Themed Wedding Favors And Bridal Shower Favors

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favors to your wedding theme will allow you to choose unique wedding favors that fit in with the


  • Themed Wedding Favors And Bridal Shower Favors

    Tying wedding party favors to a theme can make choosing wedding favors easier.Picking the perfect wedding party favors can be a difficult task, but it doesn't have to be. You knowthat the wedding party favors are important because they express your appreciation to your guests forcoming to your wedding. These reception favors are just a little gift that lets your guests know theyare important to you. To make choosing these important items easier you can implement a theme thatwill help you narrow down the never-ending list of favor choices. When these guest favors are tied toa theme it is very easy to pick the out.Wedding party favors that are tied to the overall theme of the wedding are one way to go. You maynot have a specific theme, but think about the other aspects of your wedding - Are things elegant?romantic? traditional? When you can identify what angle you are going it is then simple to choosegood favors. For an elegant wedding you might choose mini wine glasses coupled with a mini bottleof wine. A romantic favor could be a chocolate rose set in a small vase.The traditional favor is along the lines of placecard holders or candles. Tying your wedding partyfavors to your wedding theme will allow you to choose unique wedding favors that fit in with theatmosphere you've created.Some couples may like to express their personalities through their wedding favors. For the golfer youcould offer wedding golf tees with chocolate golf balls. The more daring bride and groom may wish toprovide temporary tattoos that showcase your names and wedding date. Poker enthusiasts can offermini decks of cards. Another way to go is to write poems or favorite quotes on colored paper, roll it upand secure with a fake, plastic wedding ring.Tying your wedding party favors to your personalities makes the favors seem more personal to yourguests. Another popular method of choosing wedding party favors is to include them as part of thewedding or bridal shower reception decorations. You can have a breakaway centerpiece, which is acenterpiece made up of smaller pieces that can be easily taken by the guests at the end of thereception. These centerpieces usually are small wrapped gifts, candles or mini vases with flowers.You can use your own creative flair to put together nice centerpieces. Mini salt and pepper shakerscan be provided for each guest to use during the dinner and then take home. If you are looking topreserve table space you can wrap the gifts and hang them with ribbons on the chairs. Using favorsas part of the decorations will help you to save time and money. Tying your unique wedding favorsinto your wedding decor helps to keep things united and make it easier for you.

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