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Alignment Lab @ London College of Communication exploring values & whatnot.  Find the Storify here:


  • // Alignment Lab: BA and MA comms students London College of Communication February 2014
  • Alignment Lab Word Cloud: values & whatnot Values (and a few other ideas) as noted by the forty or so BA and MA comms students attending the #ALIGN workshop @LCCLondon February 2014
  • Alignment Lab Word Cloud: five words I leave with The first five words that popped into the minds of the forty or so BA and MA comms students attending the #ALIGN workshop @LCCLondon February 2014
  • // Quick Notes: BA and MA comms students London College of Communication February 2014
  • Mentor others / get mentored
  • Use a proven methodology Check out the top ten questions in strategic communications (and tweet them) /via @carolinekealey
  • Pick up a book with good advice and join a network Keep an eye on upcoming events: + follow @IABCUK
  • Get experience: sign up!
  • // Alignment Lab How can you communicate your brand? South Africa | October 2013
  • Alignment Lab Consensus Workshop Related resources for follow-up A: How you come across B: Core Skills C: Add Value D: Strengths & Niche E: Go Pro F: Network #IABCSA: Do you manage your personal brand? Gail Cameron Read Communication World online / listen to the IABC podcast Caf2Go Understand the language of business listen to HBR podcasts your execs do Mentor / get mentoring Alignment session with Daniel Munslow and measurement session with Andrew McIlwaine Reach out! As you believe, so it is Tumi Rabanye Go for Gold Quill Share your insights from #IABCSA sessions: Rethink. Reinvent etc. Strengths Finder Go for Gold Quill! Monitor #IABC and #IABCSA Your future, Your choice: CEOs have opened the door to an expanded role for communication. Are you ready? FISH! Juanita van der Watt | Dale du Preez Send in a pitch for World Conference Follow Angela Sinickas on measurement Attend IABC conferences keep an eye on the IABC Weekly Update See the video from the conference: Learn more about alignment Connect to conference attendees via LinkedIn
  • #ALIGN: What is it all about? London College of Communication February 2014
  • The world has changed, both globally and locally
  • What does this mean? Command and control is st century not fit for the 21 We have to be more agile Ignoring alignment comes at a cost
  • Succeed 70% #FAIL
  • If you want to go fast, go alone if you want to go far, go together West African Proverb
  • What How Why Alignment, clarity, improvement and on-going results in a nutshell We want our initiatives succeed yet, were up against the odds (70% fail) and we want to use people-centred methodologies to achieve it. Set out opportunities and challenges Agree to a common purpose Facilitation RSA Small Groups Methodology + Technology of Participation Align to it Structured follow-up Make it happen!
  • Recognise any of these? Stakeholders say they dont feel involved You spend a lot of time putting out fires Governance structures are creaking It seems like people are pulling in multiple directions
  • What can be done? Culture eats strategy for breakfast - Peter Drucker Answer? Get up earlier and use tools that work to meet your strategy imperatives
  • Practical steps in a bit more detail We establish the overall strategic imperative, then Through stakeholder mapping and practical workshops with those who have insight and influence, we establish the opportunities and challenges so that a consensus can be established and is recognised as a common purpose. With this a light-touch framework for keeping focused, on track and seeing the change through to make it last The alignment difference: Being built on a shared contribution everybody signs up to = achieving goals together.
  • Public experiments in alignment and interviews with inspiring leaders and followers shared using a Creative Commons framework Private assistance for your strategy alignment challenges using professional facilitators and structured follow-up Want to help? Want to talk? Michael Ambjorn +44 7856 281 027 @michaelambjorn Volunteer for an experiment Nominate somebody who inspires you for an interview Contribute to the Creative Commons hit like, RT, share, suggest #alignyourorg


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