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The Shingle is the newsletter of Gilead Presbyterian Church in Carmel, NY


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    The Newsletter of Gilead Presbyterian Church, Carmel, NY July, 2012

    Dear Friends,

    As I sit writing this, its a beautiful summer day in Carmel. The sun is shining warmly and its nottoo hot; the breeze is playing across Lake Gleneida, blowing the scent of freshly cut grass andblossoms in my open window. Its such an idyllic scene that its almost possible to pretend thatits this peaceful the world over. But of course, we know better. Violence, anger and povertyseem to be the rule, not the exception on our planet. Is it possible that the serenity I see aroundme is all illusion? No, its quite real, but it is a rarity, and we mustnt take it for granted. If youhave a measure of serenity in your life, a bit of summer, if you can enjoy your Sunday morningworshipping as you please and your afternoon without too much thought to bullets flying orwhether your children will live through the nightnotice the peace. Become aware of yourshare of beauty and freedom. Not all are so fortunate. Remember to thank the One who hasblessed you so, and make your best prayer the act of enjoying your gifts in a spirit of humilityand gratitude.

    Also, give a thought to those who arent in peaceful surroundings. Think on and pray for theones who hurt, who fear. The ones who are desperate, the ones whose lives are torn asunderby the maelstrom of hate that exists wherever love and grace are not worshiped. Rememberthat darkness is not a true entity; it is only the absence of light, and if the light were to dawn, thedarkness would evaporate like the mirage it is. Pray for the coming of light and love whereverthere is hate and fear, that all who suffer may be filled until there is no corner or crevice of theirhearts that isnt illuminated by grace. Pray for those you hate as well, for your enemies, thatthey may find love, and your own places of darkness be filled.

    Finally, as we approach Independence Day, following on the heels ofMemorial Day, think on and pray for those who have served the cause offreedom and justice in this world, who have placed themselves in harmsway to preserve our little piece of well, peace. Throughout history,there have always been brave men and women willing to put their lives atrisk to preserve what we believe in. We are all called by Jesus to do so.No one has greater love than this, to lay down ones life for onesfriends. Jesus showed us the way, and called us His friends. Let usthank those courageous souls who have served and are serving thecause of love and freedom, thank the God who empowers them with theSpirit of grace, and pray that we, too, will find the strength to take up thecause.

    And in the midst of it all, enjoy the breeze.

    Love and light,


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    A VIEW FROM A PEWBy Don De Vries

    For summer Bible reading, you cant beat the Book of Proverbs. Itisnt a long narrative like Exodus, or Isaiah, so you dont missanything by reading a little at a time. And in Proverbs, Godprovides a lot of practical advice that applies to our everyday lives.

    There is also some humor contained it its verses to help make it easyreading. If you pack your Bible in your bag as you travel on vacation, a daily look into Proverbswill set the pace for your day.

    Heres an example that you can share with your kids. You find it in Proverbs Chapter 5 verses12 through 14. Oh, how I hated discipline, and my heart despised reproof. I did not listen to thevoice of my teachers or incline my ear to my instructors.Now I am at the point of utter ruin in the public assembly/There is a lesson here in just these three short sentences.In Chapter 10, this idea is illuminated. Verse 17 statesWhoever heeds instruction is on the path to life, but onewho rejects a rebuke goes astray. I suspect that we are toinfer that God is supplying the instructions and the rebuke.He deals with each of us individually as an equalopportunity teacher and disciplinarian. This also applies toparents and their kids. Kids are born knowing nothingexcept how to yell. Once they learn to talk we have opportunity to begin teaching them tounderstand right from wrong. Praise accompanies right acts, discipline comes when wrong isdone. Like God, parents need to have expectations, to express these in clear terms, and toapply discipline when expectations are not met. Its necessary to deal with kids as a teamwhere both parents have the same expectations, and apply discipline when any lapse inbehavior occurs. Kids are very quick to recognize any gap in parental discipline, so consistencyand immediate reaction is needed. As kids learn that parental direction is clear and requiresobedience, everyone benefits. If it is a rule, it needs to be applied without exception. No Okay,just this once. The job of a parent is to provide instruction and discipline, not to be a pal. Thefriendship comes when kids are grown, and begin to appreciate the love that goes into parentalteaching and consistent discipline. Read Proverbs for more about this.

