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  • Toilet Seats

    Shower & Bathroom Accessories

    November 2016Reprinted June 2017

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    EuroShowers Ltd are part of a large Swedish family owned group of companies specialising in design, manufacture and distribution of our own range of bathroom products including toilet seats, shower heads, hoses and sets, shower curtains and tracks and many bathroom accessories.

    We have offices and distribution depots in many parts of Scandinavia and Europe, with manufacturing factories in Sweden, the Baltics and the Far East.

    Most of our buildings run on solar power.

    Our large modern Swedish chrome-plating factory runs only on solar power with many hundred solar panels covering the building and roof.

    Practically designed, well functioning products

    All Products fully guaranteed

    Consumer friendly packaging

    Over 40 years shower accessory experience

    Competitive retail prices

    Excellent retailer margins

    About us...


    Our head office in Sweden

    Our Polish warehouse

    Chrome plating factory in Sweden

    Solar tracker in Sweden

    Units 2 & 3 Poulton CloseDover Kent CT17 0HLTel 01304 225001Fax 01304 225004Email

    Front cover photo Dover White Cliffs by Wayne Roland

    515 ............Toilet Seats1617 ..........Showers1831 ..........Shower Accessories3233 ..........Safety Products3439 ..........Bathroom Accessories4043 ..........Mirrors and Cabinets

    EuroShowers have a new show van displaying most of the current range of products. We would be very pleased to visit you and show you around. To book a visit please call our sales office or call your sales agent or email directly to

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    Welcome to our November 2016 product brochure. Our brochure shows Suggested Retail Prices with VAT and without VAT.

    We have also published a Price Guide which shows the trade prices.

    Stand 8Our new stand for displaying MDF and resin toilet seats. 4 seats on display and stock boxes underneath. The stands can be located next to each other to form a wall of toilet seats.

    Individual unit sizes: WIdth: 46cm Height: 180cm tall (+ header card) Depth: 65cm (including display seat)

    Stand 3A perfect way to display soft close toilet seats. The consumer can open and close and remove the seat then simply collect a seat from underneath.Width: 45cm Height: 140cm (including header) Depth: 50cm

    Stand 6This display stand has removable hooks which can be positioned to stock shower accessories in many different variations.

    Width: 80 cm Height: 204 cm Depth: 58 cm

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    Price Guide: All pricing information is now available to the retailer in our 2016 Price Guide.Our Suggested Retail Prices are a guideline only. Retail outlets may sell at whatever price they choose.Trade prices exclude VAT. SRPs include VAT at the rate of 20%.Carriage: Order values over FREECARRIAGE (in UK mainland).Order values under will be subject to a carriage/ administration charge.Discounts: For bulk trade discount enquiries please telephone the sales office 01304 225001.Confirmations: Order confirmations will not be sent out unless specifically requested.Despatch: Goods in stock are often despatched on the same day if the order is received before 12 NoonBackorders: Our delivery note - packing list will indicate if a b ackorder will be placed on our system.Trade Credit: Credit is given by E uroShowers in absolute discretion. We reserve the right to withdraw credit

    at any time and demand full payment. Abuse of our credit terms or late pay-ment will result in the removal of credit.Early Settlement: Early Settlement discount is available. We offer a 5% discount for payments received STRICTLY within 7 days of invoice.Credit Card Payment: We reserve the right to make a 2.5% charge to custo-mers wishing to pay by credit card.Late Payment: Late payment will be dealt with by our debt c ollection agency. The cost of the debt c ollection agency will be borne by the customer. Future sales will be made on a pro forma basis only.Tolerance: We will not tolerate verbal abuse to our staff - whatever the circumstances. They work hard to provide the best possible service to all our customers.Property: The goods remain the property of EuroShowers Ltd until pay-ment in full has been made. We reserve the right to collect our goods if there is a payment dispute.Short delivery: if your order is not

