top 5 hottest web design trends of 2016

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Top 5 Hottest Web Design Trends Of 2016

Top 5 Hottest Web Design Trends Of 2016

New Year, new trends and web design isnt getting left behind.

Right now if you are the owner of any business whos looking at a unique design for their online marketing website you would be introduced to the latest, hottest trends of 2016. That are doing rounds everyday and taking the whole industry by storm.

Scroll or Not To Scroll

Its 2016 and scrolling is said to increase readership. But some sites are opting for minimal scroll or not to scroll at all. Well there are drawbacks for both but why are guys sticking out with the in 2016? Long scrolls feel quite natural and easy to read than clicks, however the content spaced so much that it so hard to scan. Shorter scroll comes to the rescue as they get to the point quickly, so quick it might cause so much bounce rates.

According to a web design expert from graphic design in Hong Kong, 2016 is the year for some of the coolest typography.

Pretty Cool Typography

Streamlined interfaces have given way to beautiful typography. This has been doubled up by the addition of usable web tools. Google fonts and Adobe Typekit beats many in creating expansive type libraries over the internet. The simple magic in lettering gives so much room for other elements that communicates clearly.

Use Of Rich Animies

The use of rich but subtle animations is another part that keeps the designing drill going. Well we have seen tiny animations in 2015 but with a geared up fall of 2016 the hero-style design that led the way to the tiny divots that almost everyone missed, animated user interface elements will be a fun way to rock the design platform in 2016. Check out how Tweeter has played on with their animated icon, and yes, theyve enhanced the interaction.

Because I have talked of the animations I guess interaction will be my next point. The two go a long way together in creating links between users and devices. They should be pretty small and even micro in nature but they will provide value to the user. Its this value that it seeks to pick that 2016 designs seek to retain and explore the more.

Keeping To Interactions

It could be the simplest alarm texts, up to a reminder with a bleep its all in the design today.

If youve seen quite a number of websites using sketches or illustrations today, its for a simple reason really, they bring fun to the whole design. Website users want something they can play around with. Ideally everyone loves the entertainment that any website activity could bring.

Sketches and Illustrations

In 2016 we expect a huge growth of sketches and illustrations use. From simple icons to the use of interface elements the game just got better in 2016.

Ideal website design is very vital in this business, it will appeal to your clients, leaves you pretty much at par with every competitor that comes your way, and above all it gives your business that soft nudge of organic web traffic that every business requires to survive.