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  • Orange Countys

    Transportation Planning and Multimodal Corridor Plan

    Presentation to UCF LIFE

    November 11, 2014

    Alissa Barber Torres, Ph.D., AICP, PLS

    Orange County Transportation Planning Division

  • Presentation Outline

    Orange Countys Transportation Network

    Mobility Planning

    Pedestrian Safety

    Multimodal Corridor Plan

  • Transportation Network

    Orange Countys network includes:

    2,835 miles of roadways

    1,671 retention ponds

    2,800 miles of sidewalks Build 10 to 16 miles of new sidewalk annually

    Repair 15 to 30 miles of sidewalk annually

  • Transportation Network

    Orange Countys network includes:

    104,650 traffic signs

    569 traffic signals

    220 miles of fiber optic cable for signals

    290 school beacons and 85 flashing beacons

    50 midblock crossings

    New speed feedback signs

  • Transportation Network

    Transportation projects in Orange County have several sources:

    Orange County Capital Improvements Program

    - Funded by impact fees, gas taxes, state/federal grants

    Florida Department of Transportation Work Program - Regional prioritization through MetroPlan Orlando

    Public-private partnerships

  • Transportation Network

  • Transportation Network

    Need to report a pothole, traffic concern,

    or sidewalk repair?

    Contact Orange Countys 311 system - Dial 311 for customer service coordinator

    - Visit the 311 website for requests or live chat

    - Download the 311 app for Apple or Android

    - Can receive report on progress

    - Can also report anonymously

  • Mobility Planning

    Planning for both current and future needs Comprehensive Plan

    - Goals, objectives, and policies for transportation/land use - Long Range Transportation Plan identifies needs

    Orange County Code - Subdivision regulations

    - Impact fees

    Concurrency Management System - Database ensures roadway capacity available

    - Code requires concurrent with new development

  • Mobility Planning

  • Public-Private Partnership Agreements Sand Lake Road

    John Young Pkwy Interchange

    SR 50/SR 436 Interchange

    SR 417/Valencia College Lane

    SR 528/Innovation Way

    Mobility Planning

  • Public/Private Partnership Agreements Enable private sector land donations and/or construction of

    roadways for impact fee credits

    Over $250M in approved agreements

    Calendar Year # Approved by RAC

    # Approved by BCC

    Value of BCC Approved

    2009 23 19 $4,936,824.84

    2010 16 11 $4,020,025.00

    2011 18 12 $8,506,285.00

    2012 21 17 $3,404,690.00

    2013 15 $74,095,823.95*

    Mobility Planning

  • Roadway Conceptual Analysis for Corridors New roadways/roadway changes

    Community input

    Preliminary design

    Rights of way/Retention areas

    Social/environmental analysis

    Land use

    Mobility Planning

  • Agency Coordination/Plan Review Central Florida Expressway Authority: Wekiva

    Parkway, BeachLine, SR 417

    Osceola County Expressway Authority: Osceola Parkway Extension, North Ranch

    Florida Department of Transportation: I-4 Ultimate Improvements, SR 50, Sand Lake Road

    Mobility Planning

  • GIS Roadway mapping

    Sidewalk inventory


    State/Local Agency Partnerships Intersections

    Review major road improvements

    Federal grants/State grants


    Mobility Planning

  • Mobility Planning

    Goal to have transportation better reflect land use

    Transportation plan historically roadway-focused

    2011 legislation removed state mandates

    Develop and implement a different approach More urban, multimodal, safer for pedestrians/bicyclists

  • Mobility Planning

    Orange County Transportation Element of Comprehensive Plan

    Multimodal roadways, connectivity


    Alternative Mobility Area (Concurrency Exception)

    Projects that Promote Public Transportation (Concurrency Exception)

    Recent Zoning Code updates Pedestrian connectivity standards for development

    Enhanced bicycle parking

  • Mobility Reviews of Proposed Development

    Determine availability of transit service

    using LYNX data

    Assess availability of bus shelters, sidewalks, bicycle routes and other facilities, such as park and ride lots

