The Ten Most Popular Wedding Decorations

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  1. 1. The Ten Most Popular Wedding Decorations
  2. 2. It is no wonder why weddings are such beautiful, magnificent events. The celebration of marriage deserves the best, especially in dcor. While every couple has different tastes, most use these ten most popular wedding decorations. Most important is the central structure where the ceremony takes place. Styles include gazebos, arbors, arches, columns, altars, or chuppas (Jewish canopies). Theyare usuallyembellished with cloths, tulle, ribbon, or flowersin the wedding colors.
  3. 3. The carpet runner is another essential decoration. The fabric aisle showcases the wedding party as they walk to the structure at the start of the ceremony. Petals and confetti sprinkled on the carpet give it more flair. Whats a wedding without elegant flowers? They can be fresh, dried, or artificial. The most special floral arrangement is the bouquet. Bridesmaids normally have bouquets, too, and each groomsman has a single flower or corsage pinned to his lapel. The remaining flowers are displayed in vases or other extravagant containers.
  4. 4. Lighting is utilized for setting the ambiance. Stringed lights can be wrapped around poles and trees or draped across walls. Candles in candelabras and other holders can flicker from tables around the venue. Lanterns or lights in mason jars can be hung from the ceilings and tree branches. A disco ball can spin over or colored lights can emanate from the dance floor. Ribbon and tulle are popular fabrics for turning everyday objects, such as chairs, into classy ones worthy of such a grand event. They are often used for wrapping favors and accenting other decorations as well.
  5. 5. Most weddings require fancy tablecloths. Theyre either in the wedding colors or bright white, with the other table linens and place settings in the opposite color for a contrasting look, or in complementary hues for a cohesive one. Materials range from satin to lace to burlap. Centerpieces adorn each table to tie the theme together. Some are intricate while others are simple. Flower arrangements often double up as centerpieces.
  6. 6. Guest books are signed for the couple to remember who attended the wedding. Other creative options include having guests sign a canvas photo or matted print; write on pieces of wood, stones, or customized artwork; or video record congratulations and advice. Personalized signs or banners are common ways to welcome guests, label tables, and display the couples marriage date or last name. Popular materials are chalkboards and wood for signs and burlap and paper for banners.
  7. 7. Finally, weddings tents are both decorative and practical. There are various styles to fit any theme while also offering protection and privacy. All these decorations combined create a stunning, personalized look for the bride and grooms special day. For more information on a party supply company in Rockport, please visit this website.