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<p>The Halo Massage</p> <p>The Halo MassageHow 5-mins of The Halo Massage yields 7.5-mins extra life for the recipient of the massage.</p> <p>Most of the time people leave the thank you to last. Well, we are putting it right up front because we are grateful that you have come to check this out.</p> <p>Thank you.</p> <p>Thank youYou will live 7.5 minutes longer than you otherwise would have just because you had The Halo Massage.</p> <p>Life Generating: The Halo MassagePeople that every day build the 4 types of resilience live 10-years longer.The Halo Massage purposefully builds on each type of resilience Your 7.5-mins extra life compounds every time you build those 4 types of resilience Each time you gain a small portion (7.68minutes to be exact) extra minutes as you extend your age expectancy by 10 years.The Simple MathsCheck The Maths</p> <p>What Inspired this idea!What is each type of resilienceHow The Halo Massage builds each typeThe key to it all gratitudeThank you</p> <p>Do you want to know more?The Halo Massage was created in 2002 before the explosion of digital devices.Nowadays, the Angels use smartphones instead of paper-based systems to interact with clients.We took this opportunity to upgrade The Halo Massage and make it, Life Generating.The Life Generating partly came from ideas in this TED talk </p> <p>What Inspired ThisPhysical Resilience</p> <p>Massage manipulating soft tissueBreathing techniques oxygenation of bloodCellular level removes waste and adds oxygenHormonesReduces stress-response</p> <p>The Halo Massage Physical ResilienceThe New Science of Sitting DiseaseBrief Bouts and Baby Steps for Physical HealthExercise Dose and Quality of LifeLittle Exercise, Big Effects</p> <p>EvidenceMental Resilience</p> <p>ChoosingSpot the differenceCounting backwards by 7Subconscious imagingFeel good chemical cortisol, adrenalin, dopamine</p> <p>The Halo Massage Mental ResilienceThe Strength Model of Self-ControlThe Science of WillpowerIn Search of Realistic OptimismMental Toughness, Optimism, Pessimism, and Coping Among Athletes</p> <p>EvidenceEmotional Resilience</p> <p>The pulse rate bottom leftThe pictures evoke positive responsesThe smiles make you happierThe confidence from making choices and Individual Attention coming from the AngelThe Appreciation the massage was recognition you did good</p> <p>The Halo Massage Emotional ResilienceThe Benefits of Frequent Positive Affect: Does Happiness Lead to Success?What Good are Positive Emotions?Psychological Resilience and Positive EmotionDoes Positive Affect Influence Health?Perspectives from Affective NeuroscienceThe broaden-and-build theory of Positive Emotion</p> <p>EvidenceSocial Resilience</p> <p>Tactile Touch allows you to connect betterThanks - Saying thanks to someoneGratitude - Thinking of good things about your current situation</p> <p>The Halo Massage and Social ResilienceSocial Relationships and Health: A Flashpoint for Health PolicySocial Ties and Cardiovascular FunctionHow to Be Happier: Touch MoreSacrifice Among Strangers is Mediated by Endogenous Oxytocin Release After Physical Contact</p> <p>EvidenceAdd 10 Years</p> <p>Problems associated when people dont get gratitudeThanks is such a simple thingRecognition and acknowledgementAppreciation and self esteemResilience and team morale</p> <p>In A Workplace Gratitude is keySocial Relationships and Mortality Risk: A Meta-Analytic ReviewThe Power of Positive Emotions: Its a Matter of Life or DeathOptimism and Physical Health: A Meta-Analytic ReviewPositive Attitudes Toward Life and Emotional Expression as Personality Phenotypes for CentenariansNon-vigorous physical activity and all-cause mortality: systematic review and meta-analysis</p> <p>EvidenceThanks for taking the time to read all of thisWhat are you going to do with your extra 7.5-minutes?</p> <p>Thanks</p>