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<ul><li><p>Cover Artist: Mille PetrozzaPhoto: Natalia Stupnikova</p><p>Inside Artist: Scott IanPhoto: Helen Simmons</p><p>2 Contents</p></li><li><p>3 Contents</p><p>Jackson has devoted itself to superior style, tone and performance for more than 30 years now, creating the premier sonic weapons of choice for discerning guitarists and bassists worldwide. Onstage and in the studio, Jackson guitars and basses are universally prized and praised as the go-to shred machines.</p><p>Jackson guitars and basses have always risen to every occasion as finely crafted instruments of distinctive style and formidable substance. Theyre designed to deliver the dark yet dazzling mojo commanded by virtuoso players everywhere in the most demanding musical realms, and their distinctive aesthetics and tonal power, purity and finesse remain unmatched. </p><p>Thats what youll find in the selection presented here. Welcome to the very latest in Jackson design and performancea feast for eyes and fingers alike. </p><p>Jackson Instruments</p><p>04 Jackson Custom Shop</p><p>06 USA Select </p><p>22 Artist Signature </p><p>40 X Series</p><p>50 JS Series</p><p>Play the Best and F#@k the Rest!</p><p>Design the Jackson guitar of your dreams now at </p></li><li><p>4 Jackson Custom Shop</p></li><li><p>5 </p><p>The world-famous Jackson Custom Shop is the worlds longest-operating </p><p>custom shop, turning out world-class custom guitars ranging from the </p><p>fine to the fantastic ever since Grover Jackson first affixed his name </p><p>to a headstock in 1980.</p><p>The reason for this amazing longevity is simple: Jackson began </p><p>as a custom shop. In the beginning, there were no production </p><p>guitarsevery Jackson guitar was a highly original high-performance </p><p>custom instrument.</p><p>Whereas some production guitar makers open their own custom </p><p>shops well after reaching a certain age or level of success, Jackson </p><p>existed from its very earliest days as nothing but a custom shop, </p><p>building distinctive and meticulously crafted instruments for a very </p><p>exacting clientele. Further, from the very start, no design was too </p><p>crazy and no idea was too far outif someone could conceive of it, </p><p>Jacksons talented, imaginative and occasionally demented </p><p>craftsmen could build it. This early emphasis on true uniqueness </p><p>and outlandish one-off instruments proved enormously influential </p><p>on Jacksons most famous and oft-copied body shapes.</p><p>Its a longstanding tradition of U.S.-made greatness and devotion </p><p>to craft that continues, indeed, flourishes, to this day. The Jackson </p><p>Custom Shopthe original custom shop.</p><p>Jackson Custom Shop</p><p></p></li><li><p>USA Select </p></li><li><p>7 </p><p>USA SelectFrom bridge to headstock, Jackson USA Select Series Guitars and basses are the very essence of badass rendered in wood and metal. Nowhere else will you find U.S.-built production-model shred machines of such stellar design, peerless performance and superior craftsmanship. Of all Jacksons most acclaimed and beloved series, the USA Select Series puts the best of Jacksons best in most capable handsyours.</p><p></p></li><li><p>8 USA Select</p><p>USA SL1 Soloist</p><p>Model Number: 2803070</p><p>Model Number: 2803170 (LH) Model Number: 2803171 (LH)</p><p>Model Number: 2803071</p><p> Alderbody(flamemapletopontransfinishes)</p><p> Quartersawnhardrockmapleneck-throughbody</p><p> Compound-radiusebonyfingerboard</p><p> SeymourDuncanpickupsinHSSconfiguration</p><p> FloydRoseOriginaltremolo</p><p> Blackhardware(chromehardwareontransfinishes)</p><p>USA SL2H Soloist</p><p> Alderbody(flamemapletopontransfinishes)</p><p> Quartersawnhardrockmapleneck-throughbody</p><p> Compound-radiusebonyfingerboard</p><p> SeymourDuncanhumbuckingpickups</p><p> FloydRoseOriginaltremolo</p><p> Blackhardware(chromehardwareontransfinishes)</p></li><li><p>USA Select</p><p>The concept of creating a sleek and deadly instrument combining </p><p>a traditional double-cutaway body style and scale length with </p><p>shark-like high-performance was ingrained into Jacksons DNA </p><p>at birth. The resulting instrument, the Soloist, debuted in 1983.