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Folien zum Vortrag auf dem VDI Expertenforum Wissensmanagement im Engineering am 23.05.2013 in Frankfurt. Feedback und Gedanken zu den Folien knnen unter https://www.xing.com/net/wmie eingebracht werden.


<ul><li> 1. Learning from experience of projects teams:Lessons Learnt Process at TK UhdeGregor GonsiorVDI-ExpertenforumWM im Engineering23. Mai 2013</li></ul> <p> 2. Lessons Learnt Process at TK UhdeMay 2013ThyssenKrupp Uhde2ThyssenKrupp UhdeA process-oriented project delivery companyThyssenKrupp Uhde is a process-oriented EPC contractor that providesworld-class process plant solutions to producers around the globeLatest process innovation, broad technologyportfolio and world-class project deliveryA global network of engineering officesand a workforce of 5,900 employeescombine local knowledge with globalexpertiseA track record of more than 2,000full-scale process plants implementedworldwide 3. Lessons Learnt Process at TK UhdeMay 2013ThyssenKrupp Uhde3ThyssenKrupp GroupBusiness AreasFiscal Year 2011/2012: Sales 47.01 billion Employees 168,000ThyssenKruppSteel EuropeSteel AmericasMaterials ServicesComponentsTechnologyElevatorTechnologyIndustrialSolutionsThyssenKrupp Uhde 4. Lessons Learnt Process at TK UhdeMay 2013ThyssenKrupp Uhde40500100015002000250007/08 08/09 09/10 10/11 11/120100020003000400050006000Facts and Figures - ThyssenKrupp UhdeSales, Order Intake, EmployeesSales Order Intake acc. to RegionsSales and Employees Facts and FiguresBY 2010/11 BY 2011/12Order Intake 1,613 1,122Sales * 1,428 1,330Order backlog 2,978 2,803Eng. capacity (Mio hours) 7.1 7.4Equity capital * 557 584* acc. to IFRS in millionsEmployeesSales:inmillionsAmericasIndia/MEEurope/AfricaAsia/Pacific2009/10 2010/11In %10185715203336112009/10 2010/11FertiliserBase ChemicalsPolymersContractingServices46211716362124191,450m 1,428mIn %1,613m1,497m193020311,330m2011/12 2011/12264018161,122m 5. Lessons Learnt Process at TK UhdeMay 2013ThyssenKrupp Uhde5ThyssenKrupp Uhde Fields of ActivityThyssenKrupp Uhde implements clients expectations by means ofinnovative technologies, competent engineering and customised services,FertiliserBase ChemicalsPolymersR&amp;DChemicals /PetrochemicalsUpstreamOil and GasRefiningOffsites &amp;UtilitiesBasic ServicesSystem ServicesPerformance &amp;Technology ServicesConsulting ServicesTechnologyContractingServices 6. Lessons Learnt Process at TK UhdeMay 2013ThyssenKrupp Uhde6More than 2,000 plants built by ThyssenKrupp Uhde - worldwideID142130 plants115 plants375 plants120 plants500 plants150 plantsFertilisers RefineriesNitric acid Aromatics185 plants 380 plants 75 plantsOrg. Chemicals/petrochemicalsHydrogen, ammonia, methanol Plastics, synthetic fibres Polyester / polyamides400 plantsElectrolysis Coke plant technologies105 plantsTank storage facilities100 plantsGasification 7. Lessons Learnt Process at TK UhdeMay 2013ThyssenKrupp Uhde7Customer ProfileOur customers arechemical and petrochemical companies worldwideoil and gas companies worldwidespecial-purpose companies owned by institutional and private investorsprivate and state-owned companies 8. Lessons Learnt Process at TK UhdeMay 2013ThyssenKrupp Uhde8Global Engineering Network7.4 million engineering hours per year - local knowledge combined with global expertiseMelbourneJohannesburgRio de JaneiroMexico City Mumbai/PuneCairoBangkokHanoiAl KhobarDubaiShanghaiTokyoNizhny NovgorodDzerzhinskMoscowPittsburgh, PAGermanyBeijingAmericasEmployees: 350Eng. hours: 470,000Europe/AfricaEmployees: 3,400Eng. hours: 4,100,000Asia/PacificEmployees : 700Eng. hours : 900,000India/Middle EastEmployees: 1,400Eng. hours: 1,900,000Central Engineering Hub:Uhde MexicoCentral Engineering Hub:Uhde RussiaCentral Engineering Hub:Uhde IndiaCentral Engineering Hub:Uhde ThailandRoermondDomat/EmsMailandLondon 9. Lessons Learnt Process at TK UhdeMay 2013ThyssenKrupp Uhde9 Professional constructionmanagement execution,in-house and on site Qualified constructionmanagement resourcesat all locations Premium quality of construction work and commonbest-practice CM processes and tools Allocation of most suitable execution conceptand management resources to eachindividual project Uniform workflows, toolsand