Unit 5 Abilities Comic strip & Welcome to the unit

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  • Unit 5AbilitiesComic strip & Welcome to the unit

  • ability n.Whats your ability?=What can you do?

  • She can clean the room.

    He can play football.

    He can swim.

    He can play tennis.Whats her/his ability?

  • Be careful

  • superman

  • fat and lazy fly?

  • Questions:1 Is Eddie a superdog?2 Can he fly ?3 What does Hobo say when Eddie wants to fly ?4 Why does Hobo say that ?5 What happened to Eddie?

  • Im Superdog, Hobo!How coolI can fly!Be careful, Eddie!See. You cant fly, Eddie.

  • collect exercise bookscollectthe elderly=the old peoplea home for the elderly

  • A home for the elderlyLiving in the home for the elderlyVisiting a home for the elderlyDancing for the elderlySinging for the elderly

  • Helping Hands Club

  • 1helping an old man

  • 2Planting trees

  • Giving a seat to a woman on the bus3

  • 4Visiting a home for the elderly

  • 5Collecting things for Project Hope

  • 6Cleaning up the park

  • ( 1 )( 3 )( 6 )( 4 )( 2 )( 5 )

  • When or where can we help others?

  • She cant cook !She is ill!He cant find his way home!He cant swim!Discuss how to help them.(1)(2)(4)(3)

  • What ability does Millie have?

  • Millies speech Hello! My name is Millie. Im pretty and helpful. I can do many things. I can swim. I can sing. And I can make kites , too. If you need help , I will be happy to help you. Thank you.

  • A short speechSay something about yourself. (1) your name(2) your ability(3) your personality ()(4) If you would like to help others

  • 1..He often____________to the ______on the bus.2..We go to _____ the __________ the elderly every year.3..Miss zhang ____________ the office every day .4..People always___________ in spring.5..The students wants to_______________________________.gives his seat elderlyvisithome forcleans upplant treesdo something for Project Hope.

  • 1.Read the text and learn the all new words by heart.2.Homework