</p><p>Featuring an incredibly addictive compound-radius fingerboard </p><p>and a new pitch on its through-body neck, this highly versatile </p><p>instrument was born to shred. With those features and its alluring </p><p>good looks, its easy to understand why the Soloist has earned so </p><p>much acclaim.</p><p>USA Select SoloistTM</p><p>One of the most popular and oft-copied Jackson models of all time ...</p><p>Model Number: 2803076 Model Number: 2803072</p><p>USA SL2HT Soloist</p><p> Alderbody(flamemapletopontransfinishes)</p><p> Quartersawnhardrockmapleneck-throughbody</p><p> Compound-radiusebonyfingerboard</p><p> SeymourDuncanhumbuckingpickups</p><p> String-through-bodybridge</p><p> Blackhardware(chromehardwareontransfinishes)</p><p>USA SL2H-MAH Soloist</p><p> Mahoganybodywithflamemapletop</p><p> Quartersawnmahoganyneck-throughbody</p><p> Compound-radiusebonyfingerboard</p><p> SeymourDuncanhumbuckingpickups</p><p> FloydRoseOriginaltremolo</p><p> Chromehardware</p><p>9 </p><p>876 886 890 822875 885 887 896</p><p>854 861859851 870858 821833 844831 839</p><p>872 813 815 824827830 806 835 884803</p></li><li><p>USA Select</p><p>A timeless classic that will always endure and inspire ...A timeless classic that will always endure and inspire ...</p><p>The Jackson Randy Rhoads model is the legendary instrument that started it all. </p><p>Born in late 1980 from a design drawn on a napkin by the late, great guitarist himself </p><p>and by the companys founder, Grover Jackson, this instrument is one of the most </p><p>revered, respected and recognized shapes in hard rock and heavy metal. Its so highly </p><p>regarded by the metal-loving masses that in 2006 it was voted Legendary Guitar in </p><p>Guitar World magazines 25th anniversary readers poll. Just like its creator, this sleek </p><p>instrument is both peerless and untouchable.</p><p>USA Select Randy Rhoads</p><p>10 </p></li><li><p>11 USA Select</p><p>USA RR1 Randy Rhoads</p><p> Alderbody(flamemapletopontransfinishes)</p><p> Quartersawnhardrockmapleneck-throughbody</p><p> Compound-radiusebonyfingerboard</p><p> SeymourDuncanhumbuckingpickups</p><p> FloydRoseOriginaltremolo</p><p> Blackhardware(chromehardwareontransfinishes)</p><p>USA RR1T Randy Rhoads</p><p> Alderbody(flamemapletopontransfinishes)</p><p> Quartersawnhardrockmapleneck-throughbody</p><p> Compound-radiusebonyfingerboard</p><p> SeymourDuncanhumbuckingpickups</p><p> String-through-bodybridge</p><p> Blackhardware(chromehardwareontransfinishes)</p><p>Model Number: 2803060</p><p>Model Number: 2803061</p><p>Model Number: 2803160 (LH)</p><p>Model Number: 2803161 (LH)</p><p>830 827 872 803 806 808 813</p><p>835 815 822 884 824 831 833</p><p>839 840 844 851 854 858 859</p><p>878877876875821 870 885</p><p>886 887 890 896</p></li><li><p>USA Select Select </p></li><li><p>13 USA Select</p><p>In late 1989 Jackson introduced its most outlandish and </p><p>brutal-looking body designthe aptly named Warrior. </p><p>Created with a dark new breed of artist in mind, it was designed </p><p>as a truly vicious-looking new weapon with smartly savage </p><p>styling. In fact, a close look at the X-shaped Warrior reveals </p><p>the method behind the madness, as every angle resembles </p><p>the distinctive Jackson headstock. </p><p>USA Select WarriorTM</p><p>The Warrior always emerges victorious ...