tr2600 hf ssb transceiver - .the tr2600 hf ssb transceiver is a mil-spec transceiver ... - e-mail

Download TR2600 HF SSB Transceiver - .The TR2600 HF SSB Transceiver is a MIL-SPEC transceiver ... - E-Mail

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TR2600HF SSB Transceiver

The TR2600 forms part of SSGs Tactical HF communication product range which was designed to meet the operational requirements of the modern digital battlefield. Environmental and electromagnetic compliance is based on MIL-STD-810E and MIL-STD-461C respectively.

The TR2600 uses Micro/DSP technology that allows configuration flexibility and an upgrade path.

The TR2600 provides the user with up to date features for Base Station and Maritime installations.

The TR2600 with its built in co-location filter provides the user with the capability to operate multiple transceivers in a co-located environment.

The TR2600 when deployed with its external power amplifier provides the user with a 400W system capability.



The TR2600 HF SSB Transceiver is a MIL-SPEC transceiver that can be deployed as a 125W system or as a 400W system when deployed with a 400W Power Amplifier and Antenna Tuning Unit.

The TR2600 system forms an effective base station and can be configured with a data terminal and a printer to implement command, control and information links.

MIL-STD-188-141B ALE with a quick set-up option simplifies operator tasks.

ECCM capability is provide in all operational modes (Voice, Digital Voice, Data and Data Link mode.)

Error free, data transfer in a network environment is ensured by using the Stanag 5066 data link protocol.

The TR2600 together with its internal telephone interface (TIM) provides an automatic connection between analogue telephone systems and the HF base station transceiver.

The TR2600 features high reliability and the modular construction facilitates repair and a low MTTR.

TR2600 Configuration 125 Watt output with no external PA requirement 400 Watt output with an external PA connected Built in Co-location filter for multiple radio installations Built in power factor corrected AC power supply

- DC Battery backup should mains failTwo antenna ports (dedicated TX and dedicated RX) Telephone Interface (TIM)

- Analogue Telephone & Group 3 FAX Software applications provide the following:

- E-Mail- File transfer- Blue force tracking


125W Transceiver Data

- MIL-STD-188-110A serial tone (2400bps modem)- STANAG 4285 (2400bps modem)- STANAG 4415 (75bps robust modem)- Tone Excision Filtering

Data Link Protocol (DLP) - STANAG 5066- Internal ARQ SMS

VOCODER (Digital Voice)- 2400bps- 800bps

Selective Calling ALE MIL-STD-188-141B ECCM Frequency Hopping

- Voice- Data- DLP- Digital Voice- User defined hopping

Encryption- User downloadable encryption algorithm

Analogue Voice Scrambling (AVS) Digital voice security Internal Co-location Filters Telephone Interface

- Analogue Telephone- Group 3 FAX

Digital squelch Ease of operation

- Channelized operation (99 channels)- Graphic display- Ease of maintenance - modular construction- Built-in diagnostics to modular level- Software upgrades downloadable via the back panel- High MTBF- Low MTTR

400W Transceiver option available with External PA



Ruggedized 400W Tuner


Antenna Tuning Units

- Ruggedized 125W Whip Tuner

- Ruggedized 400W Whip Tuner

- Ruggedized 400W Submarine Whip Tuner


- 7.7m Marine Whip Antenna

- 5m Sectional Whip Antenna

- 125W Wide Band Antenna

- 400W Wide Band Antenna

- Log Periodic Antenna


- Lead Acid - Backup Battery

Mounting Frames

- 19 Rack 125W Transceiver

- 19 Rack 400W System

- Rugged Transport Cases

Power Amplifiers

- 400W Power Amplifier with line flatner

- 400W Power Amplifier

Ruggedized 125W Tuner

125W Transceiver Configuration

400W System Configuration

TR2600 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Saab Systems Grintek - A division of Saab Grintek Defence (Pty) Ltd185 Witch Hazel AvenueHighveld Technopark


Republic of South Africa

Tel: +27 (0) 12 671 4500Fax: +27 (0) 12 671 4511

Our policy is one of continuous improvement and consequently the equipment may vary in detail from this description. Furthermore, we reserve the right to change this specification without notice. Refer to the customer specification for detailed product specifications.


Frequency Range 1.6MHz to 29.99999MHz

Frequency Resolution 10Hz


99 pre-set channels selectable from the Front PanelChannels are Front Panel or PC Programmable

Operating ModesUSB and LSB (J3E)CW (A1A) (J2A) AM (H3E)

Frequency Stability 1ppm over temperature range

Power Supply

Base Station Deployment: Variable between 90V AC to 265V AC RMS single phase47Hz to 63Hz and 380Hz to 420Hz

Standby DC Input: 20V to 32V DC

ProtectionAntenna Output Battery Terminals Static Discharge

BITAll modulesAudio and visual alarms

Power Consumption Transmit High Power: 450VA

Receive SSB


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