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Read this article to know the different types of astrology and their features. Visit website to know more information.


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Types of astrology

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introductionVedic Astrology is a science of the ancient ages in India, popularly known as Jyotish and understood as the Knowledge of Light or the Soul of Light. It is a study of behavior of spirits or souls under the light of different celestial luminous bodies like the moveable Planets and the fixed Constellations in the sky.

Antiquity of Vedic astrology

Vedic astrology is a part of the Vedas that were orally transmitted through the ages by the sages to their disciples. The oral tradition of Vedic astrology is said to have begun with sage Vashishta that was compiled into a text called Brihad Parasara Hora Shastra by Sage Parasara.

Popular types of Vedic astrology

Electional or Muhurta Astrology: It is a branch of astrology in which an astrologer finds the time when the planetary energies are supportive of any event or particular happenings.

When an individual is about to take an important decision or become a part of important happening such as marriage, buying a property, starting a new business and so on, they consult astrologers to know about the time or the opportune moment when his or her planetary energies will be supportive of such an occurrence in life. It is also known as event astrology.

Electional Astrology studies the important elements that include Star or Nakshatra - Nakshatras are the 27 divisions recognized by the ancient Indian astronomers. Each of the Nakshatras covers 13 degrees and 20 minutes of the zodiac.

Tithi or the Lunar day - Tithi is a phase among the 15 phases of Moon.

Yoga Union of planetary energies creates Yoga. There are 27 Yogas when specific beneficial energies are created.

Nadi AstrologyNadi Astrology sheds light on the story of a Soul's journey. It relates about a persons past, present and future. Nadi astrology emerged out of the prophecies of the enlightened sages in India, thousands of years ago. These prophecies were in the form of poetic songs written in Ancient Tamil script.

Interrogatory Astrology or PrasnaIt is a branch of astrology in which an astrologer has to study birth-chart of an individual based on the question of the individual. So the astrologer has to predict about an event for a particular time. An individual may approach an astrologer to find out which is the right time to work on a new project or what is the right time to celebrate the wedding ceremony of their daughter, or when problems between her and her husband will diffuse.

Natal Astrology It is a branch of astrology that studies birth-charts of individuals to know how the planets influence the nature of the person and how planets will rule his/her destiny.

Divine Astrology or Vishnu MayaVishnu Maya or Angel Reading is an esoteric science practiced by enlightened masters who have been blessed by the sages or siddhas of Palani, a district in the state of Tamil Nadu. These masters acquire the divine power to communicate with the angels and seek their guidance to ease others from sufferings. The Siddhas of Palini undergo 12 years rigorous training to become the perfect messenger of the divine.

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