Unit7 Abilities Comic strip & Welcome to the unit.

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<ul><li><p>Unit7 AbilitiesComic strip &amp; Welcome to the unit</p></li><li><p>Yao MingHe can play basketball.Playing basketball is his ability.</p></li><li><p>Liu XiangHe can run.Running is his ability.</p></li><li><p>Jay Chou He can sing.Singing ishis ability.</p></li><li><p>He can play basketball very well.What ability does he have?</p></li><li><p>What ability do they have?They can ride bikes.</p></li><li><p>What ability do birds have?Birds can fly.</p></li><li><p>What can superman do?He fights against the evil , help peopleand save the city. </p></li><li><p>Can dogs fly?Can Eddie fly?</p></li><li><p>Listen and answer</p></li><li><p>1.What does Hobo say when Eddie wants to fly?</p><p>2.Why does Hobo say that? Look out ,Eddie!Because Eddie cant fly.Watch the video</p></li><li><p>Why cant Eddie be Superdog?Because he has no ability to fly.Act out the dialogue</p></li><li><p>He can clean the room.</p><p>He can play football.</p><p>He can swim.</p><p>He can play tennis.What ability does he have?3412</p></li><li><p>Join the Helping Hands Club !</p></li><li><p>What abilities do you have?Do you want to be a volunteer?</p></li><li><p>What are they doing?</p></li><li><p>He is helping an old man.</p></li><li><p>She is planting trees.</p></li><li><p>He is giving a seat to someone on the bus.</p></li><li><p> a seat give a seat to the woman on the bus </p></li><li><p>They are visiting an old peoples home.</p></li><li><p>a home for the elderly the old (people)visit a home for the elderly and help the elderly</p></li><li><p>They are collecting things for Project Hope.</p></li><li><p>They are cleaning up the park.</p></li><li><p>show the strangers the wayhelp the old womancross the road</p></li><li><p>visit a home for the elderlyplant trees</p></li><li><p>clean up the parkgive a seat to someone to on the bus</p></li><li><p>collect things for Project Hope</p></li><li><p>b helping an old man a planting treesd give a seat to someone on the busf visiting an old peoples home e collecting things for Project Hope c cleaning up the park</p></li><li><p> help an old man plant trees give a seat to someone on the busvisit a home for the elderly collect things for Project Hope clean up the park</p></li><li><p>She cant finish her homework !He is ill!Our classroom is not clean!She is sad!Discuss how to help people in need.</p></li><li><p>She is ill!He cant find his way home!He cant swim!If people are in need of help, how to help them?(1)(2)(4)(3)He is hurt by the car!</p></li><li><p>Language points1. What can we do for the children in poor areas?poor areas 2. We can send some to them.send sth. to sb = send sb. sth. He sent some clothes to the children in poor areas yesterday.</p></li><li><p>3. Some families are not even able to pay for pens and notebooks.be able to do sth. = can + VCan she carry the box</p><p>___ they ___ ___ ___ ___ to my birthday party.</p><p> pay for sth. .4. We can raise some money for them to buy these things.raise money for . I paid 300yuan for the bike .300=___ be she able to ___ the box?</p></li><li><p>... believe it or not look out plant trees clean up the park give a seat to someone an old peoples home in poor areas pay for raise money for be able to do sth.</p></li><li><p>1. Look! The bird is f_____ high in the sky.2.People ______ trees in spring every year.3. Its good to give a s____ to someone on the bus.4. I like c________ stamps ()5. She has a great _______ () in maths.6. We should be polite to the _______()7. Be c_____ when you cross the road.8. Well raise money for Project H______. lyingplanteatollectingabilityelderlyarefulope</p></li><li><p>1._____ you ______ _____. ____ I _____.2.Well ______ ______ ____ Project Hope.3He is ______ ___ ____ ____ someone.4.The students of Class 3 _______ ___ _____ _____ ___ ________ yesterday.5.They _______ ____ the playground_____ the sports meeting.</p><p>Canplant treesNocantcollect things forgiving a seat tovisited a Homefor the elderlycleaned upafter</p></li><li><p>Homework: Review what we learnt today.Preview the reading A Brave Young Man.</p></li></ul>