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SmartVision Android App

SmartVision Android App -By Priyank Mandalia(10DCE080)

Project ProfileProject TitleSmartVision Enterprise Android AppTeam MemberPriyank V. MandaliaProject DescriptionIt is based on server based image recognition algorithm which scans the product in real-time and gives relevant information about the product. It also gives option to buy the product and option to add the product wish-list for future buying. Front-end ToolsEclipse ADTLanguage: Java and XMLBack-end ToolsJava, JSON and SQLite

System AnalysisIntroduction: The conventional way of buying the product is to visit the shop or mall of to order it from the e-commerce websites. But as the world is rapidly shifting towards using smartphones and tablet computer gone are those old ways to buy the product. In order to develop something innovative we come across to the idea of image recognition where the user has to just take the picture of the desired product and it will identify the product in real-time and gives the user its description. It then provides feature to buy that specific product through various sources and other important features like to add the product to wish-list for future buying.


Aim of this application is to enable visual search of the product. Customers can take a photo of the object (Any item/product) and use that photo to get more information about that that item/product. Item/Product detail page should also have option to buy a product so user can buy it directly from the application

Requirements:Functional Requirements

The user will be required to have Android based Smartphone or Tablet to download these Apps.The user must provider required permissions to the Apps for successful working of the app. Without this the application will not work perfectly.If the error occurs due to certain possibility then it will lead to closing of the app for the user to again start it or it will ask to send the error report to the Developer.The user will need to have high resolution Android Smartphone or Tablet for enjoying the app

Continue...Non-Functional Requirements:Performance Requirement: This app needs to be load in no more than 2 seconds and there should not any latency or lag during App usage.Safety Requirement: Although this app will never harm the device but user must be careful while using the app. Security Requirement: The user will need to accept the user agreement and read it carefully before downloading the Android App.

Feasibility Study:A feasibility study is undertaken to determine the possibility or probability of either improving the existing system or developing a completely new system.It helps to obtain an overview of the problem and to get rough assessment of whether feasible solutions exist.This is essential to avoid committing large resources to a project and then repent on it later.There are three aspects in feasibility study portion of the preliminary investigation: Technical feasibility. Economic feasibility

Continue...Technical Feasibility:Technical feasibility determines whether the work for the project be done with the present equipment, current procedures, existing softwares technology.The system is going to be developed on Eclipse ADT as front-end tool, SQLite and online server service as Back-end tool.The App can easily used in any system working on the Android operating system.Minimum requirement of the system should be as follow. -Any Smartphone or Tablet having Google Android OS. -Works on Android 2.3 or higher versions like Android 4.2(Jelly Bean)Technical feasibility determines whether the technology needed for the proposed system is available and how it can be integrated within the existing System.

Continue...Economic feasibility looks at the financial aspects of the Project. Economic feasibility concerns with the returns from the investments in a project. It determines whether it is worthwhile to invest the money in the proposed system. It is worthwhile spending a lot of money on a project for no returns.

To carry out an economic feasibility for a system, it is necessary to place actual money value against any activities needed to implement the project.The development of the Android Apps doesnt need huge amount of money to be invested. But for creating high quality User-Interface it needs various types of tool which demands money to be invested. If the app needs server for storing the data in the database then we must take care of the financial requirement of the particular app. The app may come out to very costly based on the usage of various resources.

Application Functional Flow:

System Design:Entity Relationship Diagram:

Data Dictionary of Wish-list:NameData TypeSizeDescriptionProduct NameVarchar50Name of PersonProduct idNumber10Product ID Product FlagNumber5FlagProduct ImageBlob200Image of Product

Data Dictionary of Online History:NameData TypeSizeDescriptionProduct NameVarchar50Name of ProductProduct idNumber10Product IDProduct ImageBlob200Image of Product

Data Dictionary of Local History:NameData TypeSizeDescriptionProduct NameVarchar50Name of ProductProduct idNumber10Product IDProduct ImageBlob200Image of Product

SmartVision ScreenShots:Dashboard:

Camera Interface:

Scanning Result:

Buying Page:

Product Description:

Product History:

Product Wish-list:

Conclusion:Thus with the help of this project I developed high quality Image recognition Android App. With the use of this app user can buy the product or just get information about it by taking its picture in real-time in a futuristic way. Any Android smartphone or Tablet user around the world can download this app and can enjoy it.

Thank You...