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2. CPAs and Attorneys okay, but Every advisor is courting them Some are in competition with you They worry about losing a client if you lose their client money High threshold of competence required 3. Other Businesses Already have relationships with the clients you want Relationships are generally transactional Cannot judge your competence Most advisors ignore them Easy to answer what can you do for them 4. Commercial Real Estate Brokers Do you ever have prospects that wont sell because of tax reasons? Solutions: CGET, Private Annuity Trust Perfect for Seminars or joint meeting Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate OwnersJohn Reed http://www.johntreed.com/realestate.html 5. Capital Gains Elimination Trust Parents Own $1 million low basis stock, no dividends. They gift it to Parents get annual income, e.g. hypothetical 10% for life = $2 million Parents get tax deduction for gift to CGET = $284,000 No estate tax as asset is removed from their estate = $470,000 savingsCGETCGET sells stock, has $1 million to reinvest for income and gains. Sale is Tax Free.Requirement-when both parents die, at least 10% of original gift must go to charity 6. Private Annuity TrustSource: National Association of Financial and Estate Planning 7. Private Annuity Trust Defers gain for years Converts equity into cash Basically an installment sale to heirs 8. Hospitals (LTC) They want to court seniors Program on LTC (or How to Analyze an Assisted Living Arrangement) Use hospital for individual meetings 9. Outplacement Firms Want to deliver long list of services Clients are executives with rollovers Class: How to Manage your Money Between Jobs Topics: Cash, credit, health insurance, cobra, stock options and foolishness of leaving $ in 401k plan 10. Business Brokers They have clients that will have $$$ You can help them provide more comprehensive services (and compete) Perfect for Seminars or joint meeting 11. Who Else? Has relationships with clients you want You can help them Under prospected by financial advisors Transactional relationships How about. 12. Who Else? The luxury car dealer? The yacht dealer? High end residential real estate broker? 13. Action plan Make your list (phone book or CD from INFOUSA) Make your script Create 6 drip letters Do your study Create a niche that pays like a slot machine