</p><p>USA WR1 Warrior</p><p> Alderbody(flamemapletopontransfinishes)</p><p> Quartersawnhardrockmapleneck-throughbody</p><p> Compound-radiusebonyfingerboard</p><p> SeymourDuncanhumbuckingpickups</p><p> FloydRoseOriginaltremolo</p><p> Blackhardware(chromehardwareontransfinishes)</p><p>Model Number: 2803080</p><p>830 803 808 884827 806 835 824</p><p>844 821 878 887875 885 854 859</p></li><li><p>USA Select </p></li><li><p>USA Select</p><p>With metal exploding with fret-burning flamboyance in the </p><p>mid-1980s, many artists clamored for Jackson Rhoads-style </p><p>personality and playability in a larger-bodied axe better suited </p><p>to taller players (remember, despite his larger-than-life talent, </p><p>Randy Rhoads was a diminutive 52!). </p><p>In keeping with their creative M.O., Jacksons custom builders </p><p>responded with a classic design combining the high-performance </p><p>Rhoads with a larger, slightly more traditional V-shaped body. </p><p>Thanks to its head-turning (and banging) looks and incredible </p><p>playability, the regal King V remains a firm favorite in the </p><p>Jackson line and continues to reign. </p><p>USA Select King V TM</p><p>Long live the King ...</p><p>USA KV2 King V</p><p> Alderbody(flamemapletopontransfinishes)</p><p> Quartersawnhardrockmaplethrough-bodyspeedneck</p><p> Compound-radiusebonyfingerboard</p><p> Tallmediumfrets</p><p> SeymourDuncanhumbuckingpickups</p><p> FloydRoseOriginaltremolo</p><p> Blackhardware(chromehardwareontransfinishes)</p><p>USA KV2T King V</p><p> Threepiecemahoganythrough-bodyspeedneck</p><p> Compound-radiusebonyfingerboard</p><p> Tallmediumfrets</p><p> 24.75scale</p><p> SeymourDuncanhumbuckingpickups</p><p> String-through-bodybridge</p><p> Blackhardware(chromehardwareontransfinishes)</p><p>Model Number: 2803040 Model Number: 2803041</p><p>15 </p><p>830 827 803 806 808 813 835 884 824 844 851</p><p>858 821 823 876 877 878 885 887 890854 831</p></li><li><p>USA Select</p><p>Born to be played onstage and armed with an eye-catching </p><p>shape and lightning-fast neck, the Kelly has been a popular </p><p>Jackson staple ever since its 1983 introduction. When the </p><p>U.K.s prestigious Guitarist magazine published its special </p><p>Book of Metal issue, it referred to the Kelly as, one helluva </p><p>guitar with a truly massive sound. Arguably the be-all and </p><p>end-all of rock guitars. This has to be the coolest axe ever </p><p>from one of the genres greatest names. </p><p>USA Select KellyTM</p><p>Enough said. We rest our case. </p><p>16 </p></li><li><p>17 USA Select</p><p>USA KE2 Kelly</p><p> Alderbody(flamemapletopontransfinishes)</p><p> Quartersawnhardrockmapleneck-throughbody</p><p> Compound-radiusebonyfingerboard</p><p> SeymourDuncanhumbuckingpickups</p><p> FloydRoseOriginaltremolo</p><p> Blackhardware(chromehardwareontransfinishes)</p><p>Model Number: 2803030</p><p>830 827 872 803 806 808 884 824</p><p>833 851840 854 821 876 878 885 887 896</p></li><li><p>USA Select </p></li><li><p>19 USA Select</p><p>Despite the incredible popularity and playability of the Soloist, </p><p>some guitarists sought an instrument that boasted the companys </p><p>trademark speed and high performance in a bolt-on-neck model </p><p>similar to those made by Jacksons famous older sibling, Charvel. </p><p>Jacksons designers responded by creating a bolt-on brother to the </p><p>Soloist featuring a slightly smaller body that lightened and further </p><p>streamlined an already sleek design. Dubbed the Dinky, it was another </p><p>innovative breakthrough in a long line of Jackson firsts. It was an </p><p>immediate success and it has flourished ever since.