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  • 2014 - 1 -

    The Vow

    ESL Lesson Package

  • 2014 - 2 -

    The Vow Lesson Plan Note: The following is only an example. Instructors should feel free to add or remove activities as needed. Day One 1. Tell the class they are going to be watching a movie. Introduce the

    characters and slang expressions for Part One (page 7). 2. Assign the Part One Mix-and-Match vocabulary exercise (page 8) for

    homework. If you wish, you can ask them to choose ten words and write sentences, putting the new vocabulary into personalized context.

    Day Two 3. Mark the Mix-and-Match homework in class. If you assigned the

    students sentences for homework, collect their sentences to mark later. 4. Have students complete the vocabulary Self-Test for Part One. (page

    6) (If you have time later or want an extra challenge for the students, they can identify who said each of these seven phrases after watching all of Part One.)

    5. Split the students into twos or threes and have them discuss the

    Conversation Questions for Part One. (page 7)

    6. Watch Part One of the movie. (Start 00:00:00 End 00:30:16)

    7. As the students watch the movie, have them complete Who Says It? Also give the students the Who is it? to complete and reference. (pages 9 and 5 respectively)

    8. Have the students complete the Listening Close section once you

    reach that part of the movie. (page 10)

    9. After watching, have students complete the Comprehension Questions in pairs or assign the questions for homework. (page 11)

    10. Assign the Mix-and-Match exercise (Pt. 2) for homework. (page 14)

  • 2014 - 3 -

    Day Three

    11. If you assigned vocabulary sentences to the students, give back their homework. You may want to have the students work in pairs to correct sample incorrect sentences that you have taken from their homework; this can also be done on the board as a whole class.

    12. Mark the Mix-and-Match vocabulary homework in class. If you assigned the Comprehension Questions for homework, you will need to mark these as well and return them to the students

    13. Have the students complete the Self Test for Part Two. (page 12) 14. Go through page 12 and 13 with students. Additional Characters &

    Slang Expressions. Conversation Questions can be done in pairs.

    15. Have students complete the Who Says It? activity as they watch. (page 15)

    16. Watch Part 2 of the movie (00:30:16 to 01:06:45). Pause at the

    appropriate time in the film to have them complete Correct the Word (page 16). Pause at the appropriate time for Back Talk. (page 17) Pause at the appropriate time in the film to have them complete Listening Close. (pages 18-21)

    17. If there is time, you may want to choose one of the supplementary

    activities (Hot Seat, Typhoon, Murder, etc.) to reinforce the vocabulary you have covered so far. (pages 41-44)

    18. Assign the Mix-and-Match (Part 3) for homework. (page 25)

    Day Four 19. Mark the Mix-and-Match Homework. If you assigned

    Comprehension Questions for homework, mark those in class as well and return to students.

    20. Choose a supplementary activity (Hot Seat, Typhoon, Murder, etc.) to

    reinforce the vocabulary you have covered. (pages 41-44)) 21. Have the students complete the Self-Test for Part Three. (page 23) 22. Watch Part Three of the movie. (Start 01:06:45 End 01:39:45) Pause at

    the appropriate time in the film to have them complete the Listening Close and What Happens Next? activities. (page 27)

    23. Have the students share their responses to What Happens Next?,

  • 2014 - 4 -

    they can do this in partners first and then the entire class or in small groups, each group then choosing one to share with the entire class. Collect from the students.

    24. Have students complete the Comprehension Questions in pairs or

    assign them for homework. (page 28) 25. Complete the Story Scramble in class (pages 37-38) or use it as a

    warm-up the next day before mark Comprehension Questions (if you assigned them for homework).

    Day Five

    26. Complete the Story Scramble in class if you did not use it yesterday this can be done in teams as a race or as a whole class if the class is small.

    27. Go through the Comprehension Questions answers in class if you did not complete it already.

    28. Choose a supplementary activity (Hot Seat, Typhoon, Murder, etc.) to

    reinforce the vocabulary you have covered. (pages 41-44) 29. Assign the two Crossword Puzzles for homework. (pages 29-30)

    Day Six 30. Choose a supplementary activity (Hot Seat, Typhoon, Murder, etc.) to

    reinforce the vocabulary you have covered. (pages 41-44) 31. Mark the Crossword Puzzles in class.