    received complete in accordance with the blue delivery note, please notify our office immediately on Tel 01304225001. Damages: Any transport or damaged goods must be notified within 48 hours. Credits or re-deliveries will be dealt with on an individual basis.Faulty Goods, Returns, Replace-ments and Credit Refunds: The contract for the supply of goods is between EuroShowers Ltd and the Tra-de Retailer. In the event of faulty goods being delivered to you, we will arrange a credit note. Please allow 7 days for the credit note. We do not accept responsibility for any associated costs, including costs of delivery or re-delivery to your customers (the consumer), or consequential losses arising. We cannot credit an item without proof of damage or fault digital photograph or sales agent inspection is acceptable.Resin Toilet Seats: Our resin toilet seats are hand made and hand polis-hed. They may vary slightly in colour and design from the colour photograph

    in the brochure or on the website. The nature of resin manufacture can result in small air bubbles and dimples. We cannot replace resin seats that have this type of blemish. We suggest that our trade customer inspects the items before re-sale / delivery to the retail customer (consumer).Disclaimer: The specifications and prices contained in this brochure are for information purposes only and as our products are continually updated, they are subject to change without prior notice.All sizes correct at the time of going to print

    Terms At a GlanceAll sales are subject to our Full Terms and Conditions of supply which can be viewed at and in our 2016 Price Guide.

    NEW! SelfClean Showers perfect for hard water areas.See page 20.

    We are supply partners of

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    Many of our soft close seats now have a new fitting system, which helps stop the seat from slipping on the toilet pan.

    This method is used for bottom fix toilets.

    The specially designed black grommets are installed from the underneath and together with the metal washers and nuts can make a very firm grip. The seats come complete with a useful spanner for ease of installation and help tighten the hinges to the porcelain.

    We also have two new No Slip packs (see page 15):

    No Slip Cones SP4 No Slip Fittings SP12

    2 Buttons Release:

    Lift the seat into the ver-tical position and press the 2 buttons whilst lifting the seat upwards to release it from the pan. This is ideal for cleaning the seat and the pan and also handy when adjusting the seat into the perfect position. When replacing the seat, locate the ho-les over the pins and press firmly down until the click is heard.

    Many of our toilet seats are supp-lied with Top and bottom fittings. This allows the seat to be used with the expanding grommets if the underneath bolts are inacces-sible.

    Some of our seats are treated with an antibac-terial agent during the manufacturing process.

    We believe our seats can be fitted in just a couple of minutes once the old seat is removed and the porcelain is clean and dry.

    Please note many of our seats come with a 3 year guarantee.

    1 Button Release:

    Lift the seat into the vertical position and press the central button firmly until you hear the click. Remove finger. Then lift the seat upwards to release it from the pan. The seat will not remove if your finger is still pressing the button! When replacing the seat, locate the ho-les over the pins and press firmly down until the click is heard.

    Both the seat and the lid are soft close. They move quietly down to closed position. All soft close mechanisms are tested to a minimum 30,000 cycles.

    Our soft close hinges use a new patented mechanism, which does not infringe on previous registered patents.

    Easy to Remove

    Toilet Seat Information

    Top or Bottom Fittings


    Quick Fit


    No Slip Fittings

    Soft Close System

    Patented Hinge System

    No SlipBottom






    22 ButtonsRelease

    11 ButtonRelease

    Please ask for our current Toilet Seat Info Booklet

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    Great value duroplatic toilet seat with lots of selling points.Easy to remove. Top and bottom fittings.

    Our best selling universal shaped toilet seat.Easy to remove. Top and bottom fittings.

    No SlipBottom


    Made from


    Made from


    11 ButtonRelease

    11 ButtonRelease







    Varde ONE

    Opal ONE









    Easy to remove. Top and bottom fittings.

    Code Colour

    83130 white

    Code Colour

    83311 white










    Universal Shaped Seats - Duroplastic



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    Universal Shaped Seats - Duroplastic

    New generation slim toilet seat.Easy to remove. Top and bottom fittings.

    No SlipBottom


    No SlipBottom


    Made from


    Made from


    11 ButtonRelease

    11 ButtonRelease







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