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  • THE ENTREPRENEURS RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneurs Radio Show Page 1 of 23 EPISODE #71: BRADEN KELLEY In this episode, Travis interviews Braden Kelley. Braden is a successful entrepreneur and founder of the fastest growing innovation portal as well as a trusted consultant and speaker when it comes to innovation and marketing strategies. His expertise in the field of innovation and marketing has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs improve their business and take it to the next level. Travis and Braden shares their knowledge and know-how in using innovation to refine and improve your business. They pointed out how entrepreneurs should create goals for innovation and define what innovation is to them. This would help entrepreneurs in successfully create ways of innovating their products and be more competitive in todays cut-throat market. Braden also gave 3 components in achieving innovation success and these are value creation, value access, and value translation which they thoroughly defined and explained. These are just some of insights that Braden and Travis shared on the value of innovation that entrepreneurs should take into account in their business today. Braden Kelley- using innovation to grow your business Travis: Hey it's Travis Lane Jenkins, welcome to episode number 71 of the Entrepreneur's Radio Show. A production of Rockstar Entrepreneur Network, conversations with self-made millionaires and high level entrepreneurs that grow your business. Today I've got an interesting show for you that focuses on something from a completely different angle. We focus on innovation. Its something that I believe far too many businesses under utilize in growing their business. Our guest today is Braden Kelly. Braden is the founder of Blogging Innovation, the fastest growing innovation portal on the web, 59% year over year growth, that's pretty impressive. And also the Foundation for Innovation Excellence. Braden has, is also the author of Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire, and he is a contributing author to A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing. Now before we get started I want to remind you to stay with us until the very end if you can because I've got a question for you. And also I like to share a little inspiration with you as an entrepreneur. Also I have a challenge for you, so be sure and stay with us until the very end if you can. Now that we've got that out of the way, let's get down to business. Without further ado, welcome to the show Braden. Braden: Thank you Travis.
  • THE ENTREPRENEURS RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneurs Radio Show Page 2 of 23 Travis: How are you my man? Braden: I am good; it's a beautiful day here in the Seattle area. Travis: I'm jealous, I love Seattle. Hey listen, I don't know if you've listened to the show or you understand the format. One of the things I like to do is I like to get kind of the background story and get a feel of where you come from and how you discovered what you teach. Because the whole reason of the show is I believe success is not presented in its truest light and a lot of people portray their success in a way that seems like they're smarter and more perfect than everybody, when really success is kind of a flawed journey, right. Braden: Uhm hmm Travis: You know, it's not perfect or there's a very few of us that get it right just the first time. There are rare occasions, but you know, it's a journey to get there. So what's the back-story, how did you find success and what brought you to today? Braden: Well, I think it's exactly like you said, it's you know, success is kind of a meandering journey and one that I'm in the middle of, or, you know, I would always look at it as I'm in the middle of it, where other people might think that I'm farther along or at the end. I always believe that I'm towards the beginning or in the middle. And I feel that it is kind of a meandering journey and that really, you know, when you look at it we're all born successful in our journey during our life is to really unlock that success. And to find out where we fit best, what our true purpose is in life and unfortunately the way that our educational system is set-up and in the way that our society has set-up, it's not really set-up to support that journey. It's set-up to look at it at children as empty vessels to be filled up with what they want to fill them up with. Travis: Right. Braden: And not necessarily helping them unlock with their true purpose is and helping them be successful. Travis: Yeah, I agree with you. It's don't be creative, get in line and do as you're told, which is really kind of the exact opposite of what an entrepreneur does, right. Braden: Right. And the biggest problem with our educational system now is that there's too much of a focus on the right answer, there's too much focus on trying to increase stem education and things like that and too little focus on educating students for the 21st century. And if we look at what skills are going to be required for success in the 21st century, the countries that are staying at the top of the
  • THE ENTREPRENEURS RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneurs Radio Show Page 3 of 23 pyramid or move from the bottom to the middle, or if they're at the top they'll slow down to middle like the US is doing now. Travis: Right. Braden: It's the countries that recognize that innovation is the key to sustained success. And as a result, educate their employees and their children to have skills in entrepreneurship, to have skills in successful collaboration, and to have skills in how to invent and how to create, instead of stamping out that creativity during the educational process. And so, my success journey has really been trying to figure out what doesn't resonate with me and what I won't be successful at. And finding those elements as I go through life of things that do resonate for me and then try to focus more effort on that. And so, I came from, not a poor family but, you know, a humble beginnings family, my father was a carpenter. And so there was no money for me to go to university when I graduated from high school. So I went into the military, I joined the US Navy, and spent a couple of years on active duty in the US Navy. Had the opportunity to travel the world a bit in the western pacific. And that enabled me to then pay for university, the University of Oregon. Go ducks. And there I studied business which is something that I had always felt that I wanted to study, and did my military service before the university rather than after so that I would have that option. And that the government wouldn't tell me what to study based on their needs through ROTC or something like that. And then after school I graduated during one of the recessions of the early 90's and there weren't a lot of opportunities available. That's why I ended up in the technology industry, taking phone calls and helping people through solve their technology problems. Which wasn't where I imagined by any stretch of the imagination that I would be after I graduated. Travis: Right. Braden: But, you know, landed a job at Semantic, one of the larger software companies in the world and had the opportunity to learn a lot along the way and throughout that journey, kept recognizing opportunities as they presented themself and course correcting my journey as I went along towards what I thought would make me successful. Did really well, ended up in Silicon Valley. Again, on the technology industry but more so, at by that point, helping people use technology to solve business problems. And it was during that part of the journey that what I recognize was the part of my job that I really enjoy was helping people solve business problems. And the company that I was working for at that time, which was Computer Associates, was taking me towards artificial intelligence, towards rules- based programming, wanted me to learn C++ and Java, and I just, you know, "Hold on, wait, time out, that's not the direction that I want to go. And so I took a time out, went off to England to do my MBA at London Business School, to refocus my career in a more commercial direction. And take what I had learned at that point, which is enjoy helping people solve their business problems and try to build upon
  • THE ENTREPRENEURS RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneurs Radio Show Page 4 of 23 that and work towards using that towards achieving success. And it's been about time and then after I graduated that's when I became an entrepreneur and that's when I started doing independent consulting, and writing, and speaking around the topics of innovation, marketing, strategy, and helping organizations achieve success in those areas. And as you can imagine, listening through that sort of journey it didn't come easy and there's a lot more detail that I could talk about but it has been a journey. And for me one of the biggest things was recognizing opportunity when it presented itself because there's lots of little forks on the road if you look for them. And then ultimately capitalize on them. Travis: You know, tons of it. Well you know I'm curious. So what part of technology plays a role within the business strategy that you do now? On a higher level. Braden: Yeah, well I think it's the internet. You know for me in the types of work t