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  • 1. Third Grade Globes Starring:Miss East, Mrs. Robbins, & Mrs. Talbots class Mrs. Brewers class

2. Take 1:Paper Mache Globe-Making 3. Step 1: Covering the balloons in paper mache 4. Parent volunteers came in to help with our special art project. 5. Step 2: Painting on the oceans 6. Time to paint the oceans on our globes! 7. Paint!Paint!Paint! 8. Step 3: Gluing on the seven continents, equator line, and prime meridian 9. Mrs. Eckerson lending a helping hand 10. Step 4: Presenting the final product! 11. Our great-looking globes! 12. 13. A special thanks to the following parent volunteers: Mrs. Bloom Mrs. DeSain Mrs. Dey Mrs. Fowler Mrs. Huber Mrs. Schmidt THANK YOU!