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    UNIT 3 COURIER Fostering Community Spirit Through Positive Communication

    Volume 21, Issue 1, January 2016, Mainlands of Tamarac by the Gulf Unit 3 Website www.mainlands.org

    Editor, Peter Cunningham, 727-592-9715 or mainlands@comcast.net

    Mainlands Cable TV info channel 732 (w/HD cable box) or 98.1 (w/o box)


    Sunday, January 17, 7pm

    Tickets $3 at Kaffee Klatch on Thursdays, 8:30am

    BYO Everything. Featuring Mid Century Music (from the 50s and 60s)

    Soda jerks, poodle skirts, pink glasses, DA haircuts welcome

    Beside the Clubhouse there is a well orga-

    nized building used for storing many seasonal

    items and medical appliances. There are

    wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, and canes for

    your use should you need them. Barbara

    Konvicka (pictured) is the current administra-

    tor for these items. Also, if you have applianc-

    es that you no longer need, give Barb a call,

    571-3104, to see if there is a need for them in

    the supply room.

    UP ON THE SIDEWALK, NO, NO, NO. A refreshing walk on

    the sidewalks in Unit 3 should be simple and straightforward.

    Alas, someone out for a stroll instead has to dodge parked cars

    and service trucks that plainly have no place

    within the sidewalk. These intrusions on pedes-

    trian space dont just rudely place vehicles within

    a space that should be safe for our residents,

    they can structurally damage sidewalks that

    arent meant to bear the weight of multi-ton cars

    and trucks. Parking on sidewalks is prohibited.

    Please refrain from doing this and respectfully

    request guests and vendors working on your

    property to please park in the street. Thank you.


    Happy New Year to all residents of Unit 3. De-cember was a very busy month. With so many activities and parties to attend, it was difficult to choose where to go first. The Board has been very busy with day to day duties and several even found time to attend an HOA Seminar and Trade Show. Classes were offered so that Board mem-bers can increase their knowledge and be in-formed of any new laws that may affect the com-


    There will be a Board Meeting in the Clubhouse on Thursday, January 21, 2016, at 7 pm. The attendance at the November meeting was terrific and wed like to have attendance like that at all our meetings. This is your opportunity to see and hear how the Board conducts the business of the community. Please mark your calendar and join us. Look for the agenda to be posted on the bulletin board. Refreshments will also be served, courtesy of the Social Club. Once again, have a happy and healthy 2016.


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    SOCIAL CLUB Barbara Konvicka, President

    Happy New Year. Enjoyed a great cele-bration at the New Year Eve Party, had a full house, great food, good music and dancing. The hall was beautifully deco-rated. Thank you to all who made it pos-sible and thank you for coming. And thank you, Debbie Krumreich, for plan-ning the Sound of Music outing. She will

    be planning other things for us to enjoy here in Unit 3. If you have any ideas for activities you would like us to look into, please contact any member of the Social Club board. 2016 is going to be busy in Unit 3; there is something for everyone as all our groups are busy planning activi-ties. For starters, the Social Club is sponsoring

    "Happy Times - At The Hop" on January 17th at 7pm. $3 admission; right out of the 50s. Peter Cunningham and committee is organizing this dance party. Peter has lots of mid century 50s and 60s music to share. There will be a few intermission activities with interest-ing prizes; such as an assortment of free tickets to se-lected future Unit 3 events. In fact, as an incentive for our new residents (as of January 2015), we are offer-ing free admission to The Hop. Come to KK to pick up your free tickets or call Terrie Magyar at 560-0422. The Social Club is your Club. As a resident of Unit 3, you are a member of the Social Club. We have a very diverse neighborhood with wide-ranging experiences. Share your ideas with the Board to keep our activities fresh.

    WOMENS CLUB Deb Engstrom, President

    Our next meeting will be a Victorian tea par-ty held on Friday, January 15th at noon. It is suggested that you wear a hat, as there will be a hat contest, and bring a teacup if you have one. Later this month we will be having lunch in the outdoor garden patio of Sweet Sage

    Cafe in North Redington Beach. There will be a chance to shop in their gift shop/boutique. For those who choose to stop, we will visit the Seabird Sanctuary on the way home. Car pools will be formed accordingly. (Date & time to be determined)

    MENS CLUB Collin Simpson, President In December, thanks to great crews, our Appreciation Dinner and Pancake Breakfast were big successes. Many thanks to each one of you who partic-ipated. Now, as we recuperate from the Yuletide season, we look forward to our visit to the Tampa Bay Auto-mobile Museum at 10 am, January

    14, following Kaffee Klatch. Be sure to sign up at the Clubhouse for the museum, as well as our reg-ular January meeting scheduled at 6pm the same day. Busy, busy day! I'll See you there.


