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The Feminist Movement. Chapter 18 - Section 2. Feminism. Belief that men and women should be equal = politically, economically, and socially. World War II. Many women went to work to fill needed positions during war War ended = jobs for women ended Most returned home to raise family. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • The Feminist MovementChapter 18 - Section 2

  • Belief that men and women should be equal = politically, economically, and sociallyFeminism

  • World War IIMany women went to work to fill needed positions during warWar ended = jobs for women endedMost returned home to raise family

  • Womens Movement ReawakensMany were resentful of advertisementsrefused memberships at clubs, credit at banks, and paid less for same jobNot allowed in finance, law, medicine1960s = 3/4 worked in clerical, sales, or factories

  • Workplace Rights2 forces helped womens rightsA. Mass protestsB. Government (Headed by Eleanor Roosevelt)1963 - Equal Pay Act - made it illegal to pay men more for the same job

  • 1964 Civil Rights ActAlso included womenTitle VII section outlawed discrimination - race, color, religion, national originCreated the EEOO - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission -

  • Betty FriedanThe Feminist MystiqueTraveled country interviewing women with college degreesfound most enjoyed their life but were missing somethingMost women related / started movement

  • N.O.WNational Organization for Women - or - NOWBring Women to mainstream of American societydemanded greater educational and work opportunitiesWanted govt to enforce civil rights for women

  • Equality in EducationTitle IX - prohibits federally funded schools from discriminating girls in all aspects of its operationmany schools implemented the law - Women had Fed. law on their side

  • Abortion & Roe v. WadeAfter mid 1800s abortion was outlawed except in cases to save mothers lifeWomen who had abortions faced criminal charges1960s - law changed to include victim of rape, incest

  • Roe v. WadeSupreme Ct. ruled:1st 3 month - womens choice2nd 3 months - states could regulate abortions on mothers health basisFinal 3 mo. - Abortion only allowed in medical emergency

  • Impact of Womens MovementWomen working was finally accepted1970s More women in workforce and college Income gap still existsBy the year 2000 - 1/4 of nations Doctors and lawyersby 2000 - 40% of college graduates

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