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VISION OF WCa. Presented by Rev. Ernest L. Nchamukong Founder & National President of WCCF. What Is WCa ?. It is a non-denominational Christian ministry with focus on university campuses( wccf ) and the professional world( wcpn ). OUR Mission. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



VISION OF WCa Presented by

Rev. Ernest L. NchamukongFounder & National President of WCCF

It is a non-denominational Christian ministry with focus on university campuses(wccf) and the professional world(wcpn). What Is WCa?

To win the lost at all costs and make as many disciples for Christ as we possibly can during our stay in the campuses, train them as ministers, transform them into effective leaders so that once in the professional world, they bring positive changes in their respective spheres of influence or market places.

OUR Mission Building a network of campus fellowships that are spiritually, intellectually and economically empowered to rescue the lost, thereby establishing the kingdom of God in peoples hearts so that they be transformed into effective leaders who will bring sustainable changes in the economy, legislature, judiciary and the administration of our nation.

OUR vision Through Genuine Fellowship Through Teamwork Through Leadership Excellence Through Academic Excellence Through Financial Partnership

HOW WILL THIS BE?Effective teaching of the word of GodDeveloping good relationships Discipleship Making Training Program (DMTP)Focusing on Key Stone Resource LeadersLeadership Training & DevelopmentTimely communicationAvailability of funds through partnership

OUR TOOLSWe create an atmosphere where people are prepared for effective leadership and provide a unique environment where university students and young adults are empowered through ministerial training and mentored to use their God given talents, spiritual gifts and skills to serve God in different sectors of the society.

What makes us uNIQUE?Everyone Has a Ministry.Everyone is a Minister.Everyone Can Become An Effective Leader! Our Ministry PhilosophyA Place Where New Generation Leaders are Made. Our MottoOUR SLOGAN