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Download Trafficking, Smuggling and Illicit Migration in   1  Trafficking, Smuggling and Illicit Migration in Historical Perspective Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities, London, June 18-20, 2015 Sponsored by the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities, the Economic History Society

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    Trafficking, Smuggling and Illicit Migration in Historical Perspective

    Birkbeck Inst i tute for the Humanit i es , London, June 18-20, 2015

    Sponsored by the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities, the Economic History Society, Birkbeck Department of History, Classics and Archaeology, Birkbeck Department of Law, and the University of Sydney Laureate Research Programme in International History

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    Thursday, 18 June

    11:00-1:00 Registration

    Lunch on your own

    1:00 Opening remarks

    1:30-2:45 Panel 1: Girl Traffic, White Slaves, and Circulating Narratives: Civil Society Discourses and Activism

    Chair: TBC

    Unwelcome Departures? Foreign Jews, British Jews, and Sex Trafficking in an Age of Mass Migration, 1899 1910 by Rachel Attwood (Sussex)

    The Concept of Mdchenhandel in Imperial Germany by Stephanie Skier (University of Michigan)

    White Slavery Activism, Law Reform and Constructing the Ideal Victim in England, 1885-1912 by Laura Lammasniemi (Birbeck College)

    2:45-3:15 Coffee

    3:15-4:45 Panel 2: Conceptual and Methodological Challenges of Historical Trafficking

    Chair: TBC

    A View from the Russian Archives: Can the Trafficked Subaltern Speak by Philippa Hetherington (University of Sydney)

    The Jazz Singer: Microhistory and the International Traffic in Women by Paul Knepper (Sheffield)

    Contested History, Contested Field by Petra de Vries (Amsterdam)

    6:00 Conference Dinner for speakers

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    9:00-10:30 Panel 3: Tracing Trafficking Networks from Eastern Europe and Beyond

    Chair: TBC

    Prostitution, Illicit Migration, and White Slaving on the Austrian Riviera by Nancy M. Wingfield (Northern Illinois University)

    Trafficking, Smuggling, and Illicit Migration in Hashemite Iraq by Elizabeth Bishop (Texas State University)

    Sex Trafficking and Labour Migration: Genesis of a Panic in Eastern Europe by Keeley Stauter-Halstead (University of Illinois at Chicago)

    10:30-10:45 Coffee

    10:45-12:15 Panel 4: International Governance: Views from Geneva

    Chair: Jessica Pliley

    From the Dance Halls of Marseilles to the Brothels of Rio: American Women and the League of Nations Enquiry into the Traffic in Women and Children by Eva Payne (Harvard University)

    Debates on Prostitution and the Traffic in Women in International Organizations and Transnational NGOS (1945-1985) Sonja Dolinsek (University of Erfurt, Germany)

    Female Emigrants, Domestic Workers, and Sexual Danger: The International Labor Organization and the Trafficked Woman by Eileen Boris (University of California Santa Barbara)

    12:15-1:15 Lunch

    1:15-3:15 Panel 5: Implementing Anti-Sex Trafficking Laws: Adventures in State Building

    Chair Julia Laite

    Abolition and Immigration Restriction: The Deportation of Japanese Karayuki-san from Australia in the First Half of the 20th Century by Julia Martinez (University of Wollongong)

    Lessons of Enforcement: The FBI, the White Slave Traffic Act, and Any Other Immoral Purpose by Jessica R. Pliley (Texas State University)

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    Le HavreBuenos Aires: The White Slave Trade and Transatlantic Female Migration by Kate Marsh (University of Liverpool)

    Gatecrashers or Gatekeepers? The Role of Shipping Companies in Circumventing and Enforcing Migration Laws, 1882 1929 by Torsten Feys (FWO/Ghent University)

    3:15-3:30 Coffee

    3:30-5:00 Panel 6: Marriage and Illicit Migration

    Chair: TBC

    White Slave Wives and Jewish Husbands on the Road to Buenos Aires: Jewish Marriage and Migration Strategies in the Interwar Sex Traffic Battles by Mir Yarfitz (Wake Forest University)

    Marriages of Convenience in 1930s Britain by Julia Laite (University of London, Birkbeck)

    Fictitious Marriage as Illicit Strategy to Escape the Nazi Regime by Irene Messinger (University of Vienna)

    5:00-6:00 Panel 7: Tracing Clandestine Networks

    Chair: TBC

    Polish Illegal Migration into the Soviet Union: A View from Soviet Secret Police Files by Maria Blackwood (Harvard University)

    The Actors of the Portuguese Illegal Migration to France between 1957 and 1974 by Victor Pereira (Universit de Pau et des Pays de lAdour)

    6.00-8.00 Catered Wine Reception sponsored by the University of Sydney Laureate Research Programme in International History

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    9:30-11:00 Panel 8: Smuggling & Sex Work

    Chair: TBC

    Selling Sex in Saint Petersburg in the Middle of the 18th Century by Ira Rodulgina (Higher School of Economics)

    Human Trafficking in the American West: The Importation of Females in Bulk by Jean Pfaelzer (University of Delaware)

    Trafficking and the High Class Sex Trade in Mid-Nineteenth Century London by Pamela Cox (University of Essex) & Amanda Wilkinson (University of Essex)

    11:00-11:15 Coffee

    11:15-12:15 Panel 9: Beyond Trafficking: Gender, Culture, and Illicit Migration in the Recent Past

    Chair: Genevieve LaBaron

    Evidence that Evidence Doesnt Matter: Contemporary and Historical Analysis of Human Trafficking in Canada by Ann De Shalit (Ryerson University, Toronto) & Katrin Roots (York University, Toronto)

    Disappeared and Indeterminate: Human Trafficking, Globalized Populations, and Acting Otherwise at Europes Limit by Jacqueline Berman (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe)

    12:15-1:15 Lunch

    1:15-2:45 Panel 10: Slavery, Trafficking, and Smuggling: Crossing Conceptual Borders

    Chair: TBC

    Reverse-trafficking: The Underground Railroad as an Early Example of Human Rights Activism by Faith Marchal (Birkbeck College)

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    Supplicants and Savoirs: The History and Legacies of Anti-Slavery Activism in Africa by Joel Quirk (University of the Witwatersrand)

    The Rhetorical Conflation of Trafficking and Slavery in the Context of Securitization by Deliana Popova (University of Hamburg)

    2:45-Collect coffee and move into workshops

    2:45-4:15 WORKSHOPS:

    Divide into three 'theme' groups for discussion of panels

    Theme 1: Enforcement, networks, and experience Workshop Faci l i tator : Jul ia Laite

    Theme 2: Challenging conceptual boundaries Workshop Faci l i tator : Jess i ca Pi le ly

    Theme 3: Creating knowledge, forming opinion and making law Workshop Faci l i tators : Phi l ippa Hether ington and Laura Lammasniemi

    4:15-5:00 Final discussion/roundup/future directions




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