</p><p>USA Select DinkyTM</p><p>This highly sought-after six-string family has grown to more than a dozen members ...This highly sought-after six-string family has grown to more than a dozen members ...</p><p>USA DK1 Dinky</p><p> Alderbody(flamemapletopontransfinishes)</p><p> Bolt-onquartersawnhardrockmapleneck</p><p> Compound-radiusebonyfingerboard</p><p> EMG81and85humbuckingpickups</p><p> FloydRoseOriginaltremolo</p><p> Blackhardware(chromehardwareontransfinishes)</p><p>Model Number: 2803010</p><p>876 886 890 822875 885 887 896</p><p>854 861859851 858 821833 844831 839</p><p>872 813 815 824827830 806 835 884803</p></li><li><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: Ash</p><p>ley</p><p> Ell</p><p>wo</p><p>od</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: Ro</p><p>ma</p><p>in D</p><p>ron</p><p>ne </p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: Fo</p><p>toB</p><p>ob</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: Ash</p><p> New</p><p>ell</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: Ste</p><p>ph</p><p>an</p><p> So</p><p>lon</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: To</p><p>ni S</p><p>alm</p><p>inen</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: Pa</p><p>tric</p><p>k O</p><p>Del</p><p>l</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: Va</p><p>leri</p><p>e N</p><p>erre</p><p>s</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: Ch</p><p>rist</p><p>ian</p><p> Ba</p><p>eris</p><p>wy</p><p>l</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: Ru</p><p>dy</p><p> De </p><p>Do</p><p>nk</p><p>er</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: Meh</p><p>met</p><p> Tu</p><p>rgu</p><p>t</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: In</p><p>ga</p><p> Sil</p><p>eik</p><p>ait</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: Sh</p><p>aw</p><p>n E</p><p>va</p><p>ns</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: Th</p><p>e R</p><p>ev /</p><p> ret</p><p>urn</p><p>toth</p><p>epit</p><p>.co</p><p>m</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: Ga</p><p>bri</p><p>elle</p><p> Du</p><p>pla</p><p>nti</p><p>er</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: Lee</p><p> Ro</p><p>bin</p><p>son</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: ww</p><p>w.m</p><p>att</p><p>wil</p><p>son</p><p>ima</p><p>ges</p><p>.co</p><p>m</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: Mik</p><p>e D</p><p>uff</p><p>y</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: To</p><p>m C</p><p>ou</p><p>ture</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: To</p><p>ni S</p><p>alm</p><p>inen</p><p> / M</p><p>eta</p><p>lsco</p><p>pe.</p><p>net</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: Na</p><p>tali</p><p>a S</p><p>tup</p><p>nik</p><p>ov</p><p>a</p><p>Wayne LozinakHatebreed</p><p>Rick SavageDef Leppard</p><p>Mille PetrozzaKreator</p><p>Pekka JohanssonAmoral</p><p>Christian AndreuGojira</p><p>Derek MillerSleigh Bells</p><p>Ben VaronAmoral</p><p>Courtney CoxThe Iron Maidens</p><p>Jacky VincentFalling in Reverse</p><p>Metal Mike ChlasciakRob Halford</p><p>Rob CavestanyDeath Angel</p><p>Joseph DuplantierGojira</p><p>Dan GargiuloRevocation</p><p>Jon LauxWarbringer</p><p>Ola LindgrenGrave</p><p>AshmediMelechesh</p><p>Alan GlassmanJob for a Cowboy</p><p>Matt DrakeEvile</p><p>Dave DavidsonRevocation</p><p>Wes BorlandLimp Bizkit</p></li><li><p>Other Artists</p><p>Nick Baranov Rattlehead</p><p>Anders Bertilsson Coldworker</p><p>Daniel Freyberg Norther</p><p>Fufu Nothnegal</p><p>Lance Harrison Hirax</p><p>Steve Harrison Hirax</p><p>Peter Hasselbrack Bloodsoaked</p><p>Helmuth Belphegor</p><p>Hilarl Nothnegal</p><p>Jake Kiley Strung Out</p><p>Christian Olde Wolbers Arkaea</p><p>Oscar Ramirez Pathology</p><p>Terry Roadcase Blackguard</p><p>Glenn Rogers Heretic</p><p>Daniel Schrder Coldworker</p><p>Dave