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2. Would you like to passyour exams with flying colours ?Then follow these tips. 3. VocabularyTip -- , to pass an exam with flying colours - to prioritise - no to interrupt - key - , structured - , confident - to be distracted - background reading - [ , ..)to take in , weighty - , to avoid - marathon - to digest - drug - side effect - to prescribe - caffeine - incredible - , 4. 1. Get organised: make out a revisiontimetable for yourself (the earlier you doit the better). If you organise your timeproperly, the results will be much better.2. Prioritise your topics.3. Put all your notes (or books) into somekind of order. 5. 4. Warn your family and friends that youare serious: they shouldnt interrupt yourstudies.5. If you come across any key points writethem on separate pieces of paper.Remember that as long as you approachyour exams in a calm and structuredway, youll feel more confident aboutwhat you are doing. 6. 6. If you find it difficult to concentrate,dont study at home where you will beeasily distracted: go to your libraryinstead. 7. 7. Go with your body clock!There is a bio-logical rhythm for learning andits dif-ferent for different people. For most of us, the best plan is to take in newinfor-mation in the morning. But this doesnt apply to everyone. So if youare slow in the morning, use that time to dosome background reading. Do the weightier work in the afternoon. 8. 8. Avoid learning marathons the brainneeds time to digest what has been learnt.The time for this is 5 to 10 minutes.So take regular breaks.9. During the break it is important to exercise the rightside of the brain, because the left side is used duringthe learning period.You should relax in some way. Listening to music, breathing in fresh air, or lookingat a picture are all ways of using the other side of thebrain. 9. 10. If you dont like to study alone, do it with a friend. Company makes the process more interestingand less stressful.Other people may help you understand something thatyou dont.11. Eat well! Have a proper meal rather than snacks. 10. 12. Dont study too late.Youll be less ener-getic the next day. 13. Dont take any drugs. If a drug is strong enough to do you any good, its strongenough to have unwanted side effects.If your doctor prescribes anything, make sure she knows you have exams. 11. 14. Dont drink too much coffee.Too much caffeine can make you more nervous.15. Believe in yourself!If your mind is full of thoughts such as Im sure Imgoing to fail this exam, or What are my parents goingto say?, you wont do as well as you should. 12. 16. The night before your exam go to bedearly and get a good nights sleep.17. Relax on the morning of the exam.Dont try any last minute revision.Listen to your favourite music instead.18. Think positively!You are wonderful, incredible and amazing.You are going to pass this exam with flying colours.