thing to consider before buying a property

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1. Things to consider beforeBuying a Property 2. Problems can arise after thetransaction is completed 3. Fixing these problems will involve additional liabilities and fees 4. To avoid all the hassles,Here are the factors to consider 5. The Namein the Title 6. Ownership subjects the propertyto creditors against the owner. 7. Propertyrestrictions 8. Knowing therestrictions can helpbuyers make decisions abouttheir investments. 9. Physical Detailsof the Property 10. Prospective buyers must seeklegal advice about easement and its effect on the property 11. Taxes andDuties 12. Transactions involving transfers ofproperty involve taxes which can be passed to the buyer. 13. Special circumstances may limitthe amount of tax or exempt it. 14. Buyers need expert assistanceto execute the necessary paperwork. 15. Buying property is a big step andinvolves a careful consideration. 16. A licensed solicitor provide legal advice that benefits the buyer