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  • 1. Jordan, Lorraine,George, Karthiknathan, Satheesh Using MITApp Inventor

2. OurVision Mock-up as a proof of concept Scenario App Inventor demonstration 3. Defining the problem statement Paper sketching Data collection Iterations Final package. 4. Create a user-friendly faculty search app that allows users to create project teams. Interface that easily guides the user through search, browse and team creation features. App that acts as an information portal. 5. Provide Information about professors and their research interests. Act as a brochure but on a phone. Saves a lot of paper.. 6. Search professors by 1)First Name 2)Last name 3)The department they work Provide 1)Information about professors area of research 2)Contact information 7. DEMO 8. Nothing more or nothing less.The app does what it has to do. Thanks ForYourTime No!!! Hold on!!! 9. Is there an email option?- No Is there a calling option? No As we said Nothing more nothing less Still have questions? We are here to clear it.


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