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Visions of Success:Ecommerce Predictions for 2015Confidential and Proprietary Information Your HostMatt WinnSenior Marketing Communications Manager

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Confidential and Proprietary Information Todays Agenda Countdown: Top 5 Ecommerce Headlines of 2014

Actionable Ecommerce Predictions for 2015

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Confidential and Proprietary Information Countdown: Top 5 Ecommerce Headlines of 2014

Confidential and Proprietary Information Headline #5: Facebook Organic Reach Virtually Disappears Organic reach on Facebook drops to new lows, 1-6%

Facebook: Due to increased content and more sophisticated algorithm

Everyone Else: Due to Facebook going public

Impacts viability of channel for SMBs, increases advertising costs

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Headline #4: Gap Widens Between Large and Small RetailersEcommerce growth for all, but mega-retailers make highest gains

US online retail sales up 15.7% in Q2, Amazons sales up 29.1% Comparison shopping, resources, brand awareness lead to divide

Required small retailers to be savvier, adjust pricing, look to value-adds

Confidential and Proprietary Information Headline #3: Ecommerce Surges, Especially During the Holidays2014 holiday desktop sales reach $53.3B, up 15% vs 2013 (comScore)

US retail store sales, however, fell 8% during holiday season (Reuters)

Cyber Monday hit $2B+, Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales grow 26% each

Confidential and Proprietary Information Headline #2: Security Becomes a Major Concern for Online ShoppersSecurity concerns became much more prevalent issue in 2014 for shoppers

Security breaches big news item this year: think Target, Heartbleed, Sony

The number of detected cyberattacks skyrocketed 48% from 2013 (PWC)

Worst passwords of 2014 (SplashData):123456password qwerty

Confidential and Proprietary Information Headline #1: Mobile, Mobile, Mobile (Did I Mention Mobile?)Holiday mobile sales jumped 27% in 2014 compared to 2013 (IBM)

Introduced new wave of mobile expectations for online retailers

Overall mobile site traffic ranges between 40-50% of all traffic

Mobile sales accounted for 23% of all holiday shopping (IBM)

Confidential and Proprietary Information Actionable EcommercePredictions for 2015

Confidential and Proprietary Information Prediction #1:Social Media Continues Shift to Pay-to-PlayOrganic reach will continue to decreasePredictions: organic reach will be