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Submitted to Vice-Chancellor Office of the Professor and Head, Dept. Of Physical Sciences and Information technology, Agrl.Engg.College & Res.Instt., Coimbatore-3 NO.HDPS&IT/SAS Training To Staff/Permission/10 dated 24-08-10 Sir, Sub: Training in Statistical Software SAS to Scientists of TNAU -Permission to conduct Training - requested

A NAIP research project on Strengthening Statistical Computing for NARS Scientists is in operation at this Department. As a part of the project, recently two staff members of this Department, namely Dr.C.R.Ranganathan, Professor of Mathematics and Selvi.R.Gangai Selvi, Assistant Professor of Statistics were deputed by the University to undergo training in SAS for one month (from 28th June to 2nd August, 2010) at NAARM, Hyderabad. They have successfully completed the training. ICAR has provided licensed SAS software to TNAU for strengthening Statistical Computing at TNAU. Accordingly, the software has been installed in 35 desktops at Computer Lab of this Department. The main objective of this training is to conduct similar trainings at respective Institutions by the trainees. Hence, it is proposed to conduct a training programme in SAS: Data Analysis using SAS to Scientists of TNAU. The duration of the training will be 5 days (Monday to Friday) and it is proposed to conduct the training in 5 batches with an intake of 25-30 Scientists per batch. So, about 125 to 150 Scientists will be trained in SAS initially. The training will be useful to all Assistant Professors and Associate Professors in analyzing the project data and interpreting the results statistically. The training will emphasise more on practical application of SAS and hands on sessions. After the training, the SAS package will be installed in the laptops available with the office to which the Scientists belong. The actual dates of the trainings for the 5 batches will be finalised later after obtaining permission from the University. For the benefit of the participants, this Department has prepared a manual on SAS hands on session and its will released in the first training programme.

The expenditure for conducting the training programme in 5 batches will be around Rs.1.5 lakhs with Rs.30, 000 per batch which includes training kit, refreshments and working lunch to the participants. The break-up details are provided below: Estimated expenditure per batch:1. Training Kit including training manual and stationery 2. Food (Including refreshments and working lunch) 3. Miscellaneous

: Rs.10000 : Rs.18,000 : Rs.2,000 : Rs.30, 000


Total estimated expenditure for 5 training programmes : Rs.1, 50,000 The T.A. and D.A. for the participants have to be met from the Scheme in which the Scientists are working. ICAR has not allotted any funds (either recurring or non-recurring) for the project Strengthening Statistical Computing for NARS Scientists. Hence Director of Research who is the Nodal Officer for NAIP projects is requested to provide the above funds for organising the training programme in 5 batches. Upon approval of the above proposal, nominations will be invited from all the University Officers/Heads of Research Stations to nominate the Scientists (maximum two Scientists per batch) and the selection will be done on first cum first served basis. The list of trainees will be finalized by Director of Research and Dean (Engg) and approved by ViceChancellor. Request Orders

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