the 3 main religions: christianity, judaism & islam world history

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The 3 Main Religions: Christianity, Judaism & Islam World History Slide 2 Mon-Theism The belief in one God Muslims, Jews and Christians all believe in the same God Each religion believes in a different profit Slide 3 In the beginning Man & Woman Created in the image of God Adam and Eve Garden of Eden Original Sin Man was expelled into the desert People became Godless God began to talk to an old man named Abraham Slide 4 The Family Tree (small) Adam and Eve Abraham Abraham and the Young Servant Abraham and his wife Sarah IshmaelIsaac IslamJudaism Slide 5 Abraham Considered the father of all three religions God calls on him to be a new link between God and the people (a covenant) Abraham says to God in exchange I want a son (he and his wife Sarah are too old to have children) Misunderstanding God, Abraham has a son with his wifes young servant instead of his wife The son is named Ishmael Slide 6 Abraham God comes to him againa little angrytells him he will have a son with his wife Sarah This son is named Isaac Isaac becomes the father of Jacob and the Jews and Christians follow Ishmael becomes the leader of the Muslim faith Slide 7 Early Religion Family Tree (small) Slide 8 Christianity-Basic Facts All Christians were once Jews Christians are followers of Jesus Christ Religion started about 2009 years ago Calendar is based on when Jesus Died Most widely practiced world religion Over 2 Billion people Major Branches Roman Catholic Orthodox Protestant Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist Slide 9 Jesus Christ Born from Mary and Joseph Known as the Son of God Followers are the Apostles Known for various miracles and teachings Healing sick, blind Loafs and Fishes, Wedding at Canna Controversial at the time Goes against the beliefs at the time Sentenced to die for his crimes Crucified on a cross Rises from the Dead after 3- days Ascends into heaven after 40 days Slide 10 Major Christian Holidays Christmas Birth of Jesus December 25 Lent 40 days before Easter Good Friday Crucifixion of Jesus Friday before Easter Easter Resurrection of Jesus Rotates based on the Calendar March - April Slide 11 Christian Beliefs All born with Original Sin This comes from Adam and Eve Why Christians are Baptized Jesus is the Messiah Savior of the world Jesus is the Son of God Jesus has risen from the dead Slide 12 Christian Beliefs Our lives are about love and service to God Lives should include doing good works and behaving morally Ten Commandments are some of the rules to live by. When we die, our lives will be judged Heaven and Hell, purgatory Resurrection of both the Body and Soul Slide 13 Judaism Slide 14 Judaism Basic Facts Founded by Abraham Original Language is Hebrew Major Branches Orthodox Conservative Reformed Started about 4000 years ago Still waiting for the arrival of the Messiah Slide 15 Abraham Approx 20 generations from Adam Name means Father of Many Was told by God to move his family to the where Israel is now Was tested by God Offered to sacrifice his son Isaac Showed his obedience Slide 16 Jewish Beliefs Jesus was NOT the Son of God Humans were created good Purpose of life is obedience to God Live and obey the rules and apologize for mistakes When you die, your soul will one day awake and be either made good or bad Slide 17 Jewish Worship Synagogue or Temple house of worship Holy Book is the Torah Part of the Christian Old Testament Bible Rabbi leader of the service Bar /Bat Mitzvah Coming of age from child to adult 12 years old - girls 13 years old - boys Slide 18 Jewish Holidays Hanukkah- Festival of Lights Near Christmas, different meaning Passover Liberation of Jews from slavery in Egypt in the time of Moses Rosh Hashanah-Jewish New Year Slide 19 Plight of the Jews Diaspora the scatter of people throughout the earth Anti-Semitism hatred of Jewish people Holocaust (WWII 1939-1945) Murder of 6 Million Jews Creation of Israel Jewish homeland Consistent violence Middle-East peace ? Slide 20 Slide 21 Islam Slide 22 Islam- Basic Facts Founded about 632 (after Jesus) Centered in Mid-east, Africa, Asia Muhammad---founder & messiah Two main forms Sunni direct connection with Muhammad Shiites indirect connection with Muhammad Original language is Arabic Sheikh- leader of worship Mosque house of worship Koran holy book God = Allah Slide 23 Islamic Beliefs Muhammad spreads Gods message (profit) To escape persecution, Muhammad fled Mecca only to return with an army and defeat the city Began converting everyone to Islam The government and church should be integrated Jesus was a true profit of Godbut his message has been corrupted Cover head with a Turban Slide 24 The 5 Pillars of Faith 1. Confession of Faith There is no god but God and Muhammad is the prophet of God. 2. Daily Prayer Ritual prayer, or salat, which is performed five times each day facing towards Mecca 3. Fasting during Ramadan Do not eat during daylight hours 4. Pilgrimage Make the trip to Mecca 5. Charity Must donate to the religion / state Slide 25 Islamic Holidays Ramadan- Month of daylight fasting Commentates the writing of the Koran Al-Hijra, the Islamic New Year, Slide 26 Relationship with Others Islam has a rocky relationship with Christianity and Judaism Islamgoal is to convert other faiths Battle over the Middle East Islamic fundamentalism sometimes leads to Terrorism


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