    In Chapter 21, verse 9, we read It is better to live in a corner of the housetop, than in a housewith a contentious wife. Since the earliest days of human existence, husbands and wives haveneeded to work at being true partners in marriage. Placing us ahead of me is still the key tosuccessful marriages. The need to always be right gets in the way. Thats why the man in thisproverb is advised to stay away from his contentious wife, to give her time to consider whatshes doing to their relationship, and to work at reconciling their differences. By Gods grace anda lot of patience, this can be accomplished. Love and respect for each other are the base, andGod is love.

    It isnt the Internet, nor the Social Media, but Gods Holy Word that contains gems like these.There are no pop-ups or other distractions, nor the electronic noise that people find so invitingthese days. Good old Proverbs comes straight from the shoulder, and straight from the love ofGod. Its well worth some time this summer, and I hope youll give it a real place in yourschedule.

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    A Note from the

    Gilead Music DepartmentJuly, 2012

    Last Sunday, as the Senior Choirs (Bell Chsongs before taking their summer break, we

    with Pastor Martins delightful lyrics. I must say that youthank you for your warm support of our endeavors throu

    BUT, the Music Ministry does not end in the summer atschedule, summer-time allows us time to enjoy the talenwere unable to participate in the music part of Worship dDont forget to fill out your Favorite Hymn request sheelounge. We will be singing your requests as our Hymns

    Heres whats going on (musically) at Gilead:

    July 1Penny Cameron playing the pianoAnthem: Margaret Karell, soprano accompanieCommunion Music: John Vangor, guitarOffertory: God Bless the USA Eric Mueller, so

    July 8America, the Beautiful: Erin Clark, fluteAnthem and Offertory: Holmes Camp Singers

    July 11Hi-tones Rehearsal: 7:30pm (@ Gilead or Mar

    July 15Anthem: Gilead Hi-tones (altos & sopranos)Offertory: Gilead Hi-tones

    July 22Anthem: Gospel of Thanks - Quartet---Mariah WFrancis with Becky Van Vlack, alto saxOffertory: Duet - Casey & Becky Van Vlack Flut

    July 25Gilead Gospel Rehearsal

    July 29 (Gospel Sunday)Anthem: Shadrack - Don DeVries, baritoneOffertory: Gilead Gospel Group (3Gs)

    Summer Music at Gilead will be varied and Hymns chosimes & Vocal) rang / sang their lastwere serenaded by the Congregation

    , Congregation, sounded terrific! WePage 3 of 21

    ghout the year.

    Gilead. As you can see by ourts of individuals and ensembles whouring the regular year.t and put it in the music box in theduring Summer Worship.

    d by John Vangor, guitar


    ys, according to weather - TBA)

    arren, Don Devries, Joan and Paul

    e and alto sax

    en by YOU. So dont miss a Sunday!

    New members are always welcome.

    See/call Mary Temple for moreinformation 225-6958.

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    Gilead Youth Group NewsJuly, 2012

    Gilead Youth Summer News EditionHello Gilead Families,

    Welcome to the fun days of summer! Somehow our very busy year past seemed tofly by very quickly and the long awaited time to be lazy is upon us. I do think it is agreat time to kick back and recharge our lives. I also think its a great time to readand reflect and plan for upcoming activities.

    A fun way to stay in touch with our faith and teachings of the Bible, is to pick atheme that works for your family and use opportunities (evenings after dinner, travel time in yourcar, hammock time in the afternoons) to find passages in the Bible that are on track with asummer family theme. Perhaps you could think of a family service project that also mirrors areading in the Bible. It is always good to keep our children thinking about their faith and learninghow to keep God in their lives year round.

    Please consider registering for Bible Camp Out; we had a great time last year and this yearstopic will be fun to explore.

    We plan on working with Gilead youth to show them how they can give love and joy andmeaning to every moment of their lives. We want them to know that each one of them is specialand they all have things worth saying and doing for others that will benefit everyone. No mattertheir age they can make a difference today and everyday by the way they live.

    Please keep everyone safe this summer in all you do and I hope to see you around.

    Warm Regards

    FranGilead July Calendar of EventsThursday July 19 Mini Golf at RED ROOSTER at 7:00 pm

    Youth 4th grade and older can be dropped off; Younger kids welcome with families.Money for golf and ice cream needed.Bring your Friends RSVP 628-7413

    Thursday July 26 Splashdown Water Park TripYouth 5t