    32. Return What Happens Next? homework, and discuss in class.

  • 2014 - 5 -

    Who Is It?

    Instructions: Write the name of each character under his or her picture. You should be able to do this after watching Part One of the movie.

    Paige Rita Bill Leo

    Lil Gwen Ryan Jeremy

    _______ _______ _______

    _______ _______

    _______ _______ _______

  • 2014 - 6 -

    Self Test Vocabulary Preview - Part One

    Are you ready to watch the movie? Complete the quiz to see if you will understand the vocabulary in Part One of the film.

    1. I have this theory that a girls guaranteed to get preggers if she does it in a car.

    a. happy; in trouble b. wish; killed c. certain; pregnant

    2. I think we owe it to ourselves to get a drink out of respect for our zone compatibility.

    a. go well together b. difference c. dislike

    3. We purposely keep patients with traumatic brain injury in a comatose state.

    a. full of food b. bored c. unconscious

    4. I vow to fiercely love you in all of your forms.

    a. quickly b. powerfully c. angrily

    5. Look, what I remember is being in law school and being engaged to Jeremy" a. in the same business as someone b. to be friends with someone c. in agreement to marry someone in the future

    6. Your father insisted you stay in law school.

    a. strongly demanded b. hoped for c. didnt care about

    7. What I need is for everyone to just stop bickering.

    a. ignoring other people b. arguing about trivial matters c. overeating

    START 00:00:00 END 00:30:16

  • 2014 - 7 -

    The Vow - Part One Characters

    Paige Woman who has lost her memory Leo Paiges husband, a music producer Bill Rita

    Paiges father, a rich lawyer Paiges mother, a homemaker

    Jeremy Paiges ex-fiance Conversation Questions

    1. Describe the day you first met someone who later became important to you. Where

    was it? What did you do? How did you feel? What do you remember most about that day?

    2. Have you or someone you know ever been in a serious accident or been injured?

    What happened? How long did it take to recover?

    3. Have you ever wished you could erase something from your memory and start over? What would you do differently? If you dont want to speak about what you want to forget, talk about how different your life would be without that memory.

    4. Paige hasnt been in contact with her family for almost five years. What is the

    longest time you have been out-of-touch with your family? Hours? Days? Weeks? How did it make you feel? Is there anyone in your past that you wish you were still in contact with? Why?

    Slang Expressions Your teacher will explain what these expressions mean:

    set the bar high it went down owe it to ourselves

    to hear something second-hand warmth of your heart once in a lifetime

    START 00:00:00 END 00:30:16

  • 2014 - 8 -

    Mix-and-Match Match the following words to their definitions:

    1. guarantee (v) __ 2. theory (n) __ 3. intensity (n) __ 4. compatibility (n) __ 5. comatose (adj) __ 6. fierce (adj) __ 7. verify (v) __ 8. bickering (v) __ 9. vow (n) __ 10. engaged (adj) __ 11. subside (v) __ 12. sculptor (n) __ 13. preggers (n) __ 14. intimate (adj) __ 15. impairment (n) __ 16. spouse (n) __ 17. impact (n) __ 18. irate (adj) __ 19. twisted (adj) __ 20. dramatic (adj) __ 21. insist (v) __ 22. strict (adj) __ 23. endorsement (n) __ 24. allergic (adj) __ 25. mnemonic (adj) __

    a. a feeling of extreme anger b. a strong promise, often said very seriously c. the quality of strength, power, or force d. an informal way to say pregnant e. action of an object forcibly hitting another or

    something that has great influence on people

    f. when things go together well g. to demand something strongly h. obey rules rigidly i. a belief or idea j. when something calms down or gets smaller k. very familiar and personal l. someone who is married to another person m. a negative reaction a person has when exposed

    to certain things that can make them feel sick or uncomfortable

    n. a state of unconsciousness due to illness or injury

    o. an informal way to say that something is crazy, unpleasant, wrong, or abnormal

    p. powerful, heartfelt q. something that uses patterns of association in

    order to help people remember something

    r. formally agreed or promised to marry another person

    s. to check, to make sure something is correct t. u. v. w. x. y.

    relating to something that is exciting or emotional the act of giving a declaration of approval to promise someth