project reporting Worldwide resourcemanagement andqualification Globally harmonizedengineering processes,methods and tools Tailor-made developmentprograms for the local organisations Global engineering resourceutilisation and management Global framework agreements with major vendors Common purchasing, expediting and inspectionstandards at all locations Qualified inspectionpersonnel atall locationsGlobal Project Management Global ProcurementGlobal Engineering Global Construction ManagementGlobal FunctionsSpecific local expertise transformed into one global capability Defining of basic rules to meet companiesresponsibilities (regulatory requirements) Managing of QM documents Organization of audits and co-ordination ofthird party audits Implementation of Global Procedures(standards) in the whole TK Uhde Group Support of project QM and HSE Managerson site; regular benchmarking &amp; reporting Assessment of project related experiencesand deriving of process improvementsGlobal Quality Management, HSE &amp; Security 10. Lessons Learnt Process at TK UhdeMay 2013ThyssenKrupp Uhde10Typical Project at ThyssenKrupp UhdeComplex set-up to meet the organizational and operational requirements Project (Contract) Value: 500 Mio. Project Duration: 4 years Project Categorization: A, (B, C, D); defined assessment Project Phases: (Bid) Basic Engineering Detail Engineering Procurement Construction / Erection Commissioning (Service) Project Organization: Task Force with ~ 50 team members Key Responsibilities: Project Manager, EngineeringManager, Procurement Manager,QM/HSE Manager, Lead Engineer(s) Split-of-Work: Often some Uhde Local Organizationsinvolved (e.g. Germany + India) Split-of-Supply: Always a high number of specializedsuppliers, some for very complex units 11. Lessons Learnt Process at TK UhdeMay 2013ThyssenKrupp Uhde11Project Set-Up with a complex Work-Breakedown-StructureO plus consideration of matrix organisation requiredEngineering Manager Procurement Manager Erection ManagerProject ManagerTime-SchedulingCommercial Manager QM/HSE ManagerBasicengineering Detail engineeringErection andcommissioningHand-overProcurementPlant designCivil engineeringInstrumentationElectrical engineeringEquipment- machinery- process vessels- package units (PU)- offsites / utilitiesPlant designPiping engineeringCivil engineeringInstrumentationElectrical engineeringEquipment- machinery- processvessels/PUs- offsitesProcess engineeringErection engineering and inhouse co-ordinationPartnerUHDE Local OrganisationProcurementExpeditingInspectionLogisticsCommercial admin.Technical admin.Materials managementConstruction/steelconstruction workErection work- equipment- piping- electrical engineering- instrumentation- paintwork / insulationCommissioningDocument Manager 12. Lessons Learnt Process at TK UhdeMay 2013ThyssenKrupp Uhde12Rule-of-ten: Impact of failures to the overall project costsFirst-pass-yield in engineering must be increased to a maximumBasicEngineeringProcurementDetailEngineeringErection /Commission.BidWhat efforts / costs are required to correct detected failures independence of the project phase...Efforts/CostsrequiredCorrection of few data ordrawings without impactsto contracts or otherdisciplinesCorrection of some dataor drawings withconsideration of impactsto other disciplines andexternal suppliersRe-order, re-arrangement or plant re-planning with severeimpacts to the erectionprocess or plantperformanceCustomers claims and /or contractual peneltieswith additional loss ofreputation and customerretentionHandOver 13. Lessons Learnt Process at TK UhdeMay 2013ThyssenKrupp Uhde13Systematical approach required to reduce the failure rateStandardization, communication + continuous analysis of Lessons LearntConsequences: increasing of the first pass yield significantly reducesthe overall project costsbut a failure rate of 0.0 % is not realistic in plantengineeringOf course, we strive for lowest possible failure rate!A systematical Lessons Learnt Process is a good approachto learn continuously from experience and to reduce thefailure rate in the medium term.It helps to detect failures in time and to avoid their repetition.In addition to this good practices can be recognized andimplement quicker in the organization. 