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1. RETIRE RICH 2. 20 YEARS LATER THERE WILL BE A VERY DIFFERENT 3. COSTS WILL GO UP 4. Rs. 10,000 2015 Rs. 38,696 2035 of 10,000 at 7% Inflation Rs. 14,000 2020 Rs. 19,671 2025 Rs. 27,590 2030 5. 1,200 X 1,200 x Current Monthly Expenses : The amount of corpus you need to sustain your current lifestyle 20 years later* *Assuming you withdraw 4% at end of 20 years and inflation is 7%. If you need 50,000 per month today, you will need a corpus of 6 crores at the end of 20 years. 6. You could amass 6 Crores while starting with only 10,000 per month with Tree of Wealth Program* * Please see disclaimer 7. 01 02 03 How you could amass 6 Crores while starting with only 10,000 per month* * Please see disclaimer Start with 10,000 Rs saving per month. Invest these savings in high growth and tax efficient instruments like Equity Mutual Funds and Debt Mutual Funds, in a proportion that is in line with your risk appetite and capacity. Every year, you increase your savings by 6,000 Rs per month next year or by 10%, whichever is higher. Adjust the asset allocation as you near your goal, as well as rebalance your portfolio periodically. 8. Heres the MATH* * Returns assumed at 15% per year for next 20 years 9. HIGH RETURNS ARE POSSIBLE Look at performance of funds 10. SECURE YOUR FUTURE NOW 11. 12. Disclaimer: This information that it contains is the property of iVentures Capital Pvt. Ltd. It may be confidential, personal, legally privileged and protected by law. Access by the intended recipient only is authorized. Any liability (in negligence or otherwise) arising from any third party acting, or refraining from acting, on any information contained in this document or website is hereby excluded. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender immediately and do not disclose the contents to any other person, use it for any purpose, or store or copy the information in any medium. The recipient acknowledges that any views expressed in this message are those of the individual sender and no binding nature of the message shall be implied or assumed unless the sender does so expressly with due authority of iVentures Capital Pvt. Ltd. or its subsidiaries and associated companies, as applicable. The message is not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any financial instrument/security or as an official confirmation of any transaction. iVentures Capital Pvt. Ltd. advises all recipients to virus scan any file attachments. In No Event Shall I Ventures Capital Be Liable For Any Direct, Indirect, Punitive, Incidental, Special, Consequential Damages Or Any Damages Whatsoever. Your Sole And Exclusive Remedy Is To Discontinue Using The Information Provided Or Our Website. Mutual Fund Investments Are Subject To Market Risk. Please Read The Complete Offer Documents, Product Brochure Before Making Investments. Before Investing In Insurance Please Read The Complete Product Details And Take Registered Expert Advice To Understand The Finer Points & Details Of The Products Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance