The psychological effects of natural disasters

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The psychological effects of natural disasters Natural Disasters Course

Cognitive reactions Planning and organizing Concentration Memory Decision making Unpleasant memories Self blameEmotional reactions Irritability/anger Anxiety Distress Grief Depression Guilt Helpless

Physical reactions Nausea Aches and pains Tense on edge Agitation Sleep difficulties Vivid unpleasant dreams Loss of appetiteBehavioral reactions Loss of interest inactivities Withdraw from others Hyperactivity

Long term reactions

Post traumatic stress Complicated grief Substance misuse disorder Anxiety disorder Depression Panic attacks Exacerbation of pre-existing mental health problems Increased vulnerability to the development of other mental health problems

Possible impacts on the Children

Presentation may be different as childrendo not express themselves in the sameway as adults Behavioral changes Regression to previous behaviors Specific fears : separation: clingy Sleep difficulties


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