The Resume Redesign by Eric Leeuwenberg

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  • The resume redesign by Eric Leeuwenberg

    When you apply for a job,your resume gets put away on a high pile.

    Why? Because it looks dull.

    Then it's abouttime to redesign

    you resume.Get noticed!

    Sick and tiredof being rejected

    over and overagain?

    ...and I willexplain howI redesignedmy resume.

    I mademy own resumelook like this...

    It's adescription

    of the processI'd been going


  • The resume redesign by Eric Leeuwenberg

    I opened

    my resume andset the page

    to landscape

    The documentopened full

    screen in a PDFviewer and fit in

    the monitor.

    I made onlyfive sections on

    only onesingle page:

    Personal info Experience Jobtarget...

    However, it stilllooks dull.Let's start

    the facelift !

    I saved it toPDF-format and set the optionsto Fit Width

    ... PC skills Education

  • The resume redesign by Eric Leeuwenberg

    I had an idea about a sunset and a skyline, a Rotterdam skyline, soI surfed the internet looking for visuals and

    I waved the web grabbing for graphics.

    I needed someclouds...

    I found thissunset on

    and I neededa skyline...

    ...and I neededanother one.

  • The resume redesign by Eric Leeuwenberg

    The basic ingredients were collected.I opened the sunset image in a photo editor

    and started to edit and to create a new image.

    I began to position the sun

    and then

    I pasted theskyline and

    turned it intoa silhouette

    I pasted theclouds and I

    mirrored theminto the water.

    I put a framework

  • Thesunset skyline

    image was set as background.

    Et voil,the resume

    was restyled!

    I placedthe text

    relative to thebackground

    I used aninterestingslogan toexit the


    I used atimeline instead

    of yearsand months

    I left spacesempty so nice

    parts keptvisible.


  • The Resume Redesign by Eric Leeuwenberg

    The documentwas ready

    september 2015

    created with Open Officeversion 4,

    If you wantyour resumeredesigned,I wish you


    Photoscapeand Irfanview.

    Hope yougot inspired

    Or hire me.


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