the incense program – incense - hearing voic provided by the lgbrimh to the incense program during...

Download THE INCENSE PROGRAM – INCENSE - Hearing Voic provided by the LGBRIMH to the INCENSE program during the ... to Mr Khake and Mrs Shevade for the landscaping and ... Kishor Baruah Recovery

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    Integrated Community Care for the

    Needs of Vulnerable People with

    Severe Mental Disorders


    Grant Compleon Report (March 2011 - June 2015)


    Supported by



    The INCENSE Program was conducted as a partnership between:

    angath, GoaS

    arivartan, Pune and SataraP

    okopriya Gopinath Bordoloi Regional LInstitute of Mental Health, Tezpur

    egional Mental Hospital, Yerwada, Pune R

  • Acknowledgements

    The INCENSE program would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of a large number of outstanding individuals

    and instuons and it is our pleasure to gratefully acknowledge the crical

    contribuons made by them.

    It has been a deeply humbling experience to work with people with severe

    mental disorders and their caregivers in their individual journeys during

    the course of the program. For those of us who have been privileged to be

    part of the program, their courage, resilience, generosity, and warmth

    while living in highly vulnerable situaons has been a source of inspiraon.

    Our deepest gratude is really an inadequate way to express our

    admiraon for the remarkable group of individuals who chose to associate

    with us during the INCENSE program.

    It is our pleasure to thank the Director, the Chief Finance Officer, the

    Medical Superintendent, the Department of Psychiatric Social Work, the

    Department of Psychiatry, the Department of Psychiatric Nursing, the

    Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitaon, the Medical Records Secon and

    all support staff of the Lokopriya Gopinath Bordoloi Regional Instute of

    Mental Health (LGBRIMH). The support, warmth, encouragement and

    guidance provided by the LGBRIMH to the INCENSE program during the

    many difficult mes, was outstanding; for this, we are deeply grateful and

    hope to connue working together in such a collegiate manner in the


    At the Regional Mental Hospital at Pune, we are deeply grateful to the

    Superintendents, the Deputy Superintendent, the members of the Visitors

    Commiee, the Senior Psychiatrist, the Psychiatrists, the Medical Officers,

    the Matrons and the Nursing Department, the Department of Social Work,

    the Occupaonal Therapy Department and all other support staff for their

    willingness to engage and support during the program. We are also deeply

    Grant Completion Report (March 2011- June 2015) 1


  • Acknowledgments



    grateful to the Mental Health Directorate of the State Government of

    Maharashtra and, in parcular, to Dr. Archana Pal for their support and


    The program would simply not have been possible to execute without the

    invaluable contribuons made by each member of the INCENSE program

    teams at Pune and at Tezpur. Their passion, determinaon and resilience in

    the course of the program has been exemplary and is a testament to their

    convicon in working with highly vulnerable cizens, frequently in the face

    of formidable difficules. We have greatly enjoyed the journey together

    with this socially commied team of young people.

    We would like to place on record our deep appreciaon of the role played

    by the Tata Trusts during the course of the program. The Trust not only

    provided generous funding support but was a key partner in the planning

    and execuon of the program and paently endured the mulple course

    correcons and corresponding budget changes throughout the four years.

    In parcular, we would like to thank Ms. Tasneem Raja, the Senior Program

    Manager at the Trusts and the focal person for the program for her constant

    support and inputs as well as Dr. Sandeep Chavan and Mr. Kumar Chaitanya

    for their generous and invaluable support whenever needed. The INCENSE

    program was also presented to the Tata Trusts Board of Trustees and we are

    very grateful for their encouragement.

    It is our pleasure to thank the members of the Technical and Ethics Advisory

    Commiee (TEAC)for their engagement, generous support and valuable

    suggesons that they provided during the course of the program. It was a

    great pleasure for us to work with such empathic commiee members who

    genuinely believed in the program and were a constant source of

    encouragement during the many difficult periods we experienced.

    Grant Completion Report (March 2011- June 2015)

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    Technical and Ethics Advisory Commiee for INCENSE

    Harsh Mander, Chairperson

    Professor Mohan Isaac; University of Western Australia

    and Vising Professor, NIMHANS, Bengaluru

    Professor Graham Thornicro; Instute of Psychiatry,

    Kings' College, London

    Professor Harry Minas; School of Populaon and Global

    Mental Health, University of Melbourne

    John Jenkins, Chairperson, Internaonal Mental Health

    Collaborang Network

    Dr. R. Thara; Director, Schizophrenia Research Foundaon

    (SCARF), Chennai

    Professor Mohan Agashe, Pune

    Avinash Paranjape, Mumbai

    We wish to record our deep gratude to Nachiket Mor and Dr. Alok Sarin

    who conducted a superbly collegiate and highly smulang midterm

    review of the program. Their inputs were highly influenal in opening up

    further collaboraons in the financial sector and in placing the program

    within the context of naonal policies and priories. Both of them

    connued to be deeply engaged and sympathec to the program and, in

    spite of their busy schedules, were generous in providing us with the me

    to brainstorm and venlate.


    We are extremely grateful to the consultants who were able to provide

    crical inputs to the overall conduct of the program. Smita Naik was, as

    usual, exemplary in her commitment and diligence in all maers related to

    the collaon and management of the large data base across the sites with

    superb quality assurance.

    Grant Completion Report (March 2011- June 2015)

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    We are also very appreciave of the efforts of Dr. Neerja Chowdhary in

    providing expert guidance, support and considerable paence in the

    analysis of the data. We are very grateful to Radhika Murthy and her team

    who worked closely with us and paently included the many demands

    placed on them in producing the documentary on the lives of homeless

    women with mental disorders - . We also greatly appreciate Lapata Zindagi

    the contribuon made by Mona Sharma with the conduct of the situaon

    analysis phase of the program, to Madhumitha Balaji for conducng the

    nested narrave report capturing the perspecves of homeless women

    and to Sugat Dabholkar in formulang our early thinking around the issue

    of livelihoods and for designing the superb Kimaya brand logo that we have

    used for all products manufactured during the program. Finally, we wish to

    thank Lester Fernandes for designing the cover for the and Lapata Zindagi

    this report.

    We are also very grateful to the many instuons and individuals who

    supported us generously during the course of the program. At Pune, we are

    especially grateful to Sister Lucy and Maher for their support in developing

    community housing facilies, to Vanmala Jain for supporng long stay

    persons at the hospital manufacture and sell clay beads, to Mr. Pakhale for

    his passion and commitment in refurbishing the facilies at the Devrai

    ward, to Mr Khake and Mrs Shevade for the landscaping and creaon of a

    nursery around the Devrai ward and Mr. Avinash Deshpande for being such

    an inspiraonal champion of engaging people recovering from mental

    illness in the workforce.


    At Tezpur, we were fortunate to get the support of a large number of

    instuons and individuals. In parcular, we would like to gratefully

    acknowledge the support extended to the program by the Tezpur

    University at Tezpur, and the Indian Instute of Technology at, the Instute

    o f H o t e l M a n a g e m e n t , t h e C e n t r e f o r M i c r o fi n a n c e

    Grant Completion Report (March 2011- June 2015)

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    a n d L i v e l i h o o d s a n d A s h a d e e p , a l l b a s e d a t G u w a h a .

    We are extremely grateful also to the many people in local businesses who

    not only provided opportunies for paid employment, but also

    unbelievable support to individuals with mental disorders. We were also

    very lucky to be guided by the highly regarded local community members

    who were part of the Program Management Commiee who used their

    exisng community linkages in many creave ways.

    Another heartening aspect of the program at Tezpur was the extent of

    engagement and support from various local government agencies like the

    judiciary, the police, the District Welfare Officer, the health administraon,

    the Fisheries and Agriculture departments like the local Bamboo Mission.

    We would like to record our gratude to the IFMR Finance Foundaon at

    Chennai for their connued support in the planning for financial inclusion

    of the people with severe mental disorders.

    Finally, it is our pleasure to thank the Trustees of Parivartan and the

    Managing Commiee at Sangath for their consi