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<p>US Air Conditioning on Common Air Conditioning Problems</p> <p>US Air Conditioning on Common Air Conditioning ProblemsAbout US Air ConditioningIn business for over 25 years, US Air Conditioning of New Port Richey, Florida, focuses on the diagnosis and repair of central air conditioning systems. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, most problems with air conditioning systems result from faulty installation, inadequate maintenance, or sub-standard service procedures. </p> <p>Common Air Conditioning IssuesOther common problems encountered by homeowners include system issues such as refrigerant leaks, compressor or fan electrical control failure, wire corrosion, thermostatic sensor problems, and blocked drainage. Improper user maintenance, particularly not changing filters, is a leading cause of premature compressor and fan failure. Expert Assistance Required with Refrigerant RechargeWhile recharging refrigerant gasses may temporarily restore system performance, all refrigerant lines need professional inspection with any recharge. Additionally, undercharging or overcharging these gasses reduces energy efficiency and increases energy costs. Because refrigerant leaks can have negative environmental impact, a qualified service technician like those at US Air Conditioning should do recharging.</p>


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