Sharman --</p><p>Laura V LA Velvet</p><p>Markus Vanhala Omnium Gatherum</p><p>Frank Aresti Fates Warning Dark Day Sunday</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: Ja</p><p>y B</p><p>an</p><p>bu</p><p>ryP</p><p>ho</p><p>to: S</p><p>ah</p><p>isn</p><p>u S</p><p>ad</p><p>arp</p><p>o</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: Jim</p><p>my</p><p> Lee</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: Aa</p><p>ron</p><p> Sta</p><p>inth</p><p>orp</p><p>e</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: Jo</p><p>e W</p><p>inn</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: Gen</p><p>evie</p><p>ve </p><p>Ha</p><p>mel</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: tw</p><p>ilig</p><p>hth</p><p>eart</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: le</p><p>sley</p><p>.an</p><p>ne.</p><p>k p</p><p>ho</p><p>to |</p><p> des</p><p>ign</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: Ma</p><p>tt W</p><p>ilso</p><p>n</p><p>Ph</p><p>oto</p><p>: Der</p><p>rick</p><p> Au</p><p>stin</p><p>son</p><p>Corey BeaulieuTrivium</p><p>Randy RhoadsOzzy Osbourne</p><p>Andreas KisserSepultura</p><p>Ryan NeffMiss May I</p><p>Misha MansoorPeriphery</p><p>InfernusGorgoroth</p><p>Shon Shonny B Mack Hinton</p><p>Mary J. Blige, John Legend, Lil Wayne, </p><p>Jill Scott</p><p>Ralph SantollaRed Scream / Obituary</p><p>Mike SchleibaumDarkest Hour</p><p>Hamish GlencrossMy Dying Bride</p><p>Matt BrunsonCrowbar</p></li><li><p>photo by Stephanie Cabral22 Artist Signature</p><p>When Colorado virtuoso Chris Broderick joined a revitalized Megadeth in 2008, </p><p>fans were awestruck by his dazzling thrash fretwork, and Jackson honors him </p><p>as a modern metal master with the Chris Broderick Soloist in six-string and seven-</p><p>string models. Working with Jackson Custom Shop Master Builder Mike Shannon, </p><p>Broderick designed his own special take on the venerable Soloist, with an offset </p><p>arch-top mahogany body and quilt maple top (with matching headstock).</p><p>Chris BroderickMegadeth</p></li><li><p>23 Artist Signature</p><p>Chris Broderick Soloist </p><p> QuartersawnmapleneckwithquiltmaplebindingandFloydRosenut</p><p> Ebonyfingerboardwith12radiusand24jumbostainlesssteelfrets</p><p> Naturalbodyandheadstockbinding</p><p> Broderick-designedCustomDiMarziodirect-mountedhumbuckingneckandbridgepickups</p><p> RecessedFloydRoseLo-Probridge</p><p> Killswitch</p><p> Blackhardware</p><p> PlanetWavesAuto-Trimtuners</p><p> Side-mountedRhoadsjack</p><p> ErnieBallstraplocks</p><p> G&amp;Gcase</p><p>6-String</p><p>2803056803 Black </p><p>2803056885 Transparent Black </p><p>2803056888 Transparent White </p><p>2803056890 Transparent Red </p><p>7-String</p><p>2803057803 Black </p><p>2803057885 Transparent Black </p><p>2803057888 Transparent White </p><p>2803057890 Transparent Red </p><p>6-String Soloist(also available in Black </p><p>and Transparent White)</p><p>7-String Soloist(also available in Transparent Black </p><p>and Transparent Red)</p><p>Tra</p><p>nsp</p><p>aren</p><p>t R</p><p>ed</p><p>Bla</p><p>ck</p><p>Wh</p><p>ite</p><p>Tra</p><p>nsp</p><p>aren</p><p>t B</p><p>lack</p></li><li><p>photo by Helen Simmons24 Artist Signature</p><p>Longtime Jackson friend and endorser (since 1986) and lead </p><p>guitarist for one of the worlds biggest-selling rock bands</p><p>hugely influential U.K. hit factory Def LeppardPhil Collen has </p><p>deftly wrung so many classic riffs, solos, parts and progressions </p><p>from his Jackson guitars that its impossible to imagine the </p><p>80s and 90s rock chartsfor Jackson historywithout him. </p><p>Collens PC1 was one of the original Jackson signature guitars; </p><p>based on the Dinky...</p></li></ul>


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