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IBMS Semester 6b Fall 2013 Mr. George Szanto. Video 11 Online B2B Value Propositions. Topics Covered. Recap of Online Value Proposition (OVP) Definition and slight differences between B2B versus B2C How does your OVP fit into the over all process of creating a strategic eMarketing plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Video 11 Online B2B Value Propositions IBMS Semester 6b Fall 2013Mr. George SzantoSlide 5.#Topics CoveredRecap of Online Value Proposition (OVP) Definition and slight differences between B2B versus B2CHow does your OVP fit into the over all process of creating a strategic eMarketing planFactors to consider when developing a strategic eMarketing OVPOVP Definition & RecapExploits unique advantage(s) online reinforcing core brand, clearly summarizing what a customer can get from you online that they can not get elsewhere (including offline, or from competitors)Slight differences between B2C and B2B buyers because of their needs. Some fundamental questions.Why would anyone link to your site (unpaid)How can you engage visitors who arent interested right now?Why dont visitors respond (selective opt-out)

What do your Emails add other than selling they are just like Dells How to make your emails engaging?

The basic proposition should be clear also:Who we are?What we do?Where we do it?What makes us different?Why can you trust us?

In his Alertbox Tagline Blues: What's the Site About? Jakob Nielsen suggests:To assess whether your homepage communicates effectively to visitors in the crucial first 10 seconds, follow two simple guidelines:First, collect the taglines from your own site and your three strongest competitors. Print them in a bulleted list without identifying the company names. Ask yourself whether you can tell which company does what. More important, ask a handful of people outside your company the same question.Second, look at how you present the company in the main copy on the home page. Rewrite the text to say exactly the opposite. Would any company ever say that? If not, you're not saying much with your copy, either.

But the communication of the OVP should not end with the tag-line. More detailed explanations of the benefits of using the OVP can be communicated:On the homepage through feature lists or imagery that shows the benefits or experiences that are available In the About Us sectionIn the Contact Us sectionIn the Help sectionIn the e-newsletter archiveIn Frequently Asked Questions

How Does OVP Fit Into the Overall PictureVoettekst4

Factors to Consider in Your OVPCustomer persona needsCompetitive offeringsCompany strengths and resources availableOnline business modelImmediacy, interactivityCan it be reinforced throughout your various digital assets (content, websites)?Voettekst56Cs To Help Define B2B OVPsContent relevant, at right timeCustomization matched to personasCommunity social network, crowd sourcingConvenience 24/7, instant ordering, installing in some casesChoice wider Cost Reduction cheaper to buy onlineVoettekst6End of Video - Thank you Please take the online quiz associated with this video

During this weeks workshop, please be ready to present your cases OVP or to debate those presented by classmates!