the signs of addiction could you or someone you know be addicted?

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The Signs of Addiction

The Signs of AddictionCould you or someone you know be addicted?I really enjoyed working on this project with my group, and wanted to improve the presentation. I changed the fonts so the black writing would be closer to the top and the contrast would be greater. I also changed the grammatical errors, and added introductions to the two videos. OutlineDefinition of Addiction7 Signs of addiction:Questioning DefensivenessBlamingSecrets and liesTime and effortGuilt and shameIsolationSummaryWorks citedWhat is Addiction?Compulsive physiological need for and use of a habit forming substance characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal. Persistent compulsive use of a substance to be physically, psychologically, or socially harmful (Addiction).7 Signs of AddictionQuestioning

You might wonder:Why do I do this? Why cant I stop this? Why do I keep doing this?The question to ask yourself is: Does my habit affect my everyday life or my relationships?If the answer is yes, you may have crossed the line to addiction

Defensiveness Defensiveness- Intended to deter aggression or attack; performed as to avoid risk.

Is easily upset or irritated when questioned, even about simple thingsLashes out at loved ones and co-workersJustifies behaviors to others and themselves Attempts to convince others there isnt an issueRe-directs aggression and blame onto another person BlamingBlaming is what addicts do in order to make themselves feel better about their addiction. Finding someone or something to blame helps them feel like their addiction isnt the real issue.

-Only can one get over addiction if they admit they have an issue and take responsibility for their own action and not BLAME others for their problems.Secrets and LiesAddiction will probably not look like this, so we have to watch for more subtle signs.Secrets and LiesHides alcohol bottles or drug paraphernalia around the house.Makes up excuses to get more (pills, alcohol, etc.) The pills fell in the sink when I opened the bottle.Valuables start disappearing, or are not longer needed. I just sold my Xbox, I didnt need it anymore.The magic bottle that never empties. Check for bottles that contain diluted alcohol. Watch for products used to cover actions. (Visine to clear eyes, cologne or perfume to hide smell, soda to hide drinks in.) I would like to add a video but only from 0-27 seconds of it. I think it shows an obvious extreme example of some of these signs.Time and EffortOne sign of addiction is the amount of time the behavior consumes Manipulating situations and friends to allow more time for the behaviorThe behavior takes precedence over family and new/old relationshipsFailing or dropping out of schoolBecomes more reclusive Personal health and hygiene become substandard The behavior can take priority over eating and sleepingDistancing or ignoring friends and familyNot able to complete necessary tasks for living, as the behavior exhausts all time and energy Guilt and ShameGuilt- The fact of being responsible for an offense, self reproach for proposed inadequacy or wrong doingsShame- A painful emotion cause by feelings of guilt, embarrassment or disgraceFeelings of regret and remorseKnowing that a violation of moral code and standards has been crossedAcknowledgement of wrong doings, but the inability to change behaviorsOverwhelming need to punish themselves for behaviorSelf destructive behavior that can lead to relapse

IsolationFinds a quiet spot to drink or use alone. Loses interest in hobbies or other activities.Separate themselves from friends and family.Separate themselves emotionally.Changes daily routines with no good reason.

Daniel LinderTherapist and author Daniel Linder describes the warning signs of addiction.Works Cited"Addiction." Merriam-Webster. Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 19 Apr. 2014.Compton, W. M., & Volkow, N. D. (2006). Abuse of prescription drugs and the risk of addiction. Drug and alcohol dependence, 83, S4-S7.Urell Bill. Addiction Recovery. Web. April 2014Goldstein Stephanie Phd, Goldstein Alicia Phd. Addictioninfo. Web. April 2014


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