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My User Experience Portfolio


<ul><li> 1. 01 06.10.2013 / REV. 00 PORTFOLIO UX </li> <li> 2. 02 SUMMARY - Ivan Pecorari Meeting in the middle Im a curious Designer pursuing the holistic approach to design and life. Im exploring the intersection between Interaction Design and Architecture creating systems, spaces, installations, events, that are hybrid, poetic and playful. Every project is a world in itself and each game has its own rules but no project is an island so my hands are on detail but my eyes see the bigger picture. My formal training is in Architecture, Interaction Design and also includes graphic design and events production. I recently earned an MFA degree in Interaction Design from Domus Academy, Milan and also hold an M. arch II degree from Biagio Rossetti University school of Architecture, Ferrara and a course in Digital Architecture from Inarch Rome. Specialties: Technical skills and competences: Architecture, Interaction design ,Graphic design, Exhibition design, Industrial Design Computer skills and competences: 2D/ motion Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign,Flash, Premiere Pro 3D &amp; Techinal drawing Autocad,3d Studio Max with Vray, modo 401 Rhino, Sketchup Language &amp; physical computer Processing, Arduino 06.10.2013 / REV. 00 IVAN PECORARI, Interaction designer &amp; Architect </li> <li> 3. 03 User testConcept and PrototypeWireframeinteraction map / Content Architecture User ScenarioEthnographic research / PersonasBenchmarckCollecting Best Practices / Moodboard 06.10.2013 / REV. 00PROCESS AND TOOLS PROCESS AND TOOLS </li> <li> 4. 04 06.10.2013 / REV. 00iPOINT - Overview Innovation principle Application, final design screenshot Ipoint KioskCPSI center, Pretoria, South Africa 2012 Pretoria, South Africa As part of a larger installation of various interactive displays for the CPSI, we created several user interfaces for a hand and finger-tracking device developed by HHI Fraunhofer in Berlin. iPoint accurately tracks one or mul- tiple finger gestures, which can then be calibrated to navigate a Graphical User Interface. We developed two applications for this system, one information kiosk with best practise examples of innovation in public service, one assessment of the users understanding of innovation principles. Challenges with the conceptual model of the interaction: It seems unnatural to users to interact with a screen by pointing at it. The trigger problem: most computer interfaces separate pointer and input action. This gives users a chance to reflect on their choice before executing an action. A gesture based point interface does not have a mouse click, so an alternative way of selecting an action had to be in- vented. Thus, for our South African client, we looked at GUI solution that did away with clicking and worked solely with roll-over Pointing Ergonomics After a few tests we found that best solution to date is a circular GUI which follows the natural ergonomics for pointing with the hand, since it supports the circular movement of the wrist. The movements feel natural. At the same time, movements can be reduced to an absolute minimum; the interface can be navigated with only the index finger moving. With regard to the trigger area, we found that adding large interactive areas and roll-over states added to the experience of control and ease, whilst the trigger areas needed to be separated from the active areas, so the trigger timer would only be activated if users intended to do so. iPOINT for the Centre for Public Service Innovation (CPSI) / Overview </li> <li> 5. 05 6. Restart 7. Comparison4. Tips 5. End of questionnaire - Result2. Question 3. Choose/ConfirmO. Start application 1. Navigate Circular GUI Final DesignCircular GUICheckerboard interfaceGUI with a horrizontal menu structure GUI Research Interaction Flow Wireframe iPOINT - UX 06.10.2013 / REV. 00 iPOINT for the Centre for Public Service Innovation (CPSI) / UX </li> <li> 6. 06 06.10.2013 / REV. 00 iPOINT for the Centre for Public Service Innovation (CPSI) / Video IPOINT - Video </li> <li> 7. 07 06.10.2013 / REV. 00MOORREENSBURG TANGIBLE CITY TABLE - Overview Innovation principle Application, final design screenshot Kiosk designExplore the city with a tangible interface 2013 Moorreensburg, South Africa Function and content Visitors learn about the history of the town through the eyes of historical personalities using aninteractive table with a model of the town . The multi-media installation shows information around the following themes: Early development and The Church Education Town history Local businesses and economy Exhibition details The interactive table uses sophisticated pattern recognition technology allowing visitors to navigate content information by placing physical objects, with patterns under them ,and onto the tables surface. The surface has a map of the town on it with the buildings represented in layered 3D models. The locations for the objects to be placed into are obvious in that they are cut out of the map in strategic locations around the table. A 32 HD screen adjacent to the table displays all the digital content that is activated and manipulated by the users interaction with the table. MOORREENSBURG TANGIBLE CITY TABLE / Overview </li> <li> 8. 08 C) Explore images D) Explore events and fact A) Place a character in a location on the map B) Rotate the character to explore the location 6. Screen elements5. Introduction of the era 4. Interaction3. Time Cylinder2. Content Matrix1. Map : Point of view layout Interaction Flow / Content Architecture Wireframe MOORREENSBURG TANGIBLE CITY TABLE - Ux 06.10.2013 / REV. 00 MOORREENSBURG TANGIBLE CITY TABLE / UX Final GUI A C B D </li> <li> 9. 09 06.10.2013 / REV. 00 MOORREENSBURG TANGIBLE CITY TABLE / Video MOORREENSBURG TANGIBLE CITY TABLE - Video </li> <li> 10. 10 06.10.2013 / REV. 00LEARNING IS A BREEZE Installation - Overview Innovation principle Application, final design screenshot Steering wheel rappresenting player IDsCPSI center, Pretoria, South Africa 2013 Cape Town City Hall, South Africa Learning is a Breeze is an interactive exhibit which comfortably removes the audience from their comfort zone through playful interaction. Opportunity: Learning is a Breeze was designed as a part of an exhibition around Learning and Design at the Open Design Festival in August 2013 in Cape Town. The aim of the project was to present a culturally diverse audience with a different view on education, technology and gaming whilst engaging them in playful and delightful interaction. Craft: The multidisciplinary team that had worked on Learning is a Breeze has distinct experience in engaging audiences in public settings. In anticipation of a very heterogeneous audience with varying levels of technology experience, the interaction had to be reduced to the most simple elements. We anticipated short dwell times of 15 minutes or less, which prohibited a more complex interaction. We introduced the metaphor of flying a paper jet, which put the audience at ease by carrying a faint memory of school education where jets were made to kill time and have fun. Joyful SoundFX and background track further supported this goal. The four steering wheels of different colours represented different player IDs and could simply be picked up from the grass to play. We decided not to use a standard gaming console interface (e.g. Nintendo, Xbox etc) since the aim was to do away with the prevalent (device-centric) perception of technology interaction. By reducing the interface to a semitransparent, non-technological Plexiglas object, we reduced the technology fear factor to a minimum. The simple turning interaction of the steering wheel was immediately adopted by almost every user. LEARNING IS A BREEZE Installation / Overview </li> <li> 11. 11 Final InstallationStructureSteering wheel and FiducialPlatform design Circular GUI Final DesignIntermediate circular GuiGUI 4 side / four usersGUI 4 side / one user GUI Research Project elements LEARNING IS A BREEZE Installation - UX 06.10.2013 / REV. 00 LEARNING IS A BREEZE Installation / UX </li> <li> 12. 12 06.10.2013 / REV. 00 LEARNING IS A BREEZE Installation / Video LEARNING IS A BREEZE Installation - Video </li> <li> 13. 00.00.2013 / REV. 00 13 THANK YOU Ivan Pecorari Architect &amp; Interaction Designer South Africa +2772217890 Italy+393383149306 E mail : design@ivanpecorari.it www.ivanpecorari.it </li> </ul>