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  • 1. The Grothouse Lumber The Grothouse Lumber Page 1 Creating The Perfect Wood Counter For Your Kitchen Whether you are building a new house or simply remodeling your home, designing a new kitchen is a fun and exciting project to undertake. The kitchen is often referred to as the gathering spot in the home, and many families spend a lot of time in this room. Not only do they gather in the kitchen to cook and eat their meals, but they reconnect with one another through conversation. This may be why it is fun to design a room that everyone can enjoy. Since countertops are one of the most functional parts of the kitchen, you?ll want to consider installing a type of countertop that matches your needs, as well as your lifestyle. A wood counter has become a popular choice for those who are looking for a sophisticated alternative to the traditional granite or laminate. When considering wood countertops, there are many options to choose from. This makes it easy to adapt to anyone?s personal style and taste. If you are looking to add character to your kitchen, try selecting reclaimed wood. You can choose the ?green? option and select beautiful, aged wood from 18th or 19th century homes. No one will be able to replicate the unique piece of wood that you have recycled into your countertops. While society is encouraging people to be eco-friendly, you are doing your part by restoring your kitchen counters using reclaimed, recycled wood. Selecting the species of wood that you would like your countertop to be crafted from is another option. Each species of wood carries with it a certain hardness, which will determine how resistant it is to damage and denting. Where pine is relatively soft, red oak provides a much harder surface which may be a better choice for a kitchen countertop. There are also more exotic wood options, such as tiger wood and teak. The rich beauty of the wood will bring out various qualities of your kitchen d?cor. Whether you want to use a more traditional wood or a unique wood counter, you can transform a natural piece of wood into a gorgeous countertop. The grain of the wood is another important choice when designing your kitchen countertops. Not only does the grain orientation determine the look of the countertop, it determines the overall durability and functionality of the countertop as well. Face grain is a more decorative choice, as it reveals the natural beauty of the wood?s grain. The faces of the wooden planks are positioned together and glued into place. An edge grain aligns the edges of the wood planks together, creating a more lined look. By lining up the ends of the wooden planks, an end grain is created. Otherwise known as butcher blocks, end grain is perfect for creating a durable work area. It also allows the grain from the ends of the wood to show through. Many people have incorporated the different grain types within different areas of the kitchen. For instance, they may use a face grain on the center kitchen island, and then use an end grain on the area next to the stove. Before you make a decision on your kitchen counter material, consider the function and elegance that a wood counter would bring to your kitchen. By choosing the right wood species, grain, and color, you will create an amazing look that everyone will love for years to come. Document Tags: wood countertops, wood bar tops