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Step-by-step guide to setting up Tweetdeck


  • 1. The How to Guide JH Training Services


  • TweetDeck is the leading browser for the real-time and social web, allowing users to connect with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace.

JH Training Services 3.

  • You will need to download Adobe Air.

JH Training Services 4.

  • After installing you will see a screen where you can link your Twitter and Facebook pages

JH Training Services 5.

  • Click on the Add Twitter Account
  • Type in your Twitter username and password
  • Press Submit to validate your account

Step Two JH Training Services 6.

  • You will see the Get Started page.
  • You can go through the help screen, or click Get Started
  • If you do not want to see this screen again, un check the box Show welcome screen at startup

JH Training Services 7. Compose Update (toggle Switch) Opens Input Box Add Column Quick Profile Refresh Multi or Single Column View Settings Support Logout Move Column Left or Right Show what is Popular in this Column Filter Mark all as Seen Clear Seen Updates Clear All Click to see profile Click to go Web Site Hashtag Input Box Add other accounts, ie Facebook JH Training Services 8.

  • If you mouse over a Profile picture, you can
    • Retweet
    • Reply
    • Direct Message
    • Other Actions
      • Tweet
        • Reply all
        • Reference To
        • Favourite
        • Email Tweet
        • Translate / Un Translate
        • Mark as Read
        • Delete
      • User
        • Add to Group/list
        • Follow / Un Follow
        • View Profile
        • Search
        • Block / Block and Report

JH Training Services 9.

  • You can add a list by clicking on the Round + button at the top left

Search any tweets Select Existing Groups/List or create a new one Core Group Selection (Trends) (Short Videos) (Stocks) If you have more than one account JH Training Services 10.

  • Once you create a list you can edit the list by clicking on the name at the top of the column.

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