    Identify gaps in multimodal network

    Mobility Planning

  • Jan. 1, 2006-April 14, 2014

    Pedestrian Safety

    Metro Orlando tops the list of most dangerous areas to walk this year

  • Pedestrian/Bicycle Crashes Jan. 1, 2006-April 14, 2014

    4,013 total crashes

    3,288 injuries (82%)

    219 fatalities (5.4%)

    472 crashes in the dark (12%)

    593 crashes aggressive/distracted driving (14.8%)

    301 crashes drugs/alcohol (7.5%)

    Source: Signal Four crash database, University of Florida

    Source: Signal Four Analytics Crash Database, Accessed April 18, 2014.

    Pedestrian Safety

  • New Pedestrian Safety Program

    Pedestrian Safety Action Plan

    Interim Targeted Corridor Evaluations based on crash data (Pine Hills)

    Public Outreach

    Partnerships with Regional Agencies

    FDOT, MetroPlan, LYNX

    Best Foot Forward

    Pedestrian Safety

  • Multimodal Corridor Plan

    Make key State/County corridors more multimodal

    Create Year 2040 network designed to leverage limited available funding

    Coordinated plan to make investments

    add most value

    Now can fund operational (non-widening)

    road projects with impact fees

    Use road maintenance/resurfacing to add bike lanes, other features

  • Multimodal Corridor Plan

  • Multimodal Corridor Plan

    Organized by Theme:






  • Multimodal Corridor Plan

    Phase 1

    Plan document addresses safety and planning needs

    Based on extensive technical analysis

    Analysis of County and specific corridors

    Understand trends and potential solutions to support balanced network

  • Multimodal Corridor Plan

    Safety Theme

    Analysis of crash data, intersections,

    posted speeds

    Complete Streets guidelines/ corridor review

    ADA assessment

    Pedestrian safety strategies

  • Technology Theme

    Fiber optics and adaptive signals

    Red light safety cameras

    Beacons / traffic control technologies

    Pedestrian/bicycle data collection

    Multimodal trip planning for real-time travel information

    Multimodal Corridor Plan

  • Multimodal Corridor Plan

    Amenity Theme

    Recreational trails / Trails Master Plan

    Multiuse path network


    Bikesharing / carsharing MPO Bike Sharing Working Group

  • Livability Theme

    Land use and placemaking Orange Avenue

    University Boulevard

    Lighting, landscaping, and streetscape

    Road diet analysis

    High quality transit areas

    Multimodal Corridor Plan

  • Multimodal Corridor Plan

    Economy Theme

    Potential Multimodal Focus Areas International Drive


    Major employment clusters

    Freight mapping and analysis

    Revenue constraints

    Public-private partnerships

  • Multimodal Corridor Plan

    Phase 1 Implementation

    Public Works ADA Compliance Initiative

    Multimodal Sand Lake Road Roadway Conceptual Analysis

    Road Safety Audit for Texas-Americana

    New Pedestrian Safety Program

    Freight-related roadway projects to regional/state freight plans

  • Multimodal Corridor Plan

    Phase II Development

    Creating multimodal 2040 network

    Based on MPO 2040 LRTP projects and projected funding

    Modeling and cost projections

    Refining transportation-land use

    performance measures

  • Multimodal Corridor Plan

    Phase III Development

    Identify individual corridors for multimodal transition

    Determine funding sources/options

    Orange County Complete Streets Policy

    Develop concurrency alternatives

    Guidance for transportation impact fee update


  • Orange County Sustainability Plan Forthcoming Sustainable Land

    Development Code Land use context Street standards

    MetroPlan Orlandos 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan State projects Funding projections

    Forthcoming FDOT Complete Streets standards

    Multimodal Corridor Plan

  • Orange Countys

    Transportation Planning and Multimodal Corridor Plan

    Presentation to UCF LIFE

    November 11, 2014

    Alissa Barber Torres, Ph.D., AICP, PLS

    Orange County Transportation Planning Division


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