14. Lessons Learnt Process at TK UhdeMay 2013ThyssenKrupp Uhde14Core Elements of the Standardized Lessons Learnt ProcessSimple &amp; stable process, with integration in QM systemCollectionApplicationLessonsLearntProcessImprovementProcess(es)aeIndividualexperiences ofproject teammembersInitiation ofImprovementscDisseminationdAnalysis &amp;ConsolidationbDetails described in aGlobal QM Procedure 15. Lessons Learnt Process at TK UhdeMay 2013ThyssenKrupp Uhde15Mandatory Lessons Learnt Process... by integration in QM systemProcess description andintegration in QM System gives theopportunity to make it mandatory inproject execution 16. Lessons Learnt Process at TK UhdeMay 2013ThyssenKrupp Uhde16Integration of the Lessons Learnt Process in Project ExecutionPermanent collection of experiences; repeated analysis &amp; consolidationExecution PhaseBid PhaseEDC Effective Date of ContractPAC Provisional Acceptance CertificateFAC Final Acceptance CertificateBE Basic EngineeringDE Detail EngineeringBid-NoBidsigning orloss of projectEDC PAC FAC CloseProjectBid-sub-missionBE DE PROCUREMENT, ERECTION COMMISSIONINGGather and take intoaccount existing LLoptional activity, depending on management decisionmandatory activity for all A, B projectsApplication of Lessons Learnt...Generation of Lessons Learnt...Analyse &amp; Consolidatecollected experiencesCollect individual experiences Collect individual experiencesApply existing Lessons Learnt Apply existing Lessons LearntActivities within the Lessons Learnt Processmandatory activity for all A, B and C projects 17. Lessons Learnt Process at TK UhdeMay 2013ThyssenKrupp Uhde17Process with described responsibilities and supportsNominated Lessons Learnt Co-Ordinator requiredCollectionAnalysis &amp;ConsolidationInitiation ofImprovementsDisseminationof ResultsApplication12345Who When All members of project teams All employees who support projects Over the (whole) course ofthe project execution Project Management + Lead Engineers Topic Experts (Line Responsibles) After completion of major projectphases or big work packages If significant changes occur If severe failures occur Line Responsibles After hand-over of project relatedLL results and detailing ofimprovements After consolidation and release ofLL results by the project team All members of project teams All employees who support projects In the start phase of a new project When a project reaches the nextmajor phaseSupportive measures /tools LL Database permanent agenda topicin project meetings LL Database regular LL Workshopswithin the project team LL Database internal meetings internal publications LL Database Project Kick-Offs Line Responsibles Project Management + Lead Engineers Lessons Learnt Co-Ordinators LL Database (to registerthe improvement status) other Improvement Mngt.Frameworks 18. Lessons Learnt Process at TK UhdeMay 2013ThyssenKrupp Uhde18Lessons Learnt Database as a supportive toolIntegrated into UhdeNet, the ThyssenKrupp Uhde IntranetA supportive (IT-) toolmust not be used asthe only presence ofthe processbut:It helps a lot to staypresent for allemployees and in allproject teams 19. Lessons Learnt Process at TK UhdeMay 2013ThyssenKrupp Uhde19Lessons Learnt Workshops to analyse the gained experienceSome success factorsLocation, without disturbanceby day-to-day workloadClear aims andworkshop rulesSmall groups (4O 7participants) for detaildiscussionsGood preparation of allparticipants in advanceto the workshopAppropriate presentationtechniquesModeration byexternal or - at least- not in projectinvolved peopleOpen and factualatmosphere 20. Lessons Learnt Process at TK UhdeMay 2013ThyssenKrupp Uhde20Resum: Lessons Learnt process at ThyssenKrupp UhdeSuccessful implementation by close integration into Project Execution LL Process mandatory at TK Uhde Described by a (global) QM procedure Integrated into the Project Execution Process supported by severalmeasures, not only by IT tools Nominated Lessons Learnt Co-Ordinator(s) as facilitators Influences on quality of project results:by direct reduction of failure ratesby faster identification ofimprovement demandsby an increased communicationwithin the project team 21. Lessons Learnt Process at TK UhdeMay 2013ThyssenKrupp Uhde21</p>