we vow to sizzle

We Vow To Sizzle
We Vow To Sizzle
We Vow To Sizzle
We Vow To Sizzle
We Vow To Sizzle
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A Dining experience like no other, Full of Sizzles & Giggles

ONCE UPON A TIME, IN MUMBAI, NEARLY FOUR DECADES AGO, A JOURNEY BEGAN. thier JOURNEY.It was 1975, in a modest 600 square feet area, near Indias oldest surviving Opera House another brand was born. One that sizzles till date. It was christened, KOBE. Thirty Eight years hence, with a footprint of more than forty five national and international locations, they tell me, they are a pioneer. An icon. At Kobe Sizzlers, they take it as a compliment. And one more thing, they promise to continue what they do best. To carry forward the torch, the flames. To give a superb performance.

AND NOW THEY HAVE CAPTURED OUR HEARTS IN MANGALORE!Kobe Sizzlers Mangalore (Unit of Diners Factory) has been certified the best franchise globally.And we can experience @ 'Parin Tower', Collectors Gate, Balmatta.

WHY THEY ARE ON EVERYONES CHECKLIST????????They have Sizzled customers with quality, authentic and with widest variety of Sizzlers and a widespread range of Soups, Salads, Pastas, Rolls, Pizzas, Sandwiches and the most premium dessertsthat you should not be missing ever!

WE VOW TO SIZZLE. ALWAYS, EVERYWHERE thats the mantra & thats the KOBEs way.

Kobe Sizzlers has been dishing out exotic sizzlers with traditional flavors and spices. All of this, laced with the choicest, traditional homemade sauces, the subtle flavors of which have been passed down generation to generation and Recipes of which are kept akin to well-kept secret. We had a chat with the management and here is what they had to sayThe philosophy of Kobe Sizzlers is very simple,Quality Sizzlers. Homely ambience. Good food and Great Personal Service. We strive, every day, to achieve, improvise & thats what we have been passionate about-Kobe Sizzlers Management

Dedication to quality and hygiene. Our Sizzlers are authentic, using the best of ingredients and widest variety of sumptuous sauces which are prepared in-house and we try to bring to you something that is top notch & involves a great deal of culinary innovation-Chef Dhananjay

Experience in food matters 25 YEARS OF CULINARY EXPERIENCE

Rated the best Sizzlers and Steakhouse by critics and their customers