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  • Third Grade Michigans Changing Inhabitants

    Essential Questions

    Enduring Understandings GLCEs Assessments

    District Resources

    Who lived in Michigan in the past and why did they come? How are todays cultures influenced by the history of Michigan? What are the rights and responsibilities of Michigans citizens? How does Michigans economy affect people?

    Inhabitants of Michigan are a diverse group of people who have come for a variety of reasons. Earths natural resources provide us with everything we need to live. Geographic factors affect where people settle. Culture and experience influence peoples perceptions of places and regions. Key terms: Europeans, Anishnaabeg, Three Fires (Potawatomi, Ojibwa, Ottawa), Cultural Heritage, Interdependence, Specialization, Natural Resource, Geography, Inhabitants, Cardinal directions, Regions, Adapt, Diverse

    H3.0.3 Describe the casual relationships between three events in Michigans past. H3.0.4 Draw upon traditional stories of American Indians who lived in Michigan in order to make generalizations about their beliefs. H3.0.5 Use informational text and visual data to compare how American Indians and settlers in the early history of Michigan adapted to, used, and modified their environment. H3.0.6 Use a variety of sources to describe interactions that occurred between American Indians and the first European explorers and settlers in Michigan. H3.0.7 Use a variety of primary and secondary sources to construct a historical narrative about daily life in the early settlements of Michigan (Pre-statehood)

    Required: Third Grade Michigans Changing Inhabitants Assessment Formative: Create a timeline of people who came to Michigan, including captions stating why each group came. Write a historical narrative journal about the life of a settler traveling to Michigan using specific details to help explain how a settlement came to be. Create a cause and effect chart showing how cultures are influenced by Michigans history (see chart). Make a map showing the various natural resources of Michigan. Choose one and write about its affects on Michigan (see map). Persuasive writing piece-Choose the 2 rights and responsibilities that are the most important to you as a Michigan citizen. Support

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  • Third Grade Michigans Changing Inhabitants

    H3.0.10 Create a timeline to sequence early Michigan history (American Indians, exploration, settlement, statehood) C5.0.1 Identify rights and responsibilities of citizenship. E2.0.1 Using a Michigan example, describe how specialization leads to increased interdependence. G1.0.1 Use cardinal directions to describe the relative location of significant places in the immediate environment. G1.0.2 Use thematic maps to identify and describe the physical and human characteristics of Michigan. G2.0.1 Use a variety of visual materials and data sources to describe ways in which Michigan can be divided into regions. G2.0.2 Describe different regions to which Michigan belongs.

    with evidence (graphic organizer to aid in writing process). Quick write-How has/does Michigans economy affect the people who live in it? Construct diorama project presentation of the changing inhabitants of Michigan (Native Americans, Settlers, European explorers, and Present day). (see rubric) District:

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  • Third Grade Michigans Changing Inhabitants

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    G4.0.2 Describe diverse groups that have come into a region of Michigan and reasons why they came. G4.0.3 Describe some of the current movements of goods, people, jobs or information to, from, or within Michigan and explain reasons for the movements. G4.0.4 Use data and current information about the Anishinaabeg and other American Indians living in Michigan today and describe the cultural aspects of modern American Indian life; give an example of how another cultural group in Michigan today has preserved and built upon its cultural heritage. G5.0.2 Describe how people adapt to, use, and modify the natural resources of Michigan. G5.0.1 Locate natural resources in Michigan and explain the consequences of their use.

  • Third Grade Michigans Changing Inhabitants Lessons Breakdown Title GLCEs Included Resources Needed Resources Suggested ResourcesLesson 1

    Why Do People Move?

    G4.0.2 G4.0.3

    Pencils Post-it notes Chart paper Marker

    If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon by Ellen Levine

    Lesson 2

    Native Americans Today

    G4.0.4 H3.0.4 4-H3.0.4

    Native American Photographs Information and Facts

    Children of Native Americans Today By: Yvonne Wakin Dennis United Streaming Video Clip: Native Americans: People of The Forest Reservations Today View Language and Culture Camp

    Lesson 3

    Anishnaabeg and Three Fires

    H3.0.5 H3.0.10

    The Mitten: The Three Fires

    United Streaming video: Native Americans: The 1st Peoples Blank Map of Michigan (to be used in next few lessons) Large map of Michigan

    Lesson 4

    Potawatomi H3.0.5 G1.0.1

    Students maps of Michigan from lesson 3

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  • Collection of artifacts and/or pictures of artifacts

    Southern Michigan is Pokagon. (great informational resources)

    Lesson 5

    Ojibwa H3.0.5 G1.0.1

    The Legend of Sleeping Bear by Kathy-Jo Wargin United Streaming video: Life in the Ojibwa Tribe Map from lesson 3

    Buffalo Uses Birch Bark Uses Reservations Today

    Lesson 6

    Ottawa H3.0.5 G1.0.1 Photographs of long houses and baskets

    Map from lesson 3 Construction paper

    Lesson 7

    Explorers and Trading

    H3.0.6 H.3.0.10 G1.0.1 4-H3.0.4

    United Streaming video: French Explorers: Exploration of the Mississippi River 5 small items from home for trading World map

    Michigan Mitten: Father Marquette, La Salle, and the Fur Trade

    Lesson 8

    Explorer Research


    Internet and student computers Library resources Dress-up clothing

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  • Lesson 9

    Settlers in Michigan

    H3.0.6 H.3.0.10 G4.0.2 G4.0.3 G5.0.2 4-H3.0.4

    Pioneer Artifact (web link available) Little House on the Prairie Pilot from are listed in the lesson. Letter Writing Rubric

    Google Images Pioneer Artifacts Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder Little House on the Prairie Season 1 Video

    Lesson 10

    Settlers and Their Impact on Michigan

    H3.0.5 H3.0.6

    Night of the First Full Moon by Gloria Whelan Little House on the Prairie Injun Kid are listed in the lesson.

    Lesson 11

    Erie Canal H3.0.3 H3.0.5 H3.0.10 G5.0.2