a disciple. When we allow ourselves to hear the stories of Jesus we also need to notice what, in the hear- ing is growing in us—to notice what is claiming us in Jesus’ teaching.

    Just imagine what we can hear if we were also to listen to one another’s stories.

    Pastor Louise

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  • First Christian news February 8, �017 Page �

    I need a favor! I let Valentine’s sneak up on me so please help support our youth with a bake sale in place of the bake-off this year! To raise money for the youth missions etc., could folks bring items for a bake sale this coming Sunday? Still Valentine’s Day themed and good fun. I will coordinate all layout, coffee, etc., but I need some cashiers and helpers, and most import


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