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The Disasters. Introduction to Hurricanes. Hurricanes are powerful, fierce storms with wind speeds of 74 or more mph. The heavy rains and storm surges can cause extreme structural, environmental, and economical harm. Damages often cost millions of dollars. . Health Effects. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The Disasters

The DisastersIntroduction to HurricanesHurricanes are powerful, fierce storms with wind speeds of 74 or more mph. The heavy rains and storm surges can cause extreme structural, environmental, and economical harm. Damages often cost millions of dollars.

Health EffectsHurricanes can cause many injuries and even death. People are physically harmed by the falling debris and floods. Some hospitals suffer outages and cannot attend patients, further hampering the rescue effort.

Food PoisoningFood poisoning is a common after effect of hurricanes, due to the spoilage of food in power outages that hurricanes cause. People do not have access to shops to buy food as well.Carbon Monoxide ExposureCarbon monoxide is a common chemical used in electrical generators (which distribute power). People may be exposed by this after a hurricane. Effects of carbon monoxide exposure are headaches, nausea, and vomiting.

InjuriesMany people are physically injured after a hurricane due to falling debris, wind, tornadoes caused by the hurricane, and the storm surge. They may suffer broken bones, among many different types of physical injuries.

Smoke InhalationSmoke inhalation is a negative consequence of hurricanes. It is caused by fires generated from fallen power lines and electrical systems. Smoke inhalation can cause shortness of breath, irritated eyes and headaches.

Mental DisordersVictims of hurricanes may develop mental disorder due to depression, and post traumatic stress disorder of watching their home wash away and being separated from their families.

Typhoon Haiyan, the typhoon that recently devastated the Philippines, killed and displaced thousands of people. Several countries have sent support and first aid, but rescue efforts are hampered by debris and poor communication. The countrys citizens lack food and supplies. This disaster will cost millions of dollars.

October 2013 Team Notes~We plan on doing the waterfall obstacle, the house, the traffic sign, the earthquake, and the palm tree~We plan on using the same attachment, such as a claw or platform, possibly multiple ones. Could possibly use levers The downside is one malfunction can mess up everything and it might require two motors

October 2013 Team Notes (Con.)~Program color sensors to follow the line~If theres still time do the picking up stuff, use one part of the claw, loop through handle~Do the ones that take the least time/easiest~Do the ones closest to startFor the house, the platform goes over the handlebar~For earthquake, platform only hits right side

November 2013 Robot Team Notes~Working on a way to reduce friction~Trying out multiple pieces to reduce friction~Making progress on a friction reducing attachment~Attaching cords to the motor to try it out

November 2013 Robot Team Notes (Con.)~Testing- first attempt fail; motors moved the wrong way. Second attempt didnt stop; Third-Ultrasound sensor worked, but wont stop immediately~Question- will there be more than two slots to switch out?

November 2013 Robot Team Notes (Con.)~Trying to solve problem with the cords~Program will move forward until ultrasound sensor gets 10 cm away~Calibrating the program~Cant find a way to calibrate program~Robot senses something, then moves back

November 2013 Game Table Notes~Tsunami: requires little but specific force~Truck: claw is needed to move logs~Dont do airplane~Houselifting: Aim for the lever~Towers: Hit left building~Palm tree: Not recommended. Better sensors are needed.

Mission Notes 11/12/13~Tsunami: Dont put all three blue sticks together; it fails.~Airplane: If airplane string is too tight, it breaks. Crashes into grass a lot.Robot Notes 11/12/13~We were testing sound and light sensors ~Worked on getting it to follow black lines~Tried the plane mission; fixed the robot


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