The Case for Application Driven Cloud Computing

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The Case for Application Driven Cloud ComputingAdam Davis@itheresy little context about my perspective

Back in the good old days of open systems there was no separation between Development and Operations the developers, systems administrator and database administrator all worked for an application teamAll good things must come to an endMy job was to care for pets instead of herding cattleLack of standardization across application teamsNot a cost effective use of resources

Industry moved to shared services functionsGave rise to ITSM and application of frameworks like ISO20000, ITIL, ISO9001, Six Sigma

Where we originally aspired to Photo Credit: dsearls@flickr

Instead, we wound up withFord and his Model TA little diversion

In 1913, Henry Ford is widely credited for having perfected the modern assembly line

Efficiencies were gained through standardized parts and assembly and limited variation

Moving the work from one worker to another until it became a complete unit, then arranging the flow of these units at the right time and the right place to a moving final assembly line from which came a finished product

Reducing the production time of an entire Model T from 12.5 hours to 93 minutes with less manpower

Whats next?... Automation!

Automation needs to be fit for purpose and not constrained by the procedure it replaces But for enterprise cloud computing, thats exactly what we are buildingPhoto Credit: dsearls@flickr

Yes There is efficiency here, but it is not victory.If we are going to invest in architecting our applications differently for cloud-scale, shouldnt we re-architect how we host them?Machine TemplatesIT organizations are chartered with adding value through the delivery of business applicationsThere are too many layers of indirectionWeve made great strides in autonomic infrastructureSoftware defined everythingAutonomic infrastructure agents

What if we had autonomic application management?Arent our platforms just applications?What if the applications had a means to communicate directly with the autonomic platforms and infrastructure? Proposed alternative model Autonomic all the way downThank you.


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