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  • Vietnam: Environmental Remediation of Dioxin Contamination at Danang Airport

    Progress Report: March 1, 2014 to March 31, 2014

    Liquid/vapor treatment plant at north end of containment structure (Photo: USAID)

    Excavation in the wetland area (Photo: Tetra Tech)

    USAID and the Government of Vietnam continued implementing the Environmental Remediation of Dioxin Contamination at Danang Airport Project launched in August 2012.

    CONSTRUCTION PROGRESS USAID contractors continued construction of the liquid and vapor treatment plant (LVTP) at the north end of the containment structure. Although 95% of the dioxin is destroyed in the containment structure, the LVTP is required to treat any trace level of dioxins as well as other contaminants of concern. The liquid and vapor that is collected and treated in the LVTP are analyzed for a number of compounds including dioxin to ensure that emission levels are safe. LVTP construction activities this month included: loading of the granular activated carbon (GAC) into the vessels; completing installation of the cooling tower; installation of the IPTD and LVTP supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) instrumentation; and construction of the main water supply line and emergency water supply reservoir.

    In preparation for Phase II excavation, the Vietnamese Ministry of National Defense (MND) conducted screening for unexploded ordnance (UXO) in Sen Lake and the surrounding wetlands. USAID contractors continued dewatering Sen Lake and the surrounding wetlands and began excavating contaminated soil and sediment from areas where UXO clearance and dewatering was completed.

    For more information:


    USAID Environment and Social Development Office, Hanoi, Vietnam

    Phone: (84-4) 3850 5000 ext. 2222


    On March 18, 2014, USAID and MND hosted a Capacity Building Needs Assessment Workshop in Hanoi with the Government of Vietnams (GVN) top dioxin experts to identify key requirements for implementing dioxin remediation projects and to design activities to further develop GVN expertise in this area. On March 25, 2014, more than 80 representatives of the Danang government and community and local media attended a Community Outreach Session in Danang hosted by USAID and MND in cooperation with the Danang Peoples Committee (PC). Danang PC Vice Chairman Nguyen Ngoc Tuan opened the session followed by an update on the current status of the Project as well as upcoming activies by USAID and MND. A public service announcement about the start of the thermal treatment system, which will air on Danang TV starting April 15 for 15 days, was also previewed. In preparation of the remediation system start up, USAID coordinated discussions with key project stakeholders, including the Danang Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Office 33, Chemical Command and Army Division 372. The discussions focused on reviewing specifics of the LVTP operations, schedule, sampling procedures, emergency action plans and monitoring requirements. MND conducting UXO clearance (Photo: CDM Smith)

  • Vit Nam: X l Mi trng nhim Dioxin ti Sn bay Nng

    Bo co Tin : 1 thng 3 nm 2014 n 31 thng 3 nm 2014

    Nh my x l nc v kh thi u bc m x l (nh: USAID)

    o xc vng ngp nc (nh: Tetra Tech)

    USAID cng Chnh ph Vit Nam tip tc thc hin D n X l Mi trng nhim Dioxin ti Sn bay Nng sau khi D n c khi ng vo thng 8/2012.

    TIN THI CNG Cc nh thu ca USAID tip tc lp t nh my x l nc v kh thi (nh my XLLH) u bc m x l. Mc d 95% lng dioxin s b ph hy trong m, vn cn phi c nh my XLLH x l bt k lng dioxin cn st li v cc cht nhim ng quan ngi khc. Cht lng v hi c thu gom v x l trong nh my XLLH s c phn tch nng mt s hp cht k c dioxin m bo mc x thi l an ton. Cng tc lp t nh my XLLH trong thng ny gm c: np ccbon hot tnh th ht (granular activated carbon GAC) vo cc b; hon thin thp lm ngui, lp t h thng cm ng v iu khin t xa (supervisory control and data acquisition SCADA) cho m x l v nh my XLLH; lp t ng cp nc chnh v b cp nc d phng.

    Trong khi chun b cho vic o xc Giai on II, B Quc phng (BQP) Vit Nam tin hnh r ph bom mn H Sen v vng ngp nc xung quanh. Cc nh thu ca USAID tip tc tho nc t H Sen, vng ngp nc xung quanh v bt u o xc t v bn b nhim bn cc khu vc r ph bom mn v tho nc xong.


    Ngy 18/3/2014, USAID v BQP ch tr Hi tho nh gi Nhu cu Tng cng Nng lc H Ni vi cc chuyn gia hng u v dioxin ca Chnh ph Vit Nam (CPVN) nhm xc nh nhng yu cu ch yu trong vic thc hin cc d n x l dioxin v thit k cc hot ng xy dng nng lc ca C VN trong l nh vc ny. Ngy 25/3/2014, trn 80 i biu ca chnh quyn Nng v cng ng cng gii truyn thng tham d Bui Cung cp Thng tin cho Cng ng Nng do USAID v BQP ch tr vi s phi hp ca UBND TP. Nng. ng Nguyn Ngc Tun, Ph Ch tch UBND TP. Nng, pht biu khai mc bui hi tho, sau l phn trnh by v tin ca D n v nhng hot ng sp ti ca USAID v BQP. Cc i biu cng xem on phim thng tin i chng v vic khi ng h thng x l. on phim ny s c pht sng trn i Truyn hnh Nng t ngy 15/4 trong 15 ngy. chun b cho vic khi ng h thng x l, USAID t chc cc bui tho lun vi cc bn lin quan, bao gm S Ti nguyn-Mi trng TP. Nng, Vn phng 33, B T lnh Ha hc v S on Khng qun 372. Cc tho lun tp trung vo vic xem xt s vn hnh nh my x l nc v kh thi, lch hot ng, quy trnh ly mu, k hoch ng ph khn cp v cc yu cu v quan trc.

    BQP thc hin vic r ph bom mn (nh: CDM Smith)

    bit thm chi tit:

    Trang web:

    hng Mi trng v Pht trin X hi, USAID, H Ni, Vit Nam

    T: (84-4) 3935-1260 my l: 2222


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