    We are done alphabetizing the books! Now that

    the Holidays are over, we will have time to reor-

    ganize things to best utilize our new shelving.

    Also, don't forget that we have games and puz-

    zles for those holiday guests. Thanks for your

    patience. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas

    and have a Happy New Year.

    BINGO Flo Guimond

    Remember January 16th is the

    Super Bingo. Tickets on sale at

    KK, $20. Doors open 10:30am,

    lunch 11:30, games begin 12

    noon. Come out and have some

    fun. Happy and Healthy New

    Year to everyone.

    BLOCK GENERAL Sis Manhard

    A warm wel-come to our new resi-dents . If you are a new resident and have not received the

    Dial Directories Mainlands of Tamarac yellow phone book, please give me a call at 561-7634 and I will bring you one. Thank you, Sis

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    Unit 3 Free Movie Night Wednesday, January 13, 7pm

    The Intern 70-year-old widower Ben Whit-taker has discovered that retire-

    ment isn't all it's cracked up to be. Seizing an opportunity to get back in the game, he becomes a senior

    intern at an online fashion site, founded and run by Jules Ostin.

    Robert De Niro, Anne Hatha-way, Rene Russo |

    PG-13, Comedy

    Free popcorn and soda

    WALKING CLUB Elaine Wright

    The Walking Club has started up again a little slower because of the Holidays, but I feel sure that we will have better turn-outs in January. The regulars that are there almost every week, thank you, they know who they are, and as a group we are always open to more people that enjoy walking both for health and nature. Sometimes a stop is made for lunch at a local place after walk-ing. Following is the schedule for January hope to see

    you on the trails.

    January 5 - 930am - Ft De Soto Park, Tierra Verde

    January 12 - 930am - Ft De Soto Park, Tierra Verde

    January 19 - 930am - Gulfport and Osgood Point/ Clam Bayou Nature Park

    January 26 - 930am - Gulfport and Osgood Point/ Clam Bayou Nature Park

    Beware of unsolicited phone calls offering to fix your computer. They

    are a hoax. The caller usually claims

    to know that there is a problem in your

    computer, and sometimes claims to be

    from a large, well known computer

    manufacturer. They are slick talkers.

    Dont engage them in conversation,

    just hang up.

    SOUPER BOWL Deb Engstrom

    As the New year be-

    gins and many of

    us begin to think

    about the upcoming

    Super Bowl party, let

    us also think about

    those less fortu-

    nate. During the entire month of

    January, up until Super

    Bowl Sunday, February 7th, we will

    be having a "SOUP-ER" bowl can

    collection. It will be focused on col-

    lecting cans of "SOUP", but all

    canned goods will be

    accepted. This is be-

    ing coordinated thru

    the St. Pete free clinic

    who feeds 40,000 in-

    dividuals a month,

    and provides food to

    community kitchens,

    food pantries, missions, residential

    programs, child care centers, wom-

    en's shelters, family shelters and

    more. Watch for special collection

    barrels. Deb


    Will be held as long as the tempera-

    ture is greater than 60 degrees. Times

    are Tuesday at 9:30am and

    Thursday at 10am.

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    3965 101st Terrace Shiela & Joe Pierce

    3805 98th Avenue Karen Pirone

    3740 Mainlands Blvd. Suely & Barry Mucido

    2 sets of sliding mirrored doors. 24 1/2 x 78. There are 4 doors; 2 sets that will fit a closet opening. $25 per

    set. 727 578-3690

    2-folding camp/golf spectator canvas seats with carrying

    case. $15. Call Jan - 727 572-0779.

    2-year old white Samsung above the stove microwave $45. Call Bill

    Maglione at 603-321-5266.

    Pilates Exercise Chair w/CD & Wall Poster. 31"Dx23"Hx25"W. Was

    $300. $50. 727.540.0474



    Maggie Ploesser, Deb Engstrom, and

    Terri Magyar